Pink Floyd - The Later Years: 1987-2019

℗ 2019 Pink Floyd (1987) Ltd., under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment

The Later Years: 1987-2019 Tracklist:


Boring music


Not Pink Floyd without Roger

Ben Kenon

Does anyone want unreleased demos and remixed live tracks from Pink Floyd? Look, I love PF as much as anyone. I own every single album (except The Final Cut, because no thanks) but come on! Who greenlit this nonsense compilation? Why not do a Dylanesque Bootleg Series-style release for every period of Floyd’s career? Or a Beatlesque re-release/modern remix of their biggest albums, complete with books and outtakes? Do that for DSOTM, WYWH and Animals and I will buy every single one. But don’t go down the “contractually-obligated Odd’s n’ Sods Album” route, please. Nobody asked for it.


For those who think there is nothing new here I suggest you take a listen and you’ll see these are different mixes more along the lines of what Gilmore wanted initially. I for one am thankful!!!

shank the tank

How many of these songs were written after 1987? Completely junk

Tommy Hartigan

I’ll buy anything remixes or live just to hear how Gilmour plays the solo a little different.


Please make the Momentary Lapse of Reason 2019 Remix into a stand-alone album as well. I’d like to hear Gilmour complete his vision of late Floyd. Thanks!


Seriously there are a ton of albums out already


I wish Pink Floyd would do a reunion. Stupid Roger and David always fighting. Maybe one day. Until then, the producer from Have a Cigar owns all the music and will just sell it to us fifteen times over.

carl hemmings

On the edge of my seat waiting yes it’s old stuff but you can’t keep a classic down mine is already on pre order

Gavid Dilmore

I can’t wait.


I find myself thirsty for anything Pink Floyd. Here at the end of the road, i’m still wishing for more. I find myself, so desperate clinging to hope this path, Will continue on. Remixes, New version, recordings of versions we have not heard, I absolutely love it. I saw others called it a money grab, I don’t agree, Pink Floyd is giving me exactly what I want, & isn’t being a personal band about giving the fans your art, while making some money? Take my money, please keep producing this Wonderful Music, I am begging.

Coach Lonster XVIII

Songs “after” 1987 that were mostly written before that time. Lame.


Great concept: 'The Later Years'. Without Roger. Excpet that half the album (most of the tracks with lyrics) are songs that he wrote or co-wrote. There's better stuff in the vault like Roger's complete Wall demos. The Wall concerts they filmed and recorded at Earl's Court. Something, anything from the '77 tour.


Make the good ratings higher


people would not complain. As a die hard deadhead I love new releases from them, as do I with these new versions of Floyd gems. Most new bands are lame to me . Thank God I grew up on Great Music!!! Open the vault and continue to share . Pink Floyd will never be duplicated , Ever!!


The endless money grab


I can’t wait to hear early versions of some great songs. Also, what’s the deal with the ratings, the album isn’t even out and there’s already 1 star reviews.


There will never be another Pink Floyd. So excited for new tunes!!!!! Please keep the gravy train a movin’!!!


.... still trying to hump the leg i see. Get as much cash out of a defunct band as possible i guess.


Love Floyd, but COME ON! Nothing special here.

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