The Killers - Imploding the Mirage

℗ 2020 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Imploding the Mirage Tracklist:

Dustland Fairytale

Love it. The whole thing. One of their best albums in a decade.


This album is amazing and is one of their best albums to date. Looking forward to TK7 with the return of Dave Keuning!


The killers. Enough said


Sounds fire, I’ll buy it


Back to their original style sound and tempo like their first album! Awesome album


Love it! Especially Dying Breed. Could listen to that intro forever!


Every song it’s a masterpiece ❤️


Such an uplifting album during one of the toughest years to date. As a true fan of music and not so much an artist (music creator) I truly do not understand how people don’t love this album. It took a moment but with each listen it fills me with something beautiful... a positive element of hope we are direly missing these days. The build ups in this album, the words of inspiration, love and hope... it’s sparking something inside of me I’ve been lacking this year. Words of encouragement while enveloped with beautiful sounds. Definitely one of my favorite albums of 2020 and I’m glad it’s out when it’s needed most.

1980s Man

It’s a great album 👍

Siriusly Unimpressed

Love the killers! Since Imploding the Mirage was released I've been listening to it on loop. Some of their best work.

Dona Carmen

It’s a sigh of relief that The Killers didn’t go down the current top 40 wormhole that so many artist go down in just for the sake of staying relevant. Loving the new wave synths and storyteller vibe on some tracks.


Love it, Thank You ❤️

VRM Trey

Each album since Hot Fuss has been really good, this is no exception. Buy this album because you’ll listen to it over and over and over again.


Rock does't get much love anymore from radio, the press, or The Grammys...but "Imploding the Mirage" is without doubt the best album I've heard all year--and I listen to everything (pop, rock, alternative, rap, country, R&B, jazz and more). In the past if you were to ask me to name my favorite Killer's album I'd say "Battle Born" and "Hot Fuss." "Imploding The Mirage" is better than both. Ten fantastic songs that complement and play off one another. Picking a favorite is hard, but something about "My Own Soul's Warning" stirs my soul. Do not pass on this album.


Always have been a fan of The Killers. Each album they make sure their fans are not disappointed. Jeep up the awesome work guys.


Huuuuge killers fan- this album blows. One good song, couple ok songs. Disappointed. I should have known better when they came out with that ‘land of the free’ trash...


This album is a bust in my opinion. I love The Killers but they haven’t had a good album since Day and Age. I just cannot listen to every song on this album and enjoy each one like I could for Sam’s Town and Hot Fuss and most of Day and Age. All their songs since then have sounded pretty similar and they need to change it up.


Ahah yes


These tracks are terrible. Should’ve stayed true to the original tracks. 0/5 stars.


Probably their best work since Sam's Town. However, the sound of a Guitar is completely absent. This is actually pop.


yuck. recycled sounds, recycled lyrics, recycyled melodies. this is terrible. I thought it was an SNL parody at first. I've heard better music composed for aluminum foil commercials. Waht a lazy effort.


We have been listening to the Killers since the inception. This album does not disappoint.. it’s a bit different than their older music but it still makes you feel good listening to it. There’s a bit of an 80’s flare that can suit any generation.


enjoyed listening to this album front to back, you will too


I have been a fan of the Killers since I can remember!!! This album is just phenomenal!! Every single song is just perfect! From caution to dying breed and even my God, this album is so well balanced, loved it too much!

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Big fan, but lyrics sound the same as others albums of theirs. Should have waited until release to first Listen and the maybe get


Never been a fan of these guys in the past. But this is refreshing stuff. At least to me! The released singles are really good. Thanks for the new releases! Survey Says: Buy It!


Best album since Sam’s town. They found their new sound and it’s amazing.

Steelers 146

Solid album


So amazing.


80’s vibe, sweet lyrics; this album has a bit of everything.


This album made me implode not in a good way either. Hands down worst album of theirs. I’m a big fan too. Keep trying Brando. All love and jokes

starof magi

I was never a killers fan before. Never really listened or gave them a thought. I saw them on Stephen Colbert, performing “Blowback” and liked it enough to go and by it. song by song I got the whole record. I love this record!!!! I’m a fan now!!!

JD Brandon

Needs to grow on me. Hot Fuzz will always be the best

The Sarrrge

Top to bottom this is their best album in many years. Even casual fans will find lots to love here.


Great album, love it


The Killers have done it once again! They made a masterpiece of a 6th album. Running twords a place is jangly goodness 😎😎😎😎😎😎✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻


Takes over Sam’s Town as their second - best album. Will go down as an all-timer.


So good!


Absolutely loving this album- already have been in love with Caution and My Own Soul’s Warning but really enjoying Blowback and Running Towards a Place. Can’t even count how many times I’ve listened to the whole album in the last 36 hours!! Thanks, guys for brightening these days! Can’t wait to see it live. 😎


Really? Get off your Bruce Springsteen kick and write for yourself. Does the band go along with this monotone recycled material?


They lost me for awhile after Day & Age. Now after listening to the whole album , it made me realize I miss this sound from the band . Almost going back to Hot Fuss and more to offer. It will be my favorite album to listen to on a roadtrip to the California pacific coast highway to Big Sur on repeat.


Every single song. This is vintage, quintessential Killers. It’s new, but not unfamiliar. Quirky 80s bops with soaring vocal lines that are just barely in tune. You all know and love it. What else could you want from these guys? 🤷🏻‍♂️


Everything’s sold out. More shirts please 🙌

Ike Murdock

The Killers come back swinging with 2020’s Imploding The Mirage. Opening with the grandiose yet personal My Own Soul’s Warning and Blowback transporting the listener to a new world. Dying Breed, Caution, and Lightning Fields add to the epic atmosphere with gorgeous melodies and powerful lyrics. The Killers aren’t afraid to be honest... or lighthearted as shown by Fire in Bone, and the final track Imploding The Mirage. The high point of the album lies in final few tracks such as Running Towards A Place, My God, and When The Dreams Run Dry. This record is unapologetically energetic and optimistic and will leave you with a bounce in your step, and a newfound sense of courage to face the world with a grin on your face. A breath of fresh air in musical landscape that is oftentimes crowded with sounds of doom gloom.


If Brandon Flowers is the blood, Dave Keuning is it’s beating heart that makes that blood flow. Battleborn was apparently their last hurrah. Keuning’s solo album had more heart and soul in one song then this album has in its entirety. I say this as a fan and their ship has sailed. Do yourself a favor and skip this album, I regret the purchase as a fan since their inception. RIP Killers.

d flak

Opening track is epic, love it!! Love the rest of the album too now that it downloaded, like Christmas in August!!! After seeing these guys on BBC at Glostonbury I am on a mission to see them live.


Huge Killers fan but not afraid to acknowledge when they misstep as I think they did a little on Wonderful Wonderful. WW: had some really good songs, some I thought were not so good, and just missing something. ITM: Think every song is very good to great. Album one of their best at really working when listening as a whole rather as individual songs. That being said: Give it a few listens before you make your judgement. Start with the last song (title track). I really think it’s one of their best ever and should be added as one of there permanent staples in concerts going forward.


Catchy and fun. Great vocals. And a message with decent lyrics. Should be at the top of the charts.