Jimi Hendrix - Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix

℗ This compilation (P) 1997 Sony Music Entertainment

Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix Tracklist:

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Good god, this music was made for the heavens

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I have noticed that aspiring musicians tend to emulate real music of the classic rock genre, as one other commentator said: “real music”, not rap or boy bands. Mr. Hendrix was to music what Newton was to mathematics. Contemporary music would be completely different had he not existed, and his untimely passing have left many wondering what he would have created had things been different.


Hendrix was a genius...nice introduction to Jimi with every major hit but just buy Are You Experienced? and Electric Ladyland followed by Axis Bold As Love...all with The Experience plus the first half of First Rays of the New Rising Sun.....and you will be thoroughly entertained and blown away.


I bought a single, the wind cries Mary, only to find out I’d been ripped off. The track ends abruptly midsentence.

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I enjoy Jimi’s music when I run and lift weights. It fires up my get up and go.


A great hard rocking guitarist

Mick Juice 74

There are many complilations of this rock master's music. Anything Hendrix is amazing. However, I found this specific compilation to suit my needs/memories the best. GREAT cross-section. "Angel" is a true gem


This is a great album to highlight the talents of Jimi Hendrix the Greatest Guitar Player Ever Born. In fact Eric Clapton one of the top 3 guitarists ever concurs that Jimi Hendrix is the best. My favorite selections are Purple Haze, Hey Joe, Voodoo Child, Fire, & The Wind Cried Mary. Jimi Hendrix was taken too soon from us. This CD is a Rock guitar MUST HAVE.


I went through my library and realize the times don’t match, two albums were joined together somehow, and how completely inaccurate meta data. I have several albums I purchased “Mastered for iTunes” which seems to be the kiss of death, because they don’t even show up as “purchased” when I click on them in the store. Apparently, they assign a different album ID number randomly even though the songs, artwork and meta data DO match, and yet, if I didn’t have iTunes match, which may mangle albums together at least retains some version of the song. Great albums and just bad policies by Apple or Sony or whomever makes these decisions. If you buy an album it should belong to you forever. They cannot use the excuse that it “disappeared” from the iTunes store and no longer is available when it clearly is available under a different ID number, so goodbye album, sorry we cannot help you with that. Now with Apple Music I hear it’s gotten even worse. Come on, iTunes used to be the best man. In my humble opinion it is tantamount to theft.


Every song here is great, but it's jarring to hear them like this: too many excellent songs from his studio and live albums are missing. Get it if it's all you want of Hendrix, but know this is an incomplete collage of his hits. If you're like me, you'll prefer the remastered Box Set produced by Eddie Kramer and approved by the very protective Hendrix estate. Hendrix changed blues rock permanently, though you'd be hard pressed to hear his influence these days during the Great American Musical Dustbowl that began with disco and is still killing the joys of hearing great musical prodigies' work coming at you at "3/5ths of a mile per second"…or so!


This is the fifteenth year I have been on this confusing universe, I am finally expierenced.


I got to see Jimi at the Fillmore East NYC , New Years Eve 1969-70. He simply put was and still is the best ever. What a shame, RIP my brother

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When I use headphones and listen to this album or more specifically songs like purple haze Jimi Hendrix's voice is only in one headphone and most of the other sounds are in the other


It's missing machine gun an killing floor. And I wouldn't mind his cover of wild thing either.


Although not all the songs in this album are good, the majority of them are. The thing I love about Jimmy is that all of his songs have something else to offer than his others and that's what makes him unique compared to other rockers of this era. By far the best guitar player of all time in my humble opinion! Voodoo child gave me goosebumps when I first listened to it so be sure to buy that one too! If you're a fan of rock and roll at its best then this is the album for you! Fantastic!


If you were ever just going to own 1 of Jim's great recordings, I would say, this is the one. Its got a lot of his classics plus the awesome SS banner from Woodstock. I have all of his stuff. The man could play his A.. off.


It's a noice album


Well, I grew up listening to Jimmi back in 1969. I grew up in Biloxi, I remember so well sitting on the water, fishing listening to Jimmi, Janis, Jim Morrison and all the otherws amazed at what I was hearing. They are still with me today and will be forever. I can't wait to get to Heaven and hear them all jamming together. Oh Lord, wht they would do together?

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In my opinion it's missing a few such as: I don't live today, Hear my train a coming, and valleys of Neptune


R.I.P Jimi Hendrix

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All the songs are great by the best guitarist in the world.

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This offers a glimpse into Jimi's perfect music. There is a lot more tracks that this understandably left out such as Hear My Train A Comin', Machine Gun, If 6 Was 9, and Burning of the Midnight Lamp.


A Must Buy

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Being a nineteen year old girl, I get a lot of questioning looks when I tell people my favorite artist of all time is Jimi Hendrix. People say things like, "But he's so before your time!" and "That's really random, do you, like, not like Katy Perry?" and "Who's Jimi Hendrix?". So I make them leave my house (or kick them out of my moving car), put on this album, and wish I was not a part of my generation. Jimi Hendrix had more talent than just about every popular artist today combined, and this album is an excellent representation of that talent. I just wish there were more people my age who appreciated his style of music.


How can anyone write a review of this legendary wizard of the electric guitar. Jimi played his guitar nearly 24/7 since the age of 11. He was so incredibly talented and recorded many of the most iconic , riveting , masterpieces of. Rock and Roll. I would sella testicle to hear him live. Those fortunate people who did are rather lucky. Granted some of the material and lyrics might seem jaded to some, that was an era that the master virtuoso led . He was and still is adored as the greatest electric guitar player to walk the earth. ...


我只是想知道 为什么14首歌却这么便宜……

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Probaly the best Jimi Hendrix compilation album.




Any reason not to have this in your iTunes account


Umm people. I don't see why you say he is a legend. He really isn't. He has good talent but I've seen better talent than his.And I've listened to most of his music so I'm not Not hating on the guy but really he is REALLY overrated. Honestly i believe there is a lot of better things out there than this

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Jimi Hendrix in a whole new way, the only album i've heard o him that is very clear.


Stand alone Greatest guitarist ever


I really respect Jimi on the guitar. Makes purple haze an awesome song but why on the world is his voice in the song really quiet. Anyone know how to turn his voice up? Thanks!


I'm 13, and I think this album is amazing. He has a great voice, and the guitar is just plain incredible. He inspired me to pick up a guitar four years ago. Every song is great, especially "Purple Haze", "Hey Joe", and "All Along the Watchtower."

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There is far too many greatest hits/best of albums for hendrix honestly u should just get are you experienced axis bold as love and electric lady land. And maybe band of gypsies and new rays of the first rising sun


This is wat music rely is un like the other crap like rap hip hop and hevymetel live jimi sory fore the typing I am only 11


DUH! 😎


Are you kidding me? 20 great songs for only $7.99!!!!!!! You better hurry up and get this album before they change their minds! I love me some Jimi Hendrix! The only ones missing are Highway Chile and Wait until tomorrow.


There is a good reason why McCartney plays a tribute to Hendricks on his current On The Run tour. Jimmy was the best at playing the guitar, he set the standard for rock. With his main body of work on this album you could go to a place in your mind that no one since him could do. To give you an idea what I'm talking about watch him on the original Woodstock. He was truly one of a kind.


I'm only 13 years old, and my favorite bands are Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Hole, Nirvana, AC/DC, The Runaways, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and ofc Jimi! <3 They all rock and if you don't like them...go listen to Justin Bieber! :P Coming from a 13-year-old female.

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Great but... When you listen to this "Best Of" just consider this: Jimi Hendrix put so much time into his work that he has great "STUDIO" albums, so why would he make all of those albums just for most of them to be singled out so a "Greatest Hits" can replace them? Do YOU think he wanted that? I don't think so. Don't get me wrong, these are excellent songs, BUT... if you get an album like Electric Ladyland, then you get to see EVERYTHING, not just the RADIO hits.Skip this and get Are You Expirienced, Axis:Bold As Love, Electric Ladyland, and First Rays Of The New Rising Sun. Trust me, YOU will be glad you did.


There is no denying that Jimi Hendrix was one of the most unique and innovative guitarists to spring out of the 1960s. But this album is not the one to buy. It has a full of overdubs and studio trickery that was put in recently to make Jimi's music more acceptable to today's listeners. Stay away, this is not how he wanted you to hear it.

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The best

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alot of the comments seem to indicate that Jimi was a or the greatest gutiar player.....True he was an original, but he was also a great creator of music. Jimi you are missed, but The Creator knows when it's time.

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If Jimi Hendrix was still alive today, Led Zepplin would have had some real competition. Jimi, and Jimmy both had an amazing ability to mezmerize the listener with guitar riffs that would confuse the senses, and slow the mind to a basic sense of listening. This ability is held by only a few individuals, and Jimi hendrix was one.