Green Day - The Green Day Collection

â„— This compilation 2009 Reprise Records.

The Green Day Collection Tracklist:





Thomas Mickie

Who would buy this trash? Lol


All of Green Day (except for Revolution Radio), the only gripe about the album is it being $100, but it is a LOT of music, so I understand, if I wanted to be upset on the album's listed, then I would do it on the original album.

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Gamezer girl

I love how I can listen to clean versions of great songs like; American idiot, brain stew, etc and it's just a great album because you just get to have so much music all at once. It is pricey but you get your money's worth also it's every album. Over all this album is sick.

Annoyed girl 120

Green day is amazing and awesome and the greatest punk band ever! Oh and a message to all the haters: I DONT GIVE A CRAP IF U HATE THEM! I love them , and most people looking at this album probably do too so, think about it if u hate them, then why the hell are u looking them up on itunes?! Most of the haters are pathetic losers that probably listen to dumb country music and bubblegum pop music. So haters, GET THE HE** OFF THIS PAGE! Oh and if they are so terrible then why are they in the rock in roll hall of fame? Answer: they are awesome and man, Billie joe can seriously sing his heart out. GREEN DAY IS AMAZING AND I WOULD PAY 300000 dollars if i had too to listen to their music


Whoever complains about Green Days Music is Either a complainer or just trying to give this collection a bad review. THIS IS AN AWESOME ALBUM! dont get me wrong. as others say you could just buy each album for cheap on the internet, this would be a great compilation for anyone that doesnt own any Green Day music


What more is there to say? This is EVERY Green Day song & then some (with an albums worth of unreleased tracks & videos to go along with all the albums) I wish they would update this though for the price you should be getting their 3 newest albums UNO, DOS & TRES (a trilogy & the last 3 albums they will make supposedly - For now @ least. I'm sure they will eventually release another album in the future) ITunes please update this w/ the 3 newest albums so it can REALLY be the complete G.D. collection! đŸ˜‰ But overall this is a good collection if you don't already own any of there albums & want to really start getting into them.


Not every green day song is on here! New albums aren't here, but it's a good starting point if you want to start out and if you like green day then you should have all of these and then some also if you like green day then you will have there other band name


Green Day is still getting fans! They must be doing something right! This album is perfect for a new fan! It's cheaper than buying everything individually. Plus you get videos and extra music that hasn't been out! Don't be dumb


I'm happy to pay $1.29 for "Good Riddance," but can someone tell me if there is a clean version of it somewhere?


Although I already own ALL of Green Day's CD's, there were still a few gems I didn't have and promptly purchased. I own complete discographies of several bands I LOVE - and this is one collection that would have been on my 'Must Own' list! I'm posting a review after reading many reviews that seem to be written by people who only know Green Day from their radio hits. Even with many of their earliest tracks, there was vivid lyrics and melodic aspects that was/is RARELY seen in Punk/Pop, Punk, Pop, etc. (WHATEVER genre you feel they belong in) In my opinion, there was too much emphasis put on the type of music it was, rather than the complexity of the lyrics & music. Many songs take risky steps WAY out of Punk/Pop territory - Misery and Hitchin' a Ride come to mind. While Billie Joe Armstrong gets the lion's share of attention, being the lead singer and principal songwriter, Mike Dirnt, Tré Cool, & Jason White are some of the best musicians I've heard on recordings and are even better live! There are a huge variety of songs here, both lyrically & stylistically - something for whatever your mood - angry, bored, political, frustration, observational of societal changes, sexy, silly, party, many love songs (as many styles as there are types of love!) So many people never listened to anything besides Dookie and American Idiot. And much of Green Day's absolute BEST songs were on albums that didn't get attention because they weren't 'Punk' enough. I strongly suggest you to pull out your old CDs, download the Collection or just an album or two - and give a listen while reading the lyrics. (Early songs especially had a tendency to be sung fast & a bit garbled. Thankfully Billie Joe moved past emulating Punk heroes!) I do wish this Collection was released a few years later and included The Trio! Uno, Dos, Tré (plus video Cuatro!) never received the praise they deserved - due to the combo of the aborted tour and the reluctance of critics to accept that Dookie's 'snotty brats' simply GREW UP. Yes, there are some clunkers on the Trio... But 80% fall into a category I never knew existed - Punk for Grown Ups! ;)


$100.00 that's stupid for awesome songs


Good song quality but all the songs are live PS did not purchase


They forgot to put albums such as uno, dos, trè sooooo.........:/


Spent $200+ on individual albums. All songs are amazing. Should have bought this. Ugh.


wish they would release clean version


This is awesome. Every Green Day song, and even bonus tracks, the only and biggest problem with this is that...I don't have $99.99.


Why do I have to buy the entire album just to get "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"? Ridiculous!


Where's Favorite Son from American Idiot?


I am very upset right now. I paid for this album's Boulevard of Broken Dreams but it gave me the LIVE ONE! I wish there was a refund button on apple... I'll give you the song back!


The only thing us that it gets outdated when a new album gets out like uno dos and tre.

Richard Alec Balli

This is an awesome collection of all green day hits includes holiday and i fought the law two very cool songs. all in all i loved it! \m/(>.<)\m/ rock on!!!

John C 1979

the price is fine for what you get so don't worry that its expensive. Its great but it would be cool if it had awesome as f**k and uno dos and the. Some of there newer stuff. Overall if you are new to green day and wanna listen to them

A third viewer

Holiday/ Boulevard of Broken Dreams are Album Only? Come on iTunes! American Idiot is the also the only "Album Only", what's wrong with making them available for individual purchase?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! I have no interest in buying multiple music videos that I know I will not be watching anyway. It makes no sense. The Problem with all of these MAJOR collections is that the album only items tend to be the most interesting items, but people are . not willing to spend the amount of money for the entire collection and receive a bunch of items THEY DON'T WANT in order to get what they do want


This is actually a great deal. if you add up all 10 albums, videos and some songs it adds up to be around $130-135 individually so this is a great deal plus you get some new bonus tracks as well Only recommend buying this if u havent bought any of their albums or a NEW Green Day fan like myself so i will buy this one day once i get the money It may seem like alot but you actually save $30 by buying this (BTW u are getting 163 songs plus 10 videos)


I Fought The Law is the best one on here!!! Go check it out!


Green day!!!


I LOVE green day. And btw, if u don't like the album name then too bad. It's there music. Don't write bad reviews because u don't like the name!


man this is great! although it doesn't have every song. J.A.R., poprocks and coke and I haven't heard anyone mention The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink. Does anyone know that song?


wow! i know this is a pretty steep price, but this is just what ive been looking for!!!


I would get this for like $50.00 but $100.00? That's a lot of money... I like green day but that's a lot of money...


I saw that boulevard of broken dreams was on here and I was like cool because I didn't want 2 buy it off of bullet in the bible . I don't like that album name. I saw this and I bought it. I went 2 c how long it had left 2 finish downloading and I noticed that it downloaded as bullet in the bible. I am not happy with that. I know that it said that it was from the other album but I thought it would download the way I wanted it 2. I love the song and green day just not the album name. I just wish I could get a chance 2 buy it off of american idiot or get my money back because I can't listen 2 this without feeling bad. This is just a warning 2 those who don't want 2 download it from bullet in the bible. And those who don't agree with me don't leave any comments.


Definitely a great collection of Green Day. I've just one problem; where's International Superhits? I mean yeah, most of the songs on it were songs from other GD albums, but what about Poprocks & Coke? Or J.A.R.?


Maria is also not on here, in case anyone besides me loves that song too..

Tony Duck

you guys have no taste Holiday/Boulevard of Broken Dreams is one of their best ones and it has zero popularity


what does work only mean??


I own all of the albums on this download, and altogether they were cheaper than this.


This is the only green day album I have because it has all the green day songs except the awesome as f**k album.

super monkey ball fan

Its great and i will love green day until the day i die but i wish holiday / boulevard of broken dreams wasn't work only


The reason they don't have international supervise is because they would already be purchased in the other albums. And where's FOD.


im a huge fan but i already have most of this so its kinda usless. and sorry but green day really doesn't have any good music videos...maybe they could work on that with a future album...

Green day kid

This album is grate except the price it's to expencive but it has almost all of their songs I love the album if iTunes could lower the price in the near futer for all the loyal green day fans that haven't bought this album that would be awsome


If youre a green day fan u should have all of these! And where is JAR?


Being a Green Day fan from early on in their career, I do have almost all of their stuff already. However, most of it was transferred over from old CDs and there's an annoying clicking noise in the background of many songs. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the case with a lot of fans, as it's difficult to find some of their older stuff now and some of us listened to them so much before the iPod age that their discs wore down. I'll be removing the mess I already have in my iTunes and buying this collection as soon as possible to replace my worn out older music. $100 is a phenomenal price for this much music. I'm not sure why there's so much negativity in this forum. If you don't like them, why waste the time and energy to comment?

Connor Hunihan

Where is international super hits I can't find it or is it not in there


Well where do I start I mean I but the album but y is this world so into music what makes it good what makes u spend 100.00 on it can anyone answer me Plz


Instead of searching up and down iTunes for all of the singles and unreleased songs I don't have, they are all here under one CD. My problem is not the price but the fact that they are missing JAR, poprocks and coke, and Cigarettes and Valentines. Unless I missed these songs while skimming through. Luckily I have these songs already so not too big of a problem. Definitely useful for finishing my complete collection of Green Day songs.


I have been trying to purchase this collection and when I click purchase an error screen from itunes comes up. I am working from a MacBook Pro. Any thoughts?

Britney Spears' Biggest Fan

I do like green day a lot, but $80? O:


Best thing ever!!:D