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I really like this album. It doesn’t flow like The Wall did. But I think it’s more raw with a lot more individual ideas trying to be fleshed out. It’s like when you get a bad ass B-side album of your favorite band and all the songs are great as individual songs but don’t really work as a cohesive album in a linear fashion. I prefer it to the wall personally.

brady r creasy

I don’t treat this album as a pink floyd album as most of the negative reviews do the final cut has some fantastic songs two suns is a beautiful song on here

Trust and Us



Very meaningful album. Don’t listen to the other BS reviews!!


I don’t see how anyone can listen to this and like it. The songs sound like lesser versions of the transitional pieces on The Wall that are there between the great songs. Plus it’s all Waters vocals, which let’s face it isn’t that great. It just doesn’t work and most of the songs sound the same. It’s like I’m waiting for the good part or good song but it never comes. I’d give it no stars but I can’t.

German Vidalon

Different from other albums


Am I the only one who's bothered that the melody to "Southampton Dock" seems to have been lifted directly from....REO Speedwagon's "Take it on the Run"? (!)


Roger Waters solo because the rest of Pink Floyd stayed home on this Crap


Please don’t listen to the negative reviews on this album. Get comfortable with a good pair of headphones or good stereo and no distractions and listen to this album from beginning to end. And turn it up loud. Sure wish those two would get back together but I doubt I’ll ever see that. Just a different sound without Wright unfortunately but I don’t mind the new sound. This album was the last chapter for a band that was truly special. I’m glad it continued on and I am a huge Gilmour fan but Waters was brilliant.


For the Pink Floyd fan this is a must have


There’s been better albums that are more predictable and less unpredictable, unlike this one. It’s honestly disappointing after 3 #1 chart albums and all the other incredible albums the band has put out. Some aspects are ok, but overall it’s not a very good album.


Full disclosure: David Gilmour is my all time favorite guitarist. When I first heard this album back in the eighties, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Thirty some years later, it has more miles on it than all of my other Floyd albums combined. I was slightly shocked when this iTunes version queued up “When the Tigers Broke Free” as this was originally released only with The Wall, the movie. Apparently it was included in the 2004 re-release of the final cut. Give this album a chance if you initially don’t care for it. To me, it is one of the best albums ever released by anyone.


Love Pink Floyd, but this is not a strong album by their standards. Although 2 suns is a great song.

The Vertman9987

I like this album but it’s really more of a Roger Waters solo album than a Pink Floyd album which is why I cannot bring myself to rate more than a 3.


Hard to believe, like better than Dark side

From: Create Nickname: Mr.

This is by far the best album that Pink Floyd has made, people don't understand how great this one is, like the base line in final cut or the guitar solo in the fletcher memorial, most people don't even notice some of that stuff, especially all of the lyrics that Rodger puts into his music. And those are the people that don't like this kind of stuff, because they don't dig that deep into it. Those are the kind of people that like Kanye west and all of the new hits today, because there's not much to read into lyric wise, and it's just another catchy tune.


For a guy that has been listening to Floyd since 1976 this is still my favorite album.


Pink Floyd was always cutting edge. I just think Roger was way ahead of his time when he composed the three albums, the Wall,the Final Cut and The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking. David Sanborn on sax!

Tiller the guy

This has to be my favorite Pink Floyd album


One of the most underrated Pink Floyd album but one of the most beautiful one...


This remains one of my ultimate favorite Floyd albums. Headphones on, lights out and just listen. The entire song list takes you on a journey. Beautiful melodies and haunting lyrics. Will remain a favorite of this listener forever. Thank you Pink Floyd.

pa hobbit

bought this on LP when it firs came out....had to FORCE myself to listen to the whole thing....then chucked it in the garbage....found out later that even Gilmour would not allow his name on this junk....HUGE Floyd fan myself...but this and the Wall where crap....glad you got the boot Waters


The reason critics blasted this work is because Waters was the artist behind nearly all the tracks (although Gilmor keeps up the good work with awesome solos throughout). This album comes off as very different from most other works, but has many similarities with The Wall, musically, and in terms of the metaphorical representation. This album covers a wide range of topics, from the betrayal of the ideals that WW2 vets fought for, the nuclear scare of the Cold War, to the loss of loved ones, and the repression of emotion. This album is a piece of art. Dont listen to the critics on this one. BTW, the second sun in the sunset is nuclear.


I have to say that I was initially very disappointed with this album but it quickly grew on me. The first song I heard from this was 'Not Now John' and I was hoping the rest of the album would be that hard rocking. Well, it's not, sounding more like the sadder and more depressing songs on The Wall, namely side three. Heck, they even use the same string arrangements. Still, this is a powerful album and does contain a number of great songs, like the title track, 'The Fletcher Memorial Home', 'Paranoid Eyes' and of course 'Not Now John'. David Gilmour's guitar solos are very powerful, it's a very emotional album. And I prefer it to the two albums that Pink Floyd did without Roger Waters. Not perfect but highly recommended nonetheless .


Wasn't sure what to expect with this album. I am a huge pink Floyd fan but I have never really listened to the "Roger" albums. I was pleasantly surprised with it. Overall just a well made album. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking to expand their pink Floyd horizon.

Amazing Phil

This album is INCREDIBLE though it may get some flack for it being essentially a Rodger Waters album, it deserves to be! This album is entirely about HIS father who died in WWII. This album is very emotionally charging, at times I found myself tearing up to some of the tracks such as; The Post war dream, When The Tigers Broke Free, and The Gunner's Dream. And the song that David Gilmour performed(Not Now John) is AMAZING!! All and all, this album is SO underrated it saddens me!


To say that this would be a fitting end to Pink Floyd would be a tragedy if there ever was one. It is the most personal Floyd album even though only one Floydian wrote it. This is probably the best transition album from the Waters era to the last three. Though it is a great transition album for them to getting to A Momentary Lapse of Reason. It is a fitting end to Pink Floyd’s rock era.


Believe it or not, I like this album over The Wall. Its one of my personal favorite Pink Floyd albums, up there next to Meddle and Dark Side of the Moon. Of course, the "bad rap" of this album is that it is an essentially a Roger Water's solo album, so it often gets overlooked from the Pink Floyd cannon, but don't overlook this recording, it is probably one of their underrated albums. The themes are clear and consise, the songs form a coherent concept, and the songs are great Pink Floyd compositions. My personal favorites are The Gunner's Dream and the two song sequence Southhampton Dock and The Final Cut. Even though this is a Roger Water's vehicle, David Gilmore's guitar work is still the driving force behind many of the songs. This album is essential for any Pink Floyd fan.


Pink Floyd fans may not be as familiar with this 1983 release as with The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon. It's clearly not a team effort as Waters penned almost every track. But download this for the last three amazing tracks alone. "The FInal Cut," "Not Now John," and "Two Sons in the Sunset." Several of these tracks were to appear on The Wall, but couldn't make the FInal Cut But all three are fantastic. The title track is in reference to William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar "This was the most unkindest cut of all." The track The Final Cut is truly a lost classic for PF fans. It moves me to tears almost every time as a distraught soldier proclaims, "I never had the nerve to make the final cut..." Beautiful song. This is definitely an anti-war LP as Water spits out angry lyrics ripping the British government and their betrayal of many British soldiers, including Waters' own father who fought in WWII. These soldiers helped provide the post war dream and the soldier's spirit is evident in the lyrics throughout the LP. Also evident is Waters and his disdain for Margaret Thatcher, or "Maggie," as she is referred to many times. This album was critically under appreciated and many critics panned it as below the high standards of Pink Floyd. Hogwash. The Final cut is a brilliant, sonically pleasing LP that you will enjoy over and over. A great addition to anyone's digital collection.

Nurk Twin

Love it!

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