Journey - The Essential Journey

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The Essential Journey Tracklist:


Great combination of hits and ones that should’ve been hits. My favorite album of compilation works.


The very first thing that struck me when reviewing this compilation album is the sheer amount of songs that i, strangely, had heard on the radio before and yet didn't realize it was Journey. Normally, realizing that a band had done so many songs that i could identify would be a good thing - a realization that this band was a lot better than i gave them credit for. This was actually not so much of the case with Journey. What i realized with this band is that the reason i didn't know they were all Journey songs is because they were, for the most part, tons of overrated and forgettable songs that are too radio-friendly to the point of having a fake/inauthentic feel. Except for the songs Don't Stop and Wheel in the Sky (really the only 2 songs worthy of the rabid Journey fandom), these songs are average and cliche at best. The average keeper is still only 3 star quality and the rest are 2 star quality throwaways. Even though this isn't billed as a "hits" album, it's still dramatically bloated for a compilation with the word "essential" on it. The filler songs at the beginning of the album make some sense as they are at least recognizable. Most of the second half of the album is largely just for the serious fan. Only hardcore Journey fans looking for deep cuts can find love for this entire lengthy compilation. The lyrics often come off as really dumb/weak - second only to the band America for stupid lyrics that make little-to-no sense. Much like the incoherent song Horse with No Name, what the heck is the song Ask the Lonely about anyway? Really listen to it and see if you can tell. The vocals are also lack lustre on most of the songs on here. What i realized is that, in general, Steve Perry sounds like a poor man's version of Rod Stewart. If Stewart were to phone in an album, you'd get Steve Perry. Add in cheesy, almost stereotypical instrumentals and Journey feels like a tribute band of themselves. I'm sure i'd have a lot of trouble distinguishing between the doubtless dozens of Journey tribute bands the real deal. They're easy to copy partly because they are so cliche and safe/radio friendly. I think i can now offically say that i don't like this band despite a couple good songs. I wasn't sure how i felt until i reviewed this album. Overall, they're just not good enough and not worthy of their cult-like following. Some songs like Lights and Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin are beyond forgettable and actually quite annoying. But the #1 worst Journey song is the inexplicably popular Anyway You Want It. It might just be the worst song of all time from any band. The song is cloying and the the lyrics are patently untrue. THE WAY YOU WANT IT IS NOT NECESSARILY THE WAY YOU NEED IT. It's far from a 1 to 1 ratio. You might want to eat 3 pizzas in one sitting, but is that the way you need it? WANT AND NEED are 2 completely different things you morons! This song is one of the worst examples of the terrible writting as it equates apples and oranges and fans accept it absolutely. What's worse is that it's catchy. That's the reason it's ubiquitous in commericals. It's cheesy and cliche like a commercial jingle. I want to rip my ears off whenever i hear it pop up on a commercial spewing its lies. Overall there's one 4 star song in Don't Stop Believing, six 3 star songs, one 2 star keeper and the rest are all throwaways. Definitely not a stat line for an "essentials" album.

snorlax GX 4536

I looooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee this 🍑🍆


Something here for every Journey fan. Perry's voice and the classic sound will never fade. I wish "Oh Sherry" was included, but I can't say anything bad. Still sing my heart out for most of this collection, especially "Wheel in the Sky." Buy this and be forever grateful that this band shared their awesome sound with the world.


its 2015 and no one else has writren a review since 2009 lol its still the best album ever.

Richie Zbras

Who are the idiot that wrote this review? Their comback album Trial by Fire was successful. This compilation album is great. good ole rock n roll

Thunderman mj

Must have All the songs r supernatural! 2 best songs of this album is escape ,still they ride,love it! thanks journey And STEVE perry

Rock and Jazz

Journey is excellent! Mainly in the Steve Perry era. Get the essential one!


Can there be any question that Journey was one of the greatest rock bands of the 1980s? The quality here is superlative. The level of musicianship leaves me speechless. Steve Perry’s voice is both technically astonishing and distinctive. The song-writing captures the essential moods of the era it represents. When I say that Journey is our Rush, I mean that in the most flattering terms. If you’re a popular music enthusiast, or a classic rock lover, this record is absolutely seminal.

Awesome dude226

Best song ever.Love it people.


This is a must have collection of great songs. You can't be called a Journey fan if you don't have these songs on you're mobile device.


Man. I'm so glad I bought this set. It has a lot more Journey than I thought. Sure, it doesn't have Feeling That Way, but I can live without it. I mean, I already have the song, but it should have been on this collection. But I love their classic hits, along with their obscure songs such as The Eyes of a Woman and Message of Love. Really good stuff. These guys need to be in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, too. They are just one of the greatest Rock bands that have existed from the '70s to the '80s. I hope it will happen. It should. Like the song says, "Don't stop believin'."

M.K. Warner-Boehm

Amazing music - wonderful memories of the many concerts -(3) to be exact when I saw them and each time still thrived for more of their many amazing songs. I personally met Steve Perry in 73 on the beach in Miami, Florida! My twin sister and I had a hotel right on the beach. My mom left with her boyfriend as they went to Dinner but we decided it was a great time to sit outside on the the sandy beach and listen to a group of long haired guys that invited us over to listen. He introduced himself as Steve - from his band of brothers named Journey! Those certainly were the best of times in Miami, Florida


OK this is one of the better compilations of songs with 32 total. However there is more recently a 3 disk set with 50 songs total. Which to pick is the difficult question. I think this set is the more polished songs, time3 including some that I was less interested in. However, Time3 set is the chronological set of songs sampling different time periods of the group.


Nothing from pre Perry and there are some songs that don't belong on this essential collection, I bought this one to get Stone in Love, which ain't on the other Greatest Hits. Add a couple of more songs to that release and we would have a 5.




Ok, you might not take me seriously because I am 12, but journey is the best band ever. Classic songs like "Don't Stop Believing," "Separate Ways(Worlds Apart)" and "Any Way You Want It are all better than any songs today(with the exception of some Aerosmith songs).

The Babyfaced Assassin

I first heard the song "Any Way You Want it" when I watched Caddyshack as a kid. I have been a Journey fan ever since. People who don't know who Journey is and want to listen to some songs from them, this CD is you're best bet. It has basically all of their big hits. I'd try to recommend a song or two, but I think they are all awesome equally. I guess you'll just have to listen to the songs yourself to form an opinion. =]


Journey is the best band in the entire universe and this is hands-down the best display of their sheer awesomeness. ALL of the songs are musts with the exception of "Just The Same Way" and "Anytime"!!! You DEFINATELY need these songs the most though: "Open Arms", "Faithfully", "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)", "Don't Stop Believing", "Lights", "Mother Father", "Who's Cryin' Now", "Stone In Love", and "Message Of Love"!!!! BUY THIS CD! I HAVE IT ON ITUNES AND THE ACTUAL CD THAT I PLAY IN MY CD PLAYER AND I'M OBSESSED WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) <3 <3 <3 80'S MUSIC IS THE BOMB!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 STEVE PERRY WE WILL ALL LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



R.A.G. oldies fan

The Essential Journey gives enough songs to satisfy their hardcore fans, while not giving the casual fans so many that they are overwhelmed. The two foremention facts make this collection a more complete overview of Journey's career than Journey's Greatest Hits, as well as far less redundant and bloated than Time3. The hits are all on here, but even better is the fact that songs like The Party's Over (Hopelessly In Love), Anytime, Stone In Love, Keep On Runnin', Still They Ride, Chain Reaction, and Message of Love are all here to, but without all of the redundant, cheesy love songs that this band has been known to write. For fans like me, who are slightly more than casual, but not hardcore enough to buy all of the albums, this collection makes for the perfect Journey compilation.


Journey has came out with some great songs that make up for the boring songs this album is nothing but the beat


I love Journey and this has got to be some of the best music on the planet. From Greatest Hits like "Only the Young" and "Wheel in the Sky" to some more less known songs like "Somethin' to Hide" and "Message of Love," this album is a must for any true Journey Lover ;)


I love journy and im 12 this album has my favorite songs like "wheel in the sky" ,"only the young",dont stop believing" and other stuff you guys hav to buy this album its amazing it has the greatest qualuties you can ever find and you will not regret buying this album


if you are a true journey fan (i am and im 13) then go to the store and by the whole thing. but a great album anyway


I saw journey at pala casino. Awesome! Where can I buy there new stuff? Can I get it on iTunes ?


I just saw Journey perform this song live and I just had to have it. Wonderful song with deep meaning.

iDude 20

THis is an amazing album! Journey rocks!


Now im 14 and i listen to Journey 24/7, this has all the popular songs of Journey and every one of these songs are easy to listen to. I remember when my mom first intruduced me to Journey and i thought ewwwww old people music haha that was when i was 11. then she tried again when i was 13 and i have LOVED hem ever since i mean this is good quality music that is flawless in my opinion. I think EVERY Journey Fan should buy this album. Then you should all show your friends. Steve Perrys voice is flawless and you dont get that kinda voice in todays music. So buy this and keep this music going on for generations to come.


Journey is my all time favorite band. Ever. This album is really good, having all their major hits and some others. If you can find it, the box set Time3 by Journey has 3 disks and pretty much all their hits with live concert recordings. I have no idea why iTunes doesnt have it....

Robert the Iceman

where's the older Journey, minus Steve Perry? I have to agree that this compilation is excellent, but give me some of the older progressive, boogie jazz-rock too! Perfect for the newbie to Journey.


best band ever! great songs. in top ten rock bands ever on my list

Gredled the rockgod!!!!

The songs may sometimes start slow but if you get used to it, the music really rocks and I personally don't get why Patiantly isn't like the most popular song

Linda Landen

This collection is AWESOME!!! Steve Perry's dynamic voice, and the powerful music behind him, is a timeless talent! I could listen to them for years and still cry, or smile, or dance! Journey is in a class of its own - an energy and emotion all its own - and there will never be another like them. Their music will forever inspire me~


I love jorney! one of there best songs is after the fall

DJ Hanover

I bought the hardcopy CD and it is AMAZING! Every song is a favorite. I'd actually put it on shuffle whilst playing Halo and sing along! Buy! Buy! Buy!


Too bad the original Greatest Hits came out before this one. I was disappointed the 1st one omitted this song. It is more obscure, being the only original song on their live album set from '81. It just rocks. The break in this song is Neal Schon at his best. This album really is complete, with all the other great hits I had forgotten about. And to the one that said missed a Steve Perry concert, I saw their farewell (Raised on Radio) concert in '87. It was the best!




I absolutly LOVE this album is incredible i just simply love it. Buy it its worth it! I Love Journey!

Becca lou

Im glad this is steve perry and not the new singer i dont like him


one word...AWESOME.


wathc out the new album of journey, i hope you are going to sell it here in itunes. thanks


I have been a Journey fan since the early 80's! My only regret is that I didn't make enough money on my paper route at the time to afford to see them live!! I did see them in the early 00's, it was great, but it wasn't Perry! Awesome album to get into Journey with! Missing some of their less know GREAT songs like "Suzanne" and "Troubled Child" but still one of the best put together "hits" album I've bought! If you find yourself more into Journey than this album can satisfy, I recommend Time3. Its a 3 disc box set with a complete history of Journey and each song. It even has PRE-Perry (thats right...there was a Journey even before Perry) songs on it. Fun fact: If you watch American Idol...the Judge Randy use to play with Journey! Still calls them one of his favorites ever! As the title says....some people won't admit they like Journey, but I beat EVERY ONE of them turn up the radio when Separate Ways or Don't Stop Believin comes on! No doubt one of the best bands of the 80's era! Great history...great music!


Journey=Beast Great album

Strong Baddo!

Finally! An album with all of Journey's great's, like: "Anytime", "Wheel In The Sky", "Lights", and my all-time favorite, "Escape"! Buy this bad boy!


One of the greatest bands comes out on one of the best CD sets ever made. And why haven't you bought it?! ;) Get it! You wont be disapointed!


i have to say this song is the one of the best journey songs written as it reminds me of my love for my late husband i have listened to journey since the 70's and i have found no other better band as far as music goes for me.


Journey is the essential 80's band and this album is one of the best compilations out there


to all the posers who try to be "cool" by bashing Journey, you know when you're alone you put this disc in and rock out!

Mr. O.B.G.(Oldies But Goodies)

Great group. Great songs. I've given this album 4 stars because it lacks the top 40 hits, Walks Like A Lady and Suzanne which peaked at numbers 32 & 17 respectively on Billboard. Other than those 2 omissions all their top 40 hits are here.