Pink Floyd - The Endless River

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The Endless River Tracklist:


Awesome samples and tracks.


I love the way the finish out together!! Lyrics on the last track! Epic mix!

The Vertman9987

A very emotional song especially if you watch the video. Rest In Peace Rich Wright.


Sounds and ideas from all eras of The Floyd. Must have for any die hard fan!


This is very good ambient music, to be played in the background while you clip your toenails.


When I first heard about this album, I began to get regrets about listening or buying it. However, after listening to it, I have to say, this is truly a great album, and an amazing work of music. And such, comes an end to the Pink Floyd Era. Thank you


This album is a musical & emotional Masterpiece!


Someone's comment from last November was quite observant, noting that Gilmour stated many times in pre release that this album was a collection of studio out-takes they wove together. With that in mind, I like it a lot- I can feel like I'm experiencing a part of their creative process in the studio. I also like that I can discern bits of melody that are already familiar to me. Overall, it will contribute nicely to all my Pink Floyd playlists, especially the ones I name "mellow PF".

Michael Gleason

Listen, it's nice that they wanted to actually make a swan song instead of abruptly ending at The Division Bell, but this is just a huge disappointment. When David Gilmour said that these were outtakes from The Division Bell, all my excitement for this album immediately diminished. It really does sound like these are outtakes because a lot of these songs sound unfinished. I think this album is pretty much an unfinished and uninteresting version of the Division Bell. The album is also a borefest. It's calming, but when you have your whole album sound like that it really makes the listener get disinterested in the album. You gotta have some excitement in the album. I don't get it, a lot of Pink Floyd instruments were very interesting and exciting, these almost put me to sleep. Don't get this album. It's a huge waste of money and time. If anything, get the song Louder Than Words. It's the only song with lyrics and the only song I enjoyed. What a horrible end to an amazing band...


This is an amazing album, however, I must say this is not the best from Pink Floyd. I wish Gilmour would do more solos. There are too many gaps with only wind noises and other stuff. However, it is really good. 4 stars well earned! Pink Floyd please make more albums like this with more solos from Gilmour!!!

Majora’s Fan 101

The endless river is an album that with pretty much 2 members left of the band making it turned out to be one of (in my opinion) the best albums of 2014. Now don’t get me wrong it is not as good as Dark Side Of the Moon but it’s as good as Division bell. And personally I love the instrumental music they have for most of the album and “Louder Than Words” is amazing and a great song to go out with. so if you are a floyd fan and like the instrumental work that they do then I’d Highly recommend this to you otherwise stick to Dark side of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, and The Wall.

Old LP Enthusiast

I am fine with what this album is. I can enjoy the other Floyd albums any time as I have them. This is fine. I like listening to these instrumental pieces. It is what it is.


The music basically takes you to different places. Things Left Unsaid works great if you were at the planetarium. It's What We Do causes you to be reminded of Shine On You Crazy Diamond. Ebb and Flow is like a duet between Gilmour and Wright. The album is definitely not a concept album and does not par with the Floyd great ones. It's a fragments album. It's like your changing the TV stations. The tracks are quick and unique. You take interest in what is going on with many aspects, then you are ready to move on. Hearing the lyrics at the end is kind of like a relief to finally hear a normal song. I think Gilmour and Mason set out exactly what they were to trying to achieve with this album and they publicized this before its release. It isn't bedtime music. It's just a collection of bits of music pieces that are a reflection of how Gilmour and Mason see Pink Floyd, based upon Wright's work tracks from recording the Division Bell.


Some don’t like this compilation of not yet finished work. Just think what if, what if Rick was still here. These mesmerizing bits could have been part of their next great album. Roger thought Rick was not a major contributor. I think he is wrong. I think what Nick and David have done with this music is pay tribute to their long time friend and band mate. No lyrics are needed. I say listen and enjoy, I sure do.

Floyd FAAN

A pleasant blend of old rifs and measures. However a bit flat in its mastering. Muddy low mid-range and flat mid-hi. Neat album but needs re-mastering.

Sea-bass 671

This album should not be judged against the great albums from Pink Floyd’s storied past, As Roger and David refuse to re-connect, that era is sadly over. Anyone expecting a comparable experience will be disappointed. That being said, this is an outstanding bookend for a remarkable group of musicians and the music they have produced over 5 decades. I prefer hearing this introspective iteration rather than some lame attempt to recycle the glory days (this means you Rolling Stones). There’s no denying the greatness of these musicians and this album is an exquisite testament to their enduring legacy. Bravo!

Gary Jarvis

I love it already. The negative reviews came with The Division Bell as well. Sure it's not now but wait until the Floyd are dead and gone. Then it will be epic. Already with me. Your Milage Will Vary. Oh and it's meant to be listened to in its entirety. Get in the mood.


Wow. I never thought I would be victimized by a band I trusted. I just don’t know what to say. Putting out music that may not appeal to everyone is one thing. Taking content from the past and repackaging it as new, with a little bit of “endless” nonsense thrown in - rip off. Save your money.


Is is as good as the others? No. Do I miss David Gilmor aging voice? No. Do I like it, Yes. I think in time it will grow on me as The Final Cut did. I can almost recite the entire thing without the music at this point. When I am in the mood for some instrumentals I will certainly come back. Do I care if they are just trying to make some money? No. If if figure the amount of money I have spent on Floyd albums over the years against the amount of joy they have brought me the total is very low. Make another guys, I will buy that too.


Sorry to see see such an iconic band go out with a whimper and not a bang. End of an era.


Come on, seriously? I am a hard-core Floyd fan. Been so since '74. But this is just utter crap. Hints of riffs off the Wish You Were Here album and others but we all can smell an album put out for bank. I can't find 1 song I would listen to again.


Like many, I was excited about this final Pink Floyd album. But it just falls so short in so many ways. It sounds...tired. It feels like a last gasp that falls short...are they grasping at money? I don't know. It's not bad, really...but not what a 'final album' should be. It's ok, but this isn't the Pink Floyd I loved over the years. I expected David and the band to do better, and give us fans more.


My adult self is falling in love again with the band of my youth. Nice to catch up with these men again.


This is a tribute to Nick Mason and is also the second part to Division Bell. It is meant to be instrumental, not very lyrical. You have to buy the whole album to really enjoy the music and get the Pink Floyd high.

carl hemmings

The best 53 minutes I've spent between a set of headphones in a very long time a true beauty !!


Love this new Pink Floyd album the more I listen to it the more I really enjoy it could be one of the best albums ever


An emotional release that makes you reflect on their life's work while still pushing forward. It has something for fans of any Floyd era and sacrifices little to nothing for taking its almost instrumental approach. Buy it don't disrespect Floyd


Agree with the "Endless Sex..." review.

Disappointed in PF

I’ll keep this brief. this is the equivilent of finding old basement or studio recordings in storage. It’s like the band was thinking, “How can we get a crap load of money with minimal work. Hey I know we still have the Division Bell left overs we could slap together.” This album is not new material, its b-sides that were not good enough for the DB album. I’ll never listen to this again. The album cover is cool but that is where it ends.


I’ve been a Pink Floyd fan for ages. They are one of the few bands I would ever preorder and I’m sorry I did. The music isn’t bad, it’s very pleasant in fact. Just not what I expected from Pink Floyd. After listening to it a few times, it just isn’t an album that you actively listen to. It’s fine for playing in the background while working or doing something else, but really not musically something that grabs you and pulls you in. Very disappointed!


Thank you, David and Pink Floyd, for closing the circle. I was there for your first performance in the US. I was there for The Wall, when the backdrop caught fire in LA. I have the original Fillmore poster (#90). Your music was a significant part of my life, which now winds down as well. Thanks for closing the circle. Good bye and good luck.

P Zepp

Another awesome album!! Wish Waters, Gilmour and Mason would reunite for one last tour. I think the negative reviews from people truly don't get Pink Floyd.


I feel this album is great im 15 and consider most music now a-days just crap that corporate puppets sings and do not display true talent or love for music this album shows real music and real talent i love the floyd i have every album and i get really in to the music i feel this album really hits it off while the concluding song louder then words was not as climatic as i would have liked i find that if you are a true floyd fan you will like this album because you can appreciate the music it starts off sounding similar to the division bell but eventually fades into a pre meddle sound an is fantastic


While it would have been nice to have a new lyrical masterpiece ( this album has almost no lyrics at all ) it is still a fitting end to the Pink Floyd saga , besides they really ran out of anything relevant to sing about after The Wall anyway . This is still great music to listen to when your in the proper mood and it speaks volumes that even Pink Floyds leftover scraps are still far superior to 98% of the garbage that passes for music nowadays.


Long-time Floyd lover. There are nice moments here, and it's a pleasant sonic journey. Certainly nothing like their best work. "Louder than Words" kind of works at the end, but I hate the way it just seems to peter out... Just ordered "Pulse," I may choose to see that as their actual, fitting end. This is worth a listen, but honestly, a couple of the key tracks ("It's What We Do", "Skins") is all you really need.


This album has a slight Live at Pompeii, mixed with a Wish You Were Here sound. It's very lovely, and it shattered my expectations. The Floyd is back and over all at time. Rest In Paradise Rick.


Long time fan and have all the albums- this though was an instrumental album with really only one lyrical song at the end. They are great musicians- astounding even, but their songs always touch me with the lyrics. This was more Yanni meets Pink Floyd. It's great for mood music and background noise, but I was dissapointed big time. 3 stars only because the instrumentals were seemless and it was like listening to one long song that had a story you created in your mind.


Like many, I very much looked forward to the release of this album. I have watched a number of interviews with David Gilmour regarding the nature of the Endless River, and find that the album is as exactly as he described it. He is the first to admit that the lyrical side of Pink Floyd's history was most heavily influenced by Roger Waters' writing. The lyrics of albums released prior to Roger's departure from the band are obviously a huge aspect of the magic of Pink Floyd's music, but lyrics alone do not define Pink Floyd as a band-- past or present. I would argue that the instrumental contributions of David Gilmour, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason were every bit as integral to the overall sound and strength of the band's music, and this strength and chemistry still comes through loud and clear on The Endless River. It is obvious to anyone who has watched the multitude of interviews and documentaries about the band, that Roger Waters was/is a complete and utter narcissist. He thought that Pink Floyd would/should die without him, but that is rubbish (I borrow this word from Roger, as it seems to be his preferred adjective to describe the music of Pink Floyd, post his departure). My favorite Pink Floyd works will always stem from the pre-Waters leaving the band era, but there is absolutely a place for The Endless River. If you truly have an appreciation for all aspects of the band's sound, then you will enjoy this album. It is much more than a compilation of cutting room floor outtakes as many reviewers have suggested. Hearing previously unreleased tunes with David Gilmour, Nick Mason, and Richard Wright doing what they did, is still a beautiful thing. What an unfortunate waste it would have been to have left these tracks gathering dust in a vault. I for one appreciate the efforts of Gilmour and Mason to put these recordings out there and was more than happy to shell out the $15. The Endless River is worth every penny!

Cathy 23

It's just a really different kind of music from those they used to do, however I still think it's amazing.

Yu Yevon

The bottom line for me is, I listen to a lot of music and it's been a very long time that I actually enjoyed listening to an entire album from start to finish, and listen to it over and over, and over again. This is that album. I know a lot of people love the albums from the 70's for instance but my favorites out of them all are PULSE (because it's basically Dark Side of the Moon updated with many epic songs from other albums brought back to life.), and THE WALL which is legendary, and now THIS album. It's awesome! Lastly, Roger Waters definitly added greatness to Floyd in the past, but to me my favorite songs are mostly from Gilmour, or from when both Gilmour and Waters did some songs together, but I'm not too into the songs that are all Roger.


that so many gave a 5 star review before even hearing this. No more effort was put in to this album than the 5 star reviews. It's as if the band members felt that the band name alone, would sell this empty quaff as a cup over flowing.


This is horrible !!! A money grab at best… Gilmore should be ashamed together with Waters they were something a part not much… This isn’t even stoner muzak….. I guess it’s true you can never go back...

Sid's Ghost

( ? ) Well, dang. Without Water's what is this? The vital life blood was last heard in the 80's. "Final Cut" was the last Pink Floyd album. After that it may as well have been "Wings" singing "Silly Love Songs", Or "Someone's Knocking at the Door" ---compare that to "Yer Blues" or "Dear Prudence" on White Album. Wish you were here? Where? There ain't no "there" here. Sorry. RIP.

MacSteve in CO

I love P Floyd and couldn’t wait for the release of this album. Frankly, I understand why so much of this album was left on the cutting floor in previous efforts. It has few of the characteristics of their best work. It is little more than a milquetoast homage via reworked cuttings from a valued, now deceased cohort. I note that virtually all of the 5 star reviews were posted before the album was released therefore should be discounted. I wouldn’t erase this album from my library but it is clearly not on a par with any of their previous work. I should have waited to buy it until it hit the music bargain bin...


are they broke or something, absolute trash.


What made Pink Floyd one of the greatest bands of all time was the immaculate combination of David Gilmour and Rick Wright’s evocative musical style and Roger Waters’ brilliant songwriting. Now, The Endless River is no where near as good as any of the band’s seminal records made with Waters, but it still sounds unmistakably Floydian and is arguably the best of the three post-Waters albums. It’s better than both The Division Bell and AMLOR because Dave and Rick’s primary talent was making really good music, not songwriting. The music on those records is okay, but the lyrics are ghastly, making both of them sound cheesy, shallow and forced compared to anything Waters wrote. The absence of lyrics and improved music on The Endless River allow the listener to fully focus on what Dave, Nick, and Rick did best throughout Pink Floyd’s storied past: amazing jamming. The ambient, cinematic, and spacious textures of this record make it a fitting tribute to the musical genius of the late, great Rick Wright and his stunning symbiosis with David Gilmour.


Let me start off with what this album isn’t. It is not The Wall, nor is it The Final Cut (both outstanding albums, by the way). I’m not surprised at this as the album is apparently intended to be a tribute to Richard Wright, the band member fired by Roger Waters during The Wall and brought back on after Waters’ departure. And it is neither Piper, nor is it Momentary Lapse of Reason. If you are looking for any of those albums, you’ll be disappointed. Now what it is - all of the most melodic ideas from Dark Side of the Moon through the decades to The Division Bell, excepting what I previously mentioned, are the influences used for this album. The music is multi-layered and complex, but it is executed in a way that is smooth and beautiful. Keep in mind that, excepting the final song, the entire album is instrumental. And the final song is where my one gripe lies. The words at the beginning of the song “Louder than Words” sound a little whiny, and it is strange to hear David Gilmour sing about being “dissed”. But once I got beyond that, I found myself listening to amazing music that included amazing David Gilmour guitar solos. Listening to this album makes me feel that I am listening to a rock symphony more than merely a rock album.

J.T. Claypool Jr.

These guys have put out some of the best music that has been played. I'll turn it up loud. Thanks to the band for a great soundtrack to many good times.

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