Pink Floyd - The Endless River (Deluxe Edition)

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The Endless River (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:

Trust and Us



I imagine Things Left Unsaid is what you hear when your sitting in the waiting room waiting for your turn to get into heaven.


They forgot the lyrics...

Nm butler

Not really a Floyd album Mostly instrumental and keyboard heavy. Just gets old really fast But This is is basically material that wasn’t necessarily on Division Bell, Which is a great album Really the only song that I can enjoy is Talkin’ Hawkin’, which is basically a spin off of “Keep Talking”


Not much more to say . Great sounds as always


its "all over the place"---I think they just needed a paycheck.


I have been a Floyd fan for years. I was very disappointed with the lack of effort and energy that went into the music. I waited years for this only to be left shaking my head. I really hate not being able to give this a five star rating.


There is nothing that Pink Floyd can create that won’t get my money. Of course, everyone wishes that Roger would join them one last time, but still, it’s wonderful to hear the under-appreciated Rick Wright’s contributions spotlighted so nicely. Shine on, Mr. Wright.


horrible, and for all you pompus we are real floyd fans get over yourself this album is terrible horrible weak and well just bad


I get this album was a tribute of sorts to their dead bandmate. I bellieve they called it a Pink Floyd album so people would listen to it. How many Richard Wright albums do you own? :-) Having said that, the positives are, the music isn't bad and a coupl of the song stand out. It is also much better than a few of the early Pink Floyd albums. Listen to Arnold Layne or See Emily Play lately? Allons-y (1) and Louder Than Words are amazing comparatively. In summary, if you are a die hard Pink Floyd fan, either buy the album or download tracks 1, 2, 4, 7, 11 & 18. You will be happy. Anybody that is a passing Pink Floyd fan, just pass.


I love Pink Floyd but this album is not pleasant to listen to


Love Floyd but like others I was not very pleased with this album but it is what it is.

Shean B

While some titles on this album may be short, each Part is a nice package of musical memory. These memories resonate often in my head for days. Not many words sung; maybe because some things are better left unsaid...


In the context of Pink Floyd's entire catalogue this album makes perfect sense. Floyd has put out as many experimental albums as they have proper rock albums. It is fitting they ended it this way. The album is a solid Floyd album.

magoo 22

While this album serves as a tribute to the great keyboardist Richard Wright, it is somewhat of a disappointment. In the instrumental style of albums like Meddle or Atom Heart Mother, The Endless River sports much shorter songs that morph into each other. They twist and turn and ebb and flow, sometimes with great intensity. Yet their ambient nature seems to lack substance, especially if you're partial to anything between Dark Side... & The Wall. A good album but not a great one.

Crazy mix up

This album was very different from all the other albums. But still a very great album, every song wants you to listen to the next one.

Floyd Fan Forever!!!

Pink Floyd has been making phenomenal music forever, with or without Roger Waters. This shouldn't be a competition. Waters chose to leave, and as a result we got some incredible Gilmour-driven Floyd albums. They are both awesome songwriters that shouldn't be pitted against each other. They are both great in their own right. As for the latest album being mostly instrumental, sign me up. I can lose myself in a vocal-less Floyd composition any day of the week. Richard Wright was brilliant and his chord progressions are second to none. Even after the band has all taken a celestial oar on the gondola in the sky their music will live on, and on, and on...


This album is defiantly an instrumental album. Personally I think it's really awesome. The first time I listened to the album I was a little skeptical but it's really good and think about it, it's really hard for Pink Floyd to make a bad album... the musicality and creativeness in the songs is great. There are some songs where it just makes you go woah that was really cool and the fact that link Floyd after about 50 years of music can still do that to people! -David

Eclipse of the moon

I've been into Floyd since the late 70's . I think They did this album as a tribute to Mr. Wright. Yes it drifts back into the past to sample the same thoughts. I think if you sit in a darkened room and listen with the head phones on. You will be invited to apply your words or feelings to each song. You can call it a suggestion to put your mind in order. Although Mr. Waters is no longer with them for some 30 years. I feel like we lost a brillent pair of musical magic makers. It reminds me of John and Paul. To get all this album has to offer . First follow directions above and have an open mind.


Yes this may all be one big song okay? Who cares if it doesn't have lyrics Pink Floyd isnt a band to always have to have lyrics in it thats what makes them unique. Who cares if Waters isnt it they broke apart there not going through all of this again. Not my favorite album but not the worst you guys need to calm down and stop hating on Gilmour the guys fING 70 years old.


Truly an encore album but an album all on its own. Has the feel and soul of a Floyd album.


This is a complete waste of money. There is only one real song on this album and it's no good. The rest of the songs are just bits and pieces of jam sessions from division bell and a couple of other albums. David Gilmour was obviously trying to put out something with all the original members, but this is the only material they had from before Robin's passing. I understand his attempt, but they should have just left well enough alone.... Every time one of the tracks from this album comes on my shuffle I skip it and contemplate deletion from my track list all together. Sorry, David and Nick, but this should not have been released a "Pink Floyd Album".


Great album.Sounds like someone saying goodnight. Just a simple goodnight and thanks for the memories.

Jimi Kool

As a die hard Floyd fan, I truly enjoyed this cd. Yeah, I wish there had been some songs with lyrics, but overall, I enjoyed this. This cd reminds me of some old school Floyd. Remember that Pink Floyd's early work was mostly instrumental. I played this at night with the lights off, and with a set of good headphones and it took me into a wonderful journey. Very relaxing ambient music. Some Floyd fans will hate this cd, or love it. Everyone has different expectations, and as a totally Floyd head, I'm glad I bought this cd(deluxe version).


I love Pink Floyd and this is another album destined to be a classic like Dark Side of the Moon


I really enjoyed it. It took me into another dimension. I don't know if it was the 5th of Grey Goose and pint of Patron but this album gave me one of the best nights ever.

Reed Kochel

The Endless River is set to be Pink Floyd's last studio album. And I have to say, what a way to send of. The album is mostly instrumental, which is nothing new to Pink Floyd. It's a calming and emotional journey that you are taken on throughout the album. Everything they every did in previous albums all culminates in this album; with familier instruments, to familier cords being played. (Like Things Left Unsaid sounds like Great Gig in The Sky 1-5). Many were dissapointed that Roger Waters was not attached to this album, but honestly the album did fine without him. Roger hasn't been with the band for about 3 decades, so it's not that shocking. If you have been following Pink Floyd's work up to this point, or just a fan in general I would suggest buying The Endless River.


Would have liked a little more lyrics but overall pleased with the album. Took some getting used to but with every listen it grows on me more and more. Great artistry.

Teach ABC 's

I'm 12 years old and LOVE Pink Floyd. I got this album on Vinyl for Christmas and liked it so much I didn't want to finish it. If you're a pink Floyd fan, get this. If you're not a pink Floyd fan, go listen to your crappy pop music


Gilmore was very upfront before this album was released in telling everyone exactly what it was. This was an album of almost all instrumental music from the division bell sessions. He did it as a tribute to Wright. Take it for what it is and enjoy it


I'll wait till the price drops and then....maybe. Not the Floyd I'm used to


When I first heard the the first couple of bars of Things Left Unsaid, for a few moments I actually felt like I was a senior in high school again in 1994. It felt like the first time I heard the Division Bell. For that I say thank you to The Floyd. I have most if not all of their catalog and this unexpected treasure I believe is a great effort to cap off their illustrious career. I personally love the influence one can feel by the late Richard Wright. Nick Mason keeps the beat in his own dynamic style. Of course David Gilmour's guitar work is at times subtle and also quite fitting in the context that is this album. I do agree though one must listen to it in its entirety. I certainly recommend it.


I've read through these reviews and what I've come up with is that all those who are disappointed The Endless River apparently haven't read any of the pre-release reviews, expecting something other than what they clearly described it to be. Aside from that, anyone so disappointed in any purchase from iTunes, when iTunes makes it so easy to sample every cut on a collection before buying, is only casting themselves as being not very intelligent for not having done that first. Hence, there should be no surprises here. This isn't only David's farewell to one of the most spectacular careers in music, which gave us some of our most treasured compositions and memories. It's also a tribute to his close friend through it all, Richard Wright. In order to make that happen, to include Rick in the effort, David was limited to archived material which, by that fact, is not likely to be their most stellar. Not to mention, David's closing in on seventy years in this life. To all those disappointed reviewers, what do you think you'll be managing to pull of at that age? There is no other guitarist that has added more respect and dignity to the art, the studio & stage than David Gilmour. I'd give just about all I have to spend a day playing in the studio with him. Just one day, humbling though it would be. So, yes, I'm a bit biased. But if you're someone who has loved Pink Floyd and David's solo work to any measure, look to this collection as a kind of musical diary and sketch pad of David, Nick and Rick, with some nice behind the scenes studio video thrown in (Deluxe version). Sample it first, though, unless (like me) you'd follow David anywhere and don't need to. It's a huge gift to those who will accept it as such. Cayce


Amazing. Cannot stop listening to this album. It's definitely one of my favorite albums from Pink Floyd.

Sig 6

A thousand years from now, somewhere in the universe, will exist a Pink Floyd Memorial, with one room dedicated to Dark Side of the Moon, and one to Wish You Were Here. Several smaller rooms will highlight other albums (take your pick). At the entrance to this memorial, visitors will hear The Endless River emanating softly from an obelisk showing video clips of live performances, still images of band members, interviews and testimonials. Not strong enough for a room of its own, but exemplary as the unofficial soundtrack to the etherial perfection that was the music of Pink Floyd.


Why not have more singing Roger??? The music is like the division bell 2!!!


Only Pink Floyd could do this, put so much emotion into a CD. Pure genius.


This is very sad and obvious cash-grab by Gilmour and Mason to squeeze out the last remaining residue out of the Pink Floyd entity. The music is terrible and wanders hopeless into the realm of new age trash. It is more than obvious who was the true creative force within Pink Floyd and he divorced himself well over twenty years now. This is really bad and true Floyd fan will see it for what it is. Hopefully this will be the last we ever hear of Pink Floyd. I dream of a reunion and one last proper album but I know this will probably never happen. Hell, it's been over twenty years since we've gotten anything Roger Waters. This travesty is a waste of one's money and time and I will never recognize it as an official Pink Floyd album---that title must go to The Wall since it is the album the entire band played on before it all collapsed.


Let me start by saying that I have heard everything that Pink Floyd has ever recorded, so I am very biased toward the group. They are one of the most innovative musical groups of all time. 'The Endless River' is no less innovative than any of their other records. Is it 'Dark Side of the Moon' or 'Animals'? No, it is not. But there is some stellar playing here and some very strong melodies. These are not 'Division Bell' leftovers as someone has stated. The music recorded for 'The Endless River' was done at the same time as that album, but was part of what was to be an instrumental companion to it titled 'The Big Spliff'. So these are in no way 'leftovers'. The tracks have their own identity. There is singing on only one track; that is true. But anyone who knows the Floyd knows that this is true of several of their older albums. I prefer this much more than 'The Division Bell'. Rick Wright plays on pretty much everything. His touch is undeniable. You hear one note and you know it's him. May he rest in peace. He has left us with an incredible gift.


No, it’s not your typical Pink Floyd album. I’ve listened to it multiple times before reviewing. While some pieces are tidbits and perhaps incomplete works of music, to have access to the brainstorming part, the creativity behind the scenes that led to so many classic works is appreciated and enjoyed. The sounds are definitely Pink Floyd, many tying back to the Floyd of the late 60s early 70s, where improvisation, freeform musical expression and building a sense of atmosphere dominated their repertoire - much different than the compact, more structured Floyd that reigned since the Wall. Maybe my enjoyment of it can be fully realized because my expectations were tempered by the lack of complete involvement of Roger Waters - hopeful after the Live 8 reunion - and knowledge that these were highly developed outtakes than a formulated and construed album. It’s an enjoyable listen and I’m happy that David Gilmour and the like put forth the effort to produce and develop it for the masses . Whether it’s the end of Pink Floyd or not, it’s a last chance to hear the influence of Rick Wright’s fingerprint on the Pink Floyd sound.


Got the album for Christmas even knowing it was pretty much all instrumental. It's not like they've never out instrumentals on albums, 2 on the Division Bell & Terminal Frost from Momentary Lapse of Reason are all really good songs.


There is a few disappointed fans and I disagree. There's nothing wrong with bands putting out different albums and sounds. If I wanted to hear "Dark Side of the Moon" then I would buy that one. I think it's cool and something different.... I enjoyed it very much

Tristiono Ronaldo

I feel like they were creative with their old band not the new one now they should just leave pink Floyd in the past and not make a future with this crap I listened to all the songs for a minute and I hated almost all of them a lot of floyds song I love but there are a lot I absolutely despise sorry pink floyd not this time, keep it in the past 😊


Good Evening: A few of the songs sounded as if they desperately needed lyrics, but overall The Endless River represents a very good way for one of the greatest bands in history to wrap up a career, good enough to make me hope they don’t release another. They reached back to their Golden Age to create songs that evoke the classic sounds from albums such as Wish You Were Here and Dark Side of the Moon. I do not regret that Pink Floyd is no more; I just feel grateful that they existed at all.


How do you get to the ebook? It says "purchased" but i have no idea how to get to it.

Shaddam I

This album, being mostly instrumental, is a grand, dream-like experience. I loved all the songs. Most of them sounded like they were outtakes of other songs, but they were fantastic. I recommend this brilliant last album of Pink Floyd.

Austin Local Guy

Bland noodling from a once-great band who brought forward musical ideas with real purpose. No more. If I’d heard this album, without knowing the original source members, I’d give it a three-star rating (maybe) for a pleasant-enough new agey/rock sound. These compositions feel like partial ideas from the ‘80s era Floyd as they slipped away from the edgy, urgent, gorgeously inspired sound that set them apart. It’s a bit sad. And, be forewarned, David Gilmour sings on one composition (with some really insipid lyrics, unfortunately — thus turning that hopeful piece into a trivial slice of the whole). Also….excellent point from an earlier reviewer — the 5 star ratings from “fans” who’ve yet to hear the whole album don’t add value to assessing the quality of this Floyd offering.


Not sure about this one. Great instrumentals, the guys are talented but I miss the vocals. Pink Floyd for me was about a mood and a great storyline. It’s all lost here. I don’t like the track naming system either.


This is not a vocal album, but rather a taste of Pink Floyd ambiance. To me this is the sort of "mood music" I would enjoy while sitting by myself, drink in hand, and watching a sunset on a warm beach, or catching a snow-capped mountain view from the porch of my distractions, no worries, no thoughts about anything but getting lost in the music. As others mentioned, it is a layering of Pink Floyd sounds, some from their early days in the 70's when they were doing a lot of experimentation, some from "The Wall" and "Division Bell" era. Regardless, it still sounds very polished. In an era when a lot of our remaining 1970's and '80's rock icons have either retired, or just sound "tired", Pink Floyd still feels crisp and well-articulated.

Pink floyd boy

Good job nick mason and David Gilmore. You achieved great things

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