Eminem - The Eminem Show

℗ 2002 Aftermath Records

The Eminem Show Tracklist:


He is amazing


Eminem is just amazing, he is one of (if not the greatest) to ever do it🔥🔥🔥


The track “Soldier” says it all about Eminem’s lyrical genius.




this man knows what he’s doing, and like the title says he. never. disappoints. periodt.

Joe Bro 😎

I used to love Eminem’s music and this album but then I listened more to the lyrics and found that he’s not the best type of music to listen too. I like a lot of the beats and rhymes but he just can’t resist swearing every couple sentences. I understand why fans like this because I used to like it too but now I just don’t like this very much.

This name is_already taken

A tremendous album


Still has it!


Always 5

Trust and Us



He’s the best rapper alive

Abdulrahman Musab

This album came When he was At his Peak!!!

Blue Hawaii 1

Eminem’s last great album, the rest of his discography became awful afterwards. But that doesn’t keep me from loving his older stuff.

Dew kid #1

Eminem’s best album and this is real rap. The crap they play on the radio today isn’t rap anymore.

rocket squid

I like the ones with peanuts. Sincerely, Joshua Simowski


EM is still the Rap God!!🔥 Edit 3/9/2020 Also Eminem becomes the 1st and only Rapper to have TWO 💎 ALBUMS!! 🙌🏼 1. The Eminem Show 2. The Marshall Mathers LP just got Certified for a Diamond TODAY!!! So Yes Em Is Still The GOAT IN 2020!🔥🔥


I love every single song

eminem lifetime fan

Best song he ever wrote 😎😎


The old Eminem was so good that he can't beat himself anymore!


Wish so much Em would revert back to this style of hip hop. Arguably the best album IMO that he put out


Read the title about 6.2 billion times.


The legend in his prime

I need some help!

Goat is back




Start to finish classic. Absolute perfection 🔥




Ok this is the real Em. I wish he would had stayed this way with the MM LP and the this he was at the top of his game then he released MM LP2 and that was downhill in my opinion but there were a few good songs on it to be fair. But I am still a fan but I like his older stuff like this. One of his best.


Anyone who says the mmlp is better are so wrong. It’s 2019 and I bought the cd and passed up the mmlp because this album is so good.I can’t find anyway to dislike it.


If you wanted shady you got em! This is one of my most favorite albums with Without me, business, till I collapse, sing for your moment and other great songs. This is a 200 out of 10 stars. Eminem is a Rap God

we the beast

But this is 🔥

juice best

Slim shady amazing

Badasz 187

One of the best CD’s ever recorded.


Love it.

viva ka

More than 60 billion streams in just 4 platforms




Being the greatest of his catalogue, Eminem comes with some serious flows, production, hooks, and features on this perfect album. 10/10.


Way to Good








I will love every piece of art this man puts out the KING !!!


You know it


Always fire


Greatest rap album of all time


This album is still the best album. Will always be my favorite. Every song could have been released as a single


The best rap album of all time. White America - A good song about the things wrong in the US. 4/5 Business - A catchy and great flowing song. One of my favorites. 5/5 Cleaning out my closet - A diss track on shady’s own mom. Emotional, fantastic. The hook is a little annoying though. 4.5/5 Square Dance - A diss track on George Bush and Cannabis. Very good. 5/5 Soldier - An angry song. Good flow and good hook. 5/5 Say goodbye Hollywood - a good song dealing with the incident of him attacking a bouncer kissing his wife. 5/5 Drips - Disturbing song about... well... 1/5 Without Me - Classic slim shady appearance. A lot like the real slim shady. 4.25/5 Sing for the moment - A great song over the beat of ‘dream on’ by Aerosmith. It’s about the effects of music on his listeners. 5/5 Superman - Absolute truth. Kind of slow though. 3.75/5 Hailie’s song - A joyful song about his daughter. 4/5 When the music stops - Intense song about the difference between music and real life. 4/5 Say what you say - Kind of stupid. But also funny. 2.5/5 Till I collapse - Hype song on tier with lose yourself. 5/5 My Dads gone crazy - a fun song with his daughter. 4/5 Highly recommend. 10/10 album





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