Pink Floyd - The Early Years, 1967-1972, Cre/ation

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The Early Years, 1967-1972, Cre/ation Tracklist:


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Having seen the Floyd in 1969, and many times throughout the years (the last Gilmour in Chicago last year), this collection is a treat indeed - and one my auto and home sound system does justice to. Many of the remastered tracks can be heard in their original "flat" - 4 or 8 track versions elsewhere - but these shine on current audio equipment. Having a massive collection of concert audio bootlegs (collected in Japan and elsewhere throughout time) - it's refreshing to hear live performances without voices, hiss, and clutter. I don't believe I could have chosen a better sampling - well done indeed. Nothing pt. 14 - so much better than what I currently own. Atom Heart Mother is especially good - live, just as it was originally played. You just cannot go wrong with this wonderful sampler.


Deberian subir tambien el box set, ya que hay mas material inedito, es una lástima...


By the way, if you get a chance, listen to "Roger's Boogie" from the full boxset. If you want to hear a version of later-era Radiohead recorded in 1968....there you go.


Buy the original versions of these "remastered/remixed" songs instead. Their original music made them who they were, and these "new and improved" versions severely detract from that.

jason a lefler

At least get yourself Nothing Pt. 14. It is magic. It's like Rick Wright has returned from beyond to assure us that everything is going to be alright.

Believe N Me

Probably for the diehards, but some of my favorite songs are revitalized on this issue.


My personal favourite is the alternate version of Matilda Mother. Atom Heart Mother, Embryo, Point Me at the Sky, and Nothing Pt. 14 are really good as well. certainly recommended for $15

Boon bumpas

I've been waiting for this to come out, now it won't download. Thanks itunes!

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