Pink Floyd - The Division Bell

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The Division Bell Tracklist:

Trust and Us



And everything about this album is perfect. Coming Back to Life Makes me feel so nostalgic for a time I wish I can go back to but


A great Pink Floyd album, and I must say it grows on me the more I listen to it, Not enough to make it extremely high to the top but I like it alot. Definitely a more mature like album, tho Roger and his contributions are extremely missed I feel like Gilmour put lots of emotional personal experienced writing and less conceptual in his lyrics while still having a message. You can really feel the fallout they were having with Roger throughout songs like Lost for Words and Poles Apart. Less political and artistic, but very reflective and personally deep. Other great tracks are High Hopes and Take It back. Feels very right for its era and a 90s version of the prog rock sound. I know people wont check it out cause its no Roger and after the wall, but really take a listen and reflect on it.


i love this album, hidden gem.


There’s nothing by PF I don’t like, but this is one of my favorite albums ever. From start to finish.


It’s pretty good


There’s just something that speaks to me in this album. I love the music, the words, and the themes. It highlights the best of Gilmour, Wright, and Mason. My top 3 Floyd albums in order are Division Bell, Dark Side of the Moon, and Wish You Were Here. But for me they’re all really close and amazing.


One of the greatest Floyd albums ever


Favorite album by far. So easy to get lost in this music


My second favorite Pink Floyd album after Dark Side


My favorite Pink Floyd album and one of my 5 favorite albums of all time. There are no "hits" on this album and it is very mellow (great for bed time), but it has a maturity beyond anything else they did in my opinion. When you have grown past the "we don't need no education" stage of fandom, this album could be what you are looking for. This is not teen-angst music, but what Floyd fans listen to when they are all grown up!


I’ve loved Floyd for a long time, but only recently discovered this album. The sound has evolved but is still very much Floyd. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that Marooned is longer in the original—I’d only ever heard the shortened version on Echoes, so having it continue past where I thought the endpoint was was like finding an extra chapter at the end of a good book.


This album did turn out great without Roger Waters.


Will be taking this album to my grave


why do i read floyd fans saying stupid things like glad roger is gone. its sad i love pink from pipers all the to the bell, syd roger and david i thank all of you. but why do we have to do the david vs roger cant we just enjoy the band. the difference between the sounds is what makes floyd such a great band


I'm honestly not sure why the critics gave this album negative reviews. I do agree that it's different from other Floyd albums but that's what made them popular in the first place... being different. This is probably my top 3 Floyd albums, mainly because it was really the first Floyd album I heard with my dad. The rich guitar echoes on tracks like Marooned and Take it Back, the female vocals, the signature Gilmore guitar growl on Keep Talking, and the final act and another great slide guitar song High Hopes is absolutely mesmerizing. I believe that what also sets apart Pink Floyd from the rest is the way their albums all tell stories with each song being a different chapter. The Division Bell is no different. All the songs flow well together, each song telling a different chapter. I don't think it's fair to put this album side by side with Dark Side or The Wall because it's not fully Pink Floyd. In my opinion, Dark Side of the Moon tops out any other Pink Floyd album. That being said, Division Bell is still a great Floyd album. It's definitely a good finale for Pink Floyd and it will always be one of my favorite albums of all time.


No words can describe this album just listen to every song in a row and then you'll realize you can't get enough ...


The ink on my skin shows my love for Pink Floyd. I can listen to every album from cover-to-cover. When this LP hit the shelves there was a line for the CD. I had to wait for it to come out on vinyl and paid a pretty penny but I digress. This is PF's best album, from the unbelievable guitar work, great lyrics, David Gilmour & Rick Wright's harmonies. It's pure perfection. That's not to say it's above their earlier work it's just, it was put together so wonderfully I used to skip school just to wake up, crank this album, smoke some green and just sit outside in the Florida January weather which is perfect and just listen from the first song to the last and repeat. You will never find a more beautifully sounded album. Perfection!


Better than the 'Final Cut'.


One of the best albums ever made. Truly an uplifting creative work, full of beautiful melodies, phenomenal guitar solos, and insightful lyrics. But, it’s Pink Floyd, what else is new?


Pink Floyd is not a band is a religion

BroNan The BrahBarian

Pink Floyd is an unbelievable band with heart and soul! The Division Bell is an awesome album and song.

Josh Pendleton

Marooned is by far the best!!!


Truly incredible. Gimours' best work.

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