The Clash - Combat Rock

℗ 2013 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Combat Rock Tracklist:

I am a nerd deal with it

Wasn't should I stay or should I go back on stranger things

ray brower

All of their albums are incredible but this is possibly their best!


should i stay or should i go now


Will Byers


When I give an album that isn't the artist's best, five stars, you can see that this is my favorite band. If you don't have LONDON CALLING yet, get it first. Work your way backward, this is a great album, but get the earlier first. THE CLASH THE ONLY BAND THAT MATTERS!


What can be said to describe this ground breaking album and the stunningly musical talent that makes up The Clash? Every song not only has you dancing in your seat,if you are sitting,but the music itself is an delicious assault on the consciousness and will have you playing these track over and over,completely abandoning the prior songs that you've downloaded from other bands.I have been listening to these musical genious' for 30 years.I was 19 when I was first introduced to this kind of music and never have tired of the Clashs timelessness THANKS for the Clash!


Wish the original crew were all alive and together still making music. These songs are all relevant today, and will be 50 years from now. Love it.

Luca Tosi

I love the Clash. Every time I hear anything from this album, I get a feeling that cannot be explained in words. Oh the feels. This band is right up at the top with the Beatles and the Stones and the Talking Heads and Queen and everyone else. I've been listening to them since I was two. Granted I'm fourteen, but I have such a profound respect for Joe Strummer and The Clash.


Even Joe Strummer said that he really blew it after this album. Today it would be a monster, then it was the end. A great end.

Lil Wen 24

The Clash is awesome! I don't care what no one says about them.


So happy about these new mastered albums!!! Love The Clash!!!!