The Cars - Complete Greatest Hits

℗ 2002 Elektra Entertainment. Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company.

Complete Greatest Hits Tracklist:


All the greatest songs included, except how can you forget Candy-O?

Carrie Dillon

I’m so glad this is on here

John Toscano

Thanks for the memories Ric, you will be missed RIP, this is an awesome album, every song on it is great, buy it!

I m pistol Pete 1988

I’ll never forget the first time I heard ‘Just What I Needed’ blaring from an awesome stereo in a Camaro in 1978 at Lake Hefner Golf Course in OKC. The first of dozens of songs that remind me of the best of my high school and college years. Most have withstood the test of time - my granddaughters are now fans ! Buy it and pass along the music to the next generations in your family !


just got this album and I was surprised to be reminded of all the fabulous tunes the The Cars has - I went through my high school & young adult years jamming with The Cars. Sad day to buy such happy fun music being that the world had Ric Ocasek taken but his passing reminded me of just how he & the band’s music gave me great memories with each tune!


Rest In Peace

Fritzie the Tunesmith

I listened to “The Cars” to wake up while going to work in the morning. Those guys got me in a good mood for the day. Just great music, Ric passed away the other day and he will be be missed. His positive contribution in this world and life will be celebrated whenever a Cars song is heard. R.I.P.

Spirit Animal 1212

‘Drive’ was always my favorite song. Such a beautiful melody!


No “Heartbeat City?? That’s their best song. Can’t believe it’s not on here.

Scoooter ;)

The biggest misconception is that Ric Ocasek is the lead singer, but Benjamin Orr sang all of their best songs!


Extreme love song that can stimulate a person to his & her core. Unbelievably awesome


Sometimes there’s a song or scent that catapults me back in time. This collection absolutely succeeded in doing so. I was raised on this genre of music (WMMR Preston & Steve Philly PA shoutout!!!) & hands down The Cars have always been in my top five. Plus: I’m awful with names of songs. It was amazing to sample the album and realize not only do know all the songs but I actually remember all the lyrics as well. I love love love it woohoo!


Iconic! Amazing! 10/10

rosy marie

The Cars were just inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year and performed an amazing set ! They STILL CAN ROCK !! Thank you for your music !


Where is "All Mixed Up"???? One of their best songs!!

70's rocket

If you are a music lover like us, you need to add the Cars to your list. Welcome to the Hall of Fame!! The Cars!


I’m not the one is my favorite


It's all I can do is probably one of the greatest songs ever made. The cars are a great band. ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME. Well deserved. 4.99 Is a great deal for this many collection of songs.


I freeaking love Magic! It takes my back to the best summer of my youth. How are these guys not in the Hall of Fame yet!


Great music, can listen to it over and over again. Great for parties and gatherings. The greatest hits are definitely the greatest and worth owning.


This album takes me back to high school!! Forever a classic with hits like Just What I Needed, Good Times Roll and Moving In Stereo!! Remember partying with your friends to the great tunes from the Cars!!


Does not get much better than this


"You might think" is the theme song from the CBS tv show "Brain Dead" just incase anyone is wondering. Anyhow i have owned this album long before its a good collection.