Ben Folds - The Best Imitation of Myself: A Retrospective

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The Best Imitation of Myself: A Retrospective Tracklist:

G. R. A. C. I. E.

I like this song.And the songs name is my name !!!!!😮 it’s a great song!!!!


Very dissapointed I cannot burn this album to disc nor download it to my iTunes library apparently because it's from "Apple Music" and not iTunes. Oh, wait: except for "Annie Waits", "Landed", "Brick", "Philosophy" and "Underground". Why those five tracks are not covered under the Apple Music DRM crap I don't know, but I've now spent $20 on a Ben Folds Compliation for which I can only put 5 tracks on a CD. I love the album but want to make CDs of it so I can listen to it in the car, but apparnetly Apple doesn't want to let me do that.

The flashhhh rjm

Selfless cold and composed piano only version is amazing


CompPLETEly concur. This compilation needs some reigning in, some discernment. Too much, too uneven.




Is it just me, or is anyone else excited that the new song "House" on the Retrospective is attributed to Ben Folds Five. A new album would be great!

Sinney Weasley

In my opinion, Ben Folds is the most talented man on the planet. His music is so original, and the songs are beautiful. I love Ben. You'd be ridiculous not to buy this album.


Everyone i talk to who has heard of this guy loves him, i thought i would check it out. I don't get it, he just isn't that good, maybe it's just my taste but i cant seem to find a song that i enjoy.


Disc 1 is not his most popular music.. but what he thinks is his best work (a very significant difference, one that I find to be refreshing). Disc 2 is a live CD, and it's absolutely great. I can't believe how every song is played so meticulously, so perfectly. Disc 3 is my favorite of all... a true insight into a great artist. The unreleased stuff... the stuff that he thought nobody would ever hear... and we are lucky enough to have that chance now. I was fortunate enough to meet Ben Folds at a music-conference in New York and the man is just pure genius. He's hilarious, quaint, sophisticated, and most of all humbled by everything that has happened to him. A true artist in my opinion. Cheers to a great musician and a legacy of outstanding albums.

Amanda Zenonos

I love Ben 'n' the band & will aways buy his music. He's my absolute favorite! A note for the suggestion box: I just wish he had the option of "clean" versions to the songs so that I could listen to his music freely among my parents and friends' children. Please think about it Ben!! Other than that, I love it!


I'm a huge fan and just like most everyone else I have a lot of these songs already. But I'm still excited about this and can't wait to listen to the many live versions that I haven't heard before. In my opinion you can never go wrong with Ben.


ok, so i appreciate that this guy is trying to bring rock back, i don't like this cd at all but from what i understand from the reviews a lot of people like it. so carry on..... i guess

Dom's News

I first saw Ben Folds Five in Providence, RI about 15 years ago. That show was simply incredible- and has stayed with me for all this time. Ever since becoming a fan of Fold's work, I have purchased every release. I felt compelled to buy this set (even though I have most, if not all of his work) to support his efforts as well as to recapture some of those rare live moments on stage! All the best Ben! Keep on creating music we can truly hear and feel.


Ben Fold Amazing


The compilation is rated "explicit" -so WHY are some of these tracks sensored? Aside from some VERY ANNOYING edited lyrics, this is a GREAT buy and Ben Folds is, as always the man!


I love BEN!! The new song From Above is amazing. I love hearing some old Ben Folds Five with the new. I have really enjoyed this album and have listend to it all day for 2 days. Can't get enough!


This is an extremely good buy. There are 71 items on here for $20! That's an awesome deal! This does not only come with brand new songs, but extended versions, radio mixes, and even unreleased and live recordings! Every Ben Folds fan should purchase this. And they even have a scaled back version with less songs for people just getting into Ben. This is truly an excellent album at an excellent price.

Salty Bill

What's on this 3-CD is good, but really, this artist would best be served by a single-disc compilation. The discerning iTunes consumer would be well advised to just cherry pick the BFF albums and produce his or her own compilation.


50+ new songs for 20 bucks? Awesome. House is a great tune.


Ben Folds creates music that is classic yet innovative at the same time. He has a great sense of humor which is crucial in order to have musicality - which he has. What a relief that although plenty of garbage is being sold as "music", the real art still lives on.

La. Dude

I agree with Mr. Thames, I would have liked to have seen "Cologne" on the track list; or better yet, "Before Cologne/Cologne" as a single track. Nonetheless, it's great to see Ben get a career-spanning release of at least most of his most excellent tunes. Keep up the good work, Mr. Folds!


period. 66 songs and 5 music videos. You can't beat it, even if some of the songs on disc 1 are duplicates from other albums or EP's.


i don't pretend to be the biggest ben folds fan or to know all about him, but how is 'cologne' not on here? it's not like he has too many big hits to pick from. but this song has been played on college radio and other places enough that casual fans should know it. not having it on here is enough for me to be disappointed in this collection, although it seems to have tons of other stuff

Code Ross

I have to start this off by saying that I am a huge Ben Folds fan, from his work with Ben Folds Five all the way to the solo and collaborations with various artists. If you haven't gone ahead and already purchased most of Ben's work, then I highly recommend that you buy this instead. It includes most of his best work and will doubtless help showcase the obvious talent Mr. Folds exhibits when he performs. An absolute steal at $20! After that you can go ahead and fill in any gaps (if any) to finish up one of the most comprehensive and worthwhile collections of good music in the couple of decades or so.


I highly doubt that I'm the first to review, even though iTunes says I am, but if so, YAY! Anyway, if you love Ben you're going to get this even though you have a lot of the songs, like I do. I'm very excited. I will get anything he puts out forever.


Ben Folds, love his stuff. Unique voice and a breath of fresh air with everyone else trying to fit in. Buy this, you can't go wrong.

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