The Bangles - Greatest Hits

℗ This compilation (P) 1990 Sony Music Entertainment

Greatest Hits Tracklist:

2NE1 NOLZA!!!!!!

Manic Monday, such a classic!


Walk like Egyptian best ending


The chicks were HOT but they still could rock. Im a OZZY fan but Manic Monday , hope no body sees this lol

T Bone Troy

I love that song and I am 10 years old! GO BANGLES!

Stephen belcher

Great album. I'm glad they're touring again. The lead singer is beautiful.


Very good I love it it is very rocksh


What ashame that such a talented group of girls, Could not get along and broke up their group because of egos.......... they sure put out some wonderful 80"s music..............


the bangles have always been one of my favorite all girl bands. their musicianship & harmonies are great. if you're unsure about any bangles collection out there i'd recommend this one because from start to finish it's not only great but gives you a sense of what you can expect from their other albums. "hazy shade of winter" is a great rock song & remake (i like it better than the original).


Hey where are the video's!?!? "Walik like an egyptian" or live performance clips yould be great!!


my mom introduced me to the Bangles and bought me this CD. I fell in love instantly, i think this is the greatest collection of Bangle's songs ever!


i used to hate music that wasn't from now and my dad was always play anything that wasn't from now he played the bangles some and i thought manic monday and walk like an egyptian were okay Then i Watched gilmore girls and my whole opionon of them changed i love them now and love 10 out of the 14 songs on here! my favorite would probally be if she knew what she wants! SO basssically IT IS A GREAT CD BUY IT


im only 13 and i guesss it may seem weird that the banbles are up there with my favorite bands, but they are. they have a great sound that is completely original. i think this aalbum shows them at their best.


My mom always loved move like an egeption and still does!!! i have never head it and my mom says it is da bomb so da bangles get 5 stars!!*****


They were very talented and mostly pure pop - with Prince's Manic Monday a fine example of that. The cover of Simon's Hazy Shade of Winter is inspired and it should be a part of any serious rock collection. There is nothing wrong with the polished works of these talented artists - I just love that one cover.


my mom and i love the Bangles. none of my friends like the same music as me, so natually, im different from everyone else, which i like. get this album if you want to be different and noticed.


It's called "Greatest Hits" for a reason. Walk Like an Egyptian is one of the best, along with Manic Monday and Hazy Shade of Winter. I strongly suggest you get at least one of these three. The Bangles are a really talented group of people, with catchy and well-written songs.

The Dictionary

I love this song it has an amazing whistle solo!