The Allman Brothers Band - The Final Note (Live at Painters Mill Music Fair - 10-17-71)

℗ 2020 Allman Brothers Band Recording Company

The Final Note (Live at Painters Mill Music Fair - 10-17-71) Tracklist:


Sounds like a bootleg and NOT a sound board recording. Shame on me for pre ordering and not being able to sample first. It is the worst sounding recording I have ever purchased on iTunes. TABB have another live recording available to preorder, but I will wait and sample it.


I want my money back! A complete rip off. They're my favorite band of all time and I would listen to anything by them--except this. The quality of the recording is atrocious, unlistenable, amateurish. There should be a warning to potential buyers about this flaw.


It is a pity that the Allman Brothers by themselves didn’t record their own performances at the time this concert took place. It is not one of their best live apperances either. The bootleg industry was already on full throttle that year, I am surprised they don’t have this concert available. Recording of the concert was not no the scope of the interviewer, so thank you for giving us at least the opportunity to listen the last performance of the band with Duane Allman.

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