Florida Georgia Line - The Acoustic Sessions

℗ 2019 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

The Acoustic Sessions Tracklist:


It says I purchased simple. I didn’t and I do t have it. 🙄🙄


It says I purchased simple. I didn’t and I do t have it. 🙄🙄

lucia cia

High On Loving You! 🥰


Everyone is saying it’s terrible and such but it’s music and it helps me a lot music it can be such an impact on yourself so enjoy!

Trust and Us



I am so sick of the rednecks who think they know what country is. Country is ever changing. Florida Georgia Line is great band. Just because its not a song singing about being a rebel. Just shut up and people enjoy music.

Johann Benavides

This is Good stuff, why y’all being buch of Haters. all you haters screw off


They decided to do acoustic instruments but just can’t help themselves from using auto tune the vocals probably because they know they can’t sing for Shiite.. how are these guys still a thing?


This is a good cd. I actually like it. It does sound different then the original song but it doesn’t sound bad at all. Some people might think it ruins the original but that’s their opinion. I think it just makes the song have a different feel. Buy!


This is nothing but the original studio audio mixed over acoustic instruments. THIS IS IN NO WAY AN ACOUSTIC SESSION. This was $11.99 when I first saw it a few days ago. After previewing on Apple Music (mostly because I wanted to see if they'd done anything else different with their cover of Black Stone Cherry's "Stay"; spoiler alert: No), I will not be buying this. The band should be ashamed of this release.


The main issue here I feel is that most all of the songs are simply over sung at to high a tempo. If they just brought everything down a few notches then this would have been a much better presentation of unique and more pleasing alternatives to their classics. They were able to accomplish this on a couple of songs but those songs were originally slower anyway.


I preordered and about 7-8 songs downloaded. Once the release date came the other songs never downloaded. Apple seems to not care either because they won’t answer my requests for help.


Very upset that I can’t download my preorder. Keeps saying currently being modified. ITunes support has been unhelpful as we have exchanged emails since Friday nightly and no resolution. Complete waste of my money. Chatted with Apple Support today and they said it’s a Publisher issue not ITunes or Apple and only the Publisher can fix it.


Sounds like they are desperate and need to pay some bills.


Very disappointed that I can’t download the songs that were preordered and released on 10/18. The customer support from Apple ITunes was unhelpful. :(


Great turn to the album

Nothern hillbilly

Bro phase is over move on

Rich G 62

You guys are the Nickleback of country music and your not even country music.


Just a horrible piece of trash! -100 stars

Rob Lisi

I feel cheated.... unless I’m crazy and mistaken, they used their previously recorded vocals and put them along with acoustic-instruments....


You guys rock! Acoustic versions all rock! Buy this CD


They’re like the Nickelback of country music. They sell a lot of records, but everyone pretty justifiably hates them.

Gary the baddass

Never made a single even mediocre song


You guys are killing it. Love the acoustic. Keep sipping on 🔥


Hard pass on this one. Don’t listen to FGL for the acoustics. Not their scene at all. I listen to FGL to party and that’s the energy I prefer from their music. This seems like too much of a money grab to re-release some of their top hits.

Billy bob joe man

Everyone is out there complaining that this isn’t country but it definitely is if “old town road” and “the git up” by blanco brown (look for it in the preorders section it’s terrible) is country then this definitely is and as far as it being a cash grab it might be but I like hearing these songs as acoustic versions.


Love this album! Refreshing sound to classic songs.


All FGL did was remix the old songs (same vocals, not new) and put an acoustic guitar to it. So if you’re hoping for a 2019 version of your favorite songs, this ain’t it. Lame.

Luv Addict

No, just no. Worst band to come out in the worst decade in country music history.


Oh cool, so the same crap but just LESS over-produced. Same vocals, etc. Nice money grab, guys


Don’t care if it’s not country, sounds even better accounting. Overall great music!!


These bums can’t even put a new twist on the vocals. I wouldnt be surprised if they didn’t bother recording the vocals and just used the originals over a banjo and acoustic guitar. GARBAGE.

Don Buffalo NY

With timeless hits such as “ Dirt “ and “ Cruise “ this album promises to live on in the anals of history. Nashville really hit it out of the park with this one..... no really home run.


For all those complaining, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it, but as for myself, sounds pretty good acoustic, definitely more country, and good enough for me to knock back some cold ones with my sweetheart, watchin’ the sun set with a fire, on a nice fall night, waitin’ for the stars to come out in the sky, and her eyes✨💫 Much peace and love to all💞


All this is is FGL attempt to get more money with little effort. Same vocal tracks as original songs (no rework for FGL), with acoustic instruments. These guys were so good back before they became mainstream and became full of themselves. Brian Kelley is the worst, that dude thinks WAY to highly of himself. Tyler Hubbard does not need him, he just makes the duo weird.


Can’t artist put out new music rather then re-releasing old stuff in a different way?!


They didn’t even re-record these songs. They just laced acoustic tracks on the original vocal tracks.


This isn’t acoustic. They had one good album, the first one. All others are rehashes of the first one.


No one likes them anymore


I don’t mind this. Redone Acoustic tracks and some of the songs that didn’t sound that country to begin with, sound a bit better!