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who likes taylor these days, you must be 6 years old 💀 Her music is literal trash


Honestly. First of all, it’s amazing that she is finally supporting the group that is a MINORITY. I’m a proud LGBT+ member and I love all of this album. All y’all who are giving her one star for being to “inclusive to a small group” need to just stop. This was (is) one of her best albums yet. As Taylor herself put it. Haters are gonna hate. Also. You need to calm down. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈


Same crap music. Everything sounds the same; same rifts, same thoughtless lyrics. Just garbage but what do you expect nowadays.


Growing up means many things, but for Taylor it means glossing over her teen years as a country superstar that made her name while entertaining red state fans. Taylor’s once sweet charm has morphed into feigned heartbreak at so-called injustices (i.e. liberal talking points), which she bravely takes on...on Twitter and in a music video. Perhaps Taylor should stay safely in her Manhattan bubble with her cats and leave the rest of us to our lives.


who listens to her in 2020 💀


She just keeps getting better and better.


I’ve loved Taylor since I was 3 and Lover is one of my absolute favorite albums yet!! Every single song is a freakin masterpiece!


Love this album so much!! Taylor Swift will always be the best!!

Deep master

No one feelin this


Listening to this **** will question if you want to live anymore


Her albums just get worse but this one takes the cake! Can’t believe people pay to hear this junk!


Taylor can’t sing dude


Cool and nice,


Her best album


this album is so good. taylor works really hard and does really good. she’s an angel and she deserves all the best. her lyrics and the music are amazing. one of her best albums. stream the man




I have been a fan of Taylor since I heard her first album. Her songs lifted me up, and made me feel happy. I know that some songwriters don’t like it when people say that they can relate to the songs, I don’t know about Taylor, but it reminds me of past events and some happening in the present. I feel like she has definitely evolved as a songwriter from 16. Definitely. My favorite song out of her album is lover, and I think he knows. Whoever doubts this woman, whoever thinks that she is not good enough, whoever think that Taylor Swift is a fake, they obviously don’t know a good person when they see one. She has written about heartbreak, happiness, and some things that none of us could ever understand. That’s the thing about music. The writer is thinking of what is going on in THEIR lives, what’s happened in THEIR lives. Taylor Swift has inspired me, and continues to every time I listen to her music.my mom has posted on Instagram me playing the ukulele and singing her songs Lover, and All to Well. We were hoping she would comment, but then I realized that she has other things going on. She could be stressed about her music, she has other things to do. And I bet lots of kids, teens, and adults are still seeking the accomplishment of having her reply or comment. I haven’t been to a concert in my life, and while I am still a kid, I have always dreamed of going to her concert. Seeing her in person, hearing her voice singing and telling me over and over again,” I want to be like her”. It truly seems like the greatest experience I could ever think of. I am trying to write songs, songs inspired by her music, but it doesn’t seem right. So I will wait a while. I am going to wait until it is my turn to shine. Like Taylor Swift. I love you, and will continue to. - Hallie

Beaker Music

Could care less about Taylor Swift and her music. It all sounds the same. Album cover loos like an outake or leftovers from "Teenage Dream" (Katy Perry). Nothing new or original.......again. Hey, since I said something negative, about the great "Tay Tay", maybe she'll write a song about ME!!! It won't sell but I wouldn't care. My victory would be seeing the video with her RBF looking into the camera while getting her "fake and outraged""revenge! Muh Ha Ha Doesn't that sound like every other one of her videos? But at least she'll be BRAVE and Fierce!


Her best 😍


This is really great. Maybe next time don’t bring politics in your writing or you will end up like the Dixie Chicks. Otherwise your good to go


She continues to break the mold! So proud of our artist of the decade!! YOU ROCK TAYLOR!


Another amazing album! She continues to flourish in her creativity and style of music.

my name is ahhhhhh

I love you Taylor you are so amazing,I love your voice it is amazing! Taylor and panic at the disco is a great duo song.You are just amazing Taylor!❤️


Love this album, and I really connected to the lyrics!!! Also her voice is just... WoOoOow!❤️☺️


what is this rubbish stupid song


All the songs sound the same no growth listen to Changes instead for real vocals


if i could give it no stars, i would. her music is so horrible, it makes me ears hurt.


I literally still listen to songs from this almost every day


Absolute trash

idk everyone

icon and legend


Listened to these songs on YouTube and so glad I did because I wouldn’t want to pay for this mediocrity. Her last good album was 1989. What happened to growth? Evolution? I miss the old Taylor


Way to go T Swift!! A great New Edition.


Trash album. Stream CHANGES


She a trash singer, all her music sounds the same 🥱



Yahnii lis

who is this? if I could give 0 stars I would


A downgrade


She is great


Problematic trash


Not my style of music he old country stuff was better... very disappointing


Changes by Justin Bieber out Feb. 14th.


Go to hell


Predictable garbage from The girl that went from Big Star in Nashville, to the Falling Star that sold her soul and lost her fan-base. After agreeing with satanic music reps to slap the most loyal fans in the face and leave country music behind, Not-tooSwift is dealing with the ramifications of new fans and their fleeting attention. She should have looked at the walking, friendless Skeleton of Madonna before she decided to follow in her career-suicidal footsteps. RIP Not-TooSwift!


She really went outside of the box while seamlessly bringing back old themes and new anthems. Well done, once again!


I hate this album except for lover. Taylor Swift has gone completely out of her mind. Her music is so annoying, repetitive and stupid. I will never buy any of her music ever again. I don’t even like the new Taylor.


Her worst album yet

Punky Drax

Don’t know why it got bad reviews...Good songs... Good songwriting (She is so talented)...and the duet with Brendon... I LOVE IT !!!! 👍🏻

em blagg

Can I have it for free because I don’t have any money for it lol

Bethany stevens

Too too pricey the songs aren’t even that good you can hear them on YouTube so stupid for buying the song it is just a remake!😡😠😤☹️😑😳🙄 It makes me so sad that I fell for this stupid scam don’t buy this song or any other one from here😥😪

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