Various Artists - NOW That's What I Call Music! Vol. 73

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NOW That's What I Call Music! Vol. 73 Tracklist:


I do Karen


I’m only going to buy it for lalala u shouldn’t make it were you have to buy the hole thing to get 1 song 😡

cool cook29

Great album, love all the awesome and powerful 💪🏻 women on it


I have to get some stuff for my birthday 🎂 tomorrow


I pooped my pants

queen kay 17 03





NOW that’s what I call pointless!


I love this song when I feel like my class mate Gia is making me mad then I feel like I want to listen to maroon 5

annie peyerson

These songs r my all time fav listen to them and write a good review!!!


Just no. Do you guys seriously like this??


Awful! Don’t waste your coin.


More comments coming up Billie Eilish: Why did I name my song “all the good girls go to hell”? Camila Cabello: So there was a guy... Chris Stapleton: I love P!nk so much. Dan + Shay: The Biebs goes country with us Diplo: I love that Jonas Brothers song Dua Lipa: How come I have my own song stuck in my head? Halsey: I should do a song called “you should be sad” Jonas Brothers: Hey, Diplo, we loved doing a song with you Justin Bieber: Hey, Dan + Shay Luke Combs: Let’s kick back and relax with that song Maroon 5: R.I.P Vincent Ford NF: “Time” is one of the best songs I ever did Niall Horan: Hey, Harry, Liam, ZAYN and Louis I did a song called “Nice To Meet Ya” P!nk: Let’s give a head up to Chris Stapleton Post Malone: Circles, circles, circles, a good name for a song SHAED: We think “Trampoline” is a chart-topper Selena Gomez: Bieber married Hayley Baldwin Shawn Mendes: Good remix, Taylor Taylor Swift: Hey, Shawn good remix of the title track of my “Lover” album Travis Scott: Hands up, everyone



noodles soups nooo

These pop artist really need to make better music. Take 2010-2016 for example. Now THAT is good music


Dfdjyegshshahah Thanks to my friend yaeannmoq Hey writer on back to learn that your Dr Pepper dead how far nine dozen 17 I will stay alert 11 135 that you buy L


Only good song is Time by NF


I love this album! It also came out on my birthday.I didn’t know there was a 73 until now. This is one of my best birthday present ever(my first is my new phone my second is this).




I hate it whoever made that awful thing you are just a joke 🤮I hate hate hate it it’s horrible loser




Why is the remix of Lover featuring Shawn Mendes on here? Otherwise great!


You Miss ava max Torn and Tove lo


This is so good!





Kudu panda

Most of these songs are really good and I like how some of them are clean!


Looked at the track listing and it was kind of better than the previous release. But there are some cons. It decided to put the remix version of “Lover” by Taylor Swift that featured Shawn Mendes instead of the original version of “Lover” which did not include Shawn Mendes. There was another song that never chatted and was released as a single, but only to Hot AC, Adult Contemporary & country radio, Pink’s “Love Me Anyway” featuring country singer Chris Stapleton. It did not chart on Mainstream Top 40. It charted on the Hot 100, peaking at #96. And the remix version of Shaed’s song “Trampoline” that featured Zayn appeared instead of the original version of the song. There were some songs that flopped on Top 40 radio. Camila Cabello’s song “Liar” was at #17 on Mainstream Top 40 and peaked at #18 on Adult Top 40. It had more airplay on Hot AC in some markets than Top 40. It also peaked at #52 on the Billboard Hot 100. Other songs included Diplo & Jonas Brothers’ song “Lonely”, which did have some more airplay on some Top 40 stations until the popularity fell off, and Billie Eilish’s song “All The Good Girls Go To Hell” which had some airplay on Top 40 & Alternative radio as well. That song peaked at #46 on the Hot 100, #20 on Mainstream Top 40, and #15 on Rock Airplay. It had also peaked at #5 on Alternative Songs. The next release of NOW! should be much better than this release and it should have a better track listing including a better list of “Now What’s Next” tracks. Also downplay on country tracks (except the ones that cross over to Top 40) to prevent overlap with the Now! Country compilation albums and also stop adding album tracks to the future releases. Hope Now! 74 includes some other songs like Billie Eilish’s “Everything I Wanted”, Roddy Ricch’s “The Box”, Trevor Daniel’s “Falling” and other future hit singles.

Capitol J

Stop making these! It’s pointless! 💯


I've noticed that since NOW 68, the series has went downhill in my opinion. It seems more like the creators of the compilation are worried about appearing "trendy" rather than what is popular and well charting at the moment. NOW 73 changed that and is definitely one of the better recent NOW releases. I would say the first 13 songs are a good reflection of what's charting well on the Hot 100 and at radio, but tracks 14-16 seem misplaced here. Even though those tracks seem misplaced, it's still a way better ratio than the recent releases. I would've liked to have seen the original/solo version or the First Dance version of "Lover" rather than the Shawn Mendes remix, but I'm still glad the song was included. 7/10

The Yeeting Cow

Don't but this crap like I did, Just please. You'll regret it. Like me.

Princess Meem 💖👑

What’s the point of buying these compilations if you always hear these songs on the radio? Anyway to sum it up it’s not good.

Song Kichan

나우의 73번째 생일을 축하해요. 감사합니다.


Rock and metal is trash, go pop!

Nathan Clouse13

The last two for me were 68% but this one is 80%. Also the art on the cover reminds me of the art cover in NOW 39! Can’t wait to listen to it! ¡Mi emocionado!


The music industry will be better if it does! I cannot stand this pop garbage music anymore!


Maybe a bit too much country but I think they are all great choices👍🥳

Liam-Man 72

I’ve been waiting forever for this!

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