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what was that??? Don’t waste your money on this 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮


Let me just say, I have ALWAYS loved Taylor and always will. I just REEEALLY miss when she was country!!!! Our Song and Fifteen and many more songs off of her older albums. Red was also a good album, and Lover. But these albums where she’s mad in every song makes me a little scared. TAYLOR I STILL LOVE YOU!!!!!😭❤️


She should never sing again


such a nice transition!


As a “mature woman” who loves many genres of music, I felt a kinship with the songs. I felt many of the emotions from my late teens through 30’s of loves and lovers from my past. Taylor Swift is a wonderful talent and I highly recommend Folklore


Simply put, Swift delivers another classic album that people will pass down to their kids and grandkids. She reaches new levels with folklore further cementing her status as one of music’s greatest artists ever.


Masterpiece ... can’t wait for the lover fest next year!


Waaaay better than her previous album


I have never written a review on iTunes, but this is by far my favorite album in years and deserving of every star. I am honestly not a big Taylor Swift fan, but this album blew me away. Her talents shine through between her voice and and storytelling. Every song is play worthy, and I have been listening to this album daily. Phenomenal!


All the songs sounds the same and it seems rushed and bland Lover reputation and this album are her worst so disappointing Taylor 😒


This album is so much better than the garbage Gaga released. All the bad reviews are from nasty, jealous Gaga fans.


People at work like it to and they have no idea what it is.


Folklore is an incredible album

Swiftie #275868094

Flawless lyrics, beautiful melodies and stunning production. So glad Taylor worked with musical genius Jack Antonoff again, I would give this album 20/10 if I could. Great work. AOTY. Chef's Kiss. The Caviar of pop. Definately helped save music.


This album is different from Taylor’s usual music style but I like it


Such a beautiful album, the first 8 songs are amazing. Great job taylor


I love Taylor Swift- her lyrics are heartfelt and deep!! She is true talent in my opinion - writes her music, plays piano/guitar and is a good human being!! I 😍this album


I can’t stop listening to Betty it is so underrated and a masterpiece. I hope she wins Album of The Year because she deserves it!


Ugh was hoping for so much more. 7.99 so soon after your big fans spent double. Guess after all the political bs you spoke, you’re not the big seller anymore. Stick to singing next time.


Her song writing and storytelling has never been better!!!


Keep politics out of ur music girl 🍕


Before writing this I read some of the reviews and all of them were either I LOVE TAYLOR SWFIT SO MUCH!!!! or THIS IS LITERAL GARBAGE. Which I get everyone has opinions but if you want an actual review, here it is. The album isn’t like reputation, it very slow paced and calm. Also it isn’t like her old country music either, it’s more I don’t know, slow pop. If you liked lover, this album had the same pace as lover, different song style, but same genre-ish. Now this is my OPINION. I liked her first country album, and even reputation. Reputation was one of my favorites. I never really got hooked on the whole “alternative” style, but eventually I grew to like lover and I’ll eventually think this album is okay. But, I think Taylor Swift is an amazing feminist and amazing at singing and writing songs. Thank you for reading my review!


Best album ever

J.L 31

Never fails to disappoint!!! So calming lyrical genius.


This album is absolutely perfect. Every song pulls you in with the soft tones and the simple yet meaningful lyrics. Definitely her best work yet. I adore how she won’t stick to one sound every album, and tries to evolve along with her music. She always has something new up her sleeve and it’s refreshing. She isn’t afraid of change. That’s why she thrives despite haters always looking to hate on her for no reason. Haters have the most feeble opinions, and the charts and sales reflect that❤️.


all of the tracks are meaningful

BeaChyMe ;)

Album of the Year!


One of the best records of the year


This reminds me of Joni Mitchell’s album “Blue” - soulful singing, sensitive, perfect balm for the time. TS’s music is always evolving.


So disappointed.

Leslie Grant

I did enjoy the album as a whole, I thought it was very visually appealing in terms of how vivid the imagery was in the lyrics. However, an album needs a multitude of songs rather than a singular similar tone throughout the entirety. I can agree that thematically the album works, but again with the sound, a lot of songs have that same slow sort of tone that works well with the album but maybe just a bit too much of the same thing isn’t necessarily a good thing. Also I can say, this album is rather long, which is never necessarily a bad thing especially with the story and thematic elements of the album, but I do feel as if sometimes quality does not equal quantity.


So fresh, unique, and chill.


No exaggeration, I’ve played this every day since it came out and somehow am not sick of it haha ❤️ Literally the best album I’ve ever heard! I love it💓


so amazing!!! should win album of the year she is a genius

t yhr u g

Cold cool😎


With the rising popularity of alternative, Taylor Swift decided to change brands for the millionth time. However, titling your music with lowercase letters only and making slower tunes doesn’t make something alternative, and it certainly doesn’t make it listenable. What I hear in this album is a mainstream, watered-down, sloppy attempt at alternative and it is not entertaining in any way. The lyrics are neither profound nor deep- they’re just as generic and bland as her pop tunes’ lyrics. Everything is vague and about love, which is quite the opposite of what a real alternative song’s lyrics are supposed to be- thought-provoking and real. The only thing that made her pop music bearable- the beats and tunes- are now gone. Alternative tunes aren’t supposed to be bland and boring, they’re supposed to be reinvented- a deviation from the norm. Taylor Swift completely missed this and instead made what was essentially a failed take on mainstream-music-washed lo-fi. Her very mainstream pop singing style further reminds you that you are listening to a failed conversion of pop to alternative. Taylor Swift tried to jump on the alternative bandwagon but missed and landed in the dirt.

Peach perfection

Billie Ellish did it better. That’s it zZzzzzzz 🥱


Bad so baad

merila moriss

I love this album so much it’s so beautiful and so calming. I’m sure that it’ll win a Grammy this year and she will get what she deserves


Another fabulous album!


This is such a vibe. ❤️


I love it so much, not because I’m just a swiftie I relate and I imagine so many images in my brain of a fantasy🖤🖤🖤🖤


i love this album so so much. my favorite album from taylor


The cussing is not good and I do not like her or her music anymore.


absolutely loving this album, all the feelings that come with it & taylor ♥️


What those people shaming her album need to know is that she was doing her best and this is how she wanted it to be. I am only twelve and clearly I have better taste in music than you. If you’ve ever actually listened carefully to her music, you can tell that it’s coming straight from the heart. You can dislike it but it does not give you the right to just start insulting it. Who asked you your opinion, anyway. If you spend all your time hurting people's feelings, you clearly need to get a life. And Taylor, if you are reading this, here is what I think of your album, right down to the brutal honesty: it’s awesome. My favorite was reputation until this came along, and it,s definitely your best work yet. Congratulations on your eighth album. No matter what, you will always be queen in the world of music. -Chill Out Haters




This is definitely my favorite since 1989. There are always several songs on each one of her albums that I absolutely love but with this one... just hit play and sink into it. Her lyrical ability is magical.

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