Talking Heads - The Best of Talking Heads (Remastered)

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The Best of Talking Heads (Remastered) Tracklist:




Music never ever to be recreated.


Burns and talking heads were years ahead of bands in their era. Unique and risk takers


I have to say they still sound better than almost anyone out there today. As someone else said they still sound fresh after all these years. How can they do that? The redo on Heaven was very impressive.

History boy 1861-1865

Fabulous and amazing Music a MUST DOWNLOAD

Ansley Martin

I love the talking heads I grew up listening to it because my dad love them I will never ever get tired of her songs no matter what even if I listen to them for a whole month nonstop I will never get tired of them you should get this album because well why not you're the one of the best music bands ever or at least in my opinion and I'm 18 I'm millennial and I still love this classic band. They're funny witty and and all the songs always have some little bit of a comedy to him


Drummer Chris Frantz is my cousin and i have the priviledge to see him and his wife (bassist of the band). Love these guys and so glad i got to see them live.

Nurk Twin

It really is.......


I purchased Talking Heads version of, "Take Me to the River," and Apple iTunes took me to the cleaners. Money gone - no song. When I attempted to download it again, it indicated that I had PURCHASED the song, but any attempt to download "my song," was replaced by a 2-minute playback. The progress wheel indicated that it had completed downloading, yet It exists nowhere. Like many die-hard Apple fans, I am growing disappointed in Apple's quality control as of late. Unlike many die-hard Apple fans, I have made a career in selling and servicing millions of dollars in Apple hardware and software to Fortune 500 entertainment companies and other equally profitable businesses. I am remain a figurehead in my line of work likely because I refuse to be an apologist for Apple, or any other company when they continually drop the ball on creating hardware and software which fails to live up to Apple's formerly stringent standards in quality control. Unlike the "Apple Genius," my job is to provide, set up and train companies with the best available professional computer hardware and software. I do not sell Apple products, services and especially Apple software, based on a storied history of bygone days of the best products. Greatly diminished quality control is Apple's biggest Achille's heel. How's the stock doing?

Fiona Hen

I have the original vinyls of every single tune on this collection and this online version does not represent the freshness and vitality of the originals at all. I bought it online because I have trouble playing vinyl in my rickety house. My low rating is for the online version if this - NOT the originals!


This is a good summary of Talking Heads. However, it is missing a few songs that you may still want to take a listen. For example, “Pulled Up” on 77 is a hit that garnished much air time in the late seventies into the early eighties. Get this, but then look at the other albums for the other popular missing tracks to fill in for those that were left out.


I Love Girlfriend is Better, its always a song that gets people moving

Vernon Heiskell

It just doesn't get any better than this. What an incredible album of pure music genius.

The Boss 3070

Excellent collection from an excellent band if you dislike this group there's a good chance you have awful taste


Garrisonneal is stupid. The Talking heads used synthesizers as well as stinged instruments and drums. At some shows they had chorus lines. They were showmen, party animals, and embracers of an alternate lifestyle of the time. In short, they were fun where others failed and made 'repetitive' music (hair bands/pop).


music saves...the talking heads make me dance with lamp shades and move my arms in worm like motions....i am captivated.


I have always liked this song and now I can play it as often as I want, so glad that I got it!

So totally cool 66

This a review for Burning Down the House. If you get 1 song off this album, get this one. The guitar at the very beginning is great, and the drumming is fantastic. Plus it's really catchy!!


Get Road to Nowhere and Wild Wild Life. Although they could have left off the first 30secs of Road to Nowhere

what genre is that!?

You don't have to get this, even if you're not into talking Heads yet. Just buy Stop Making Sense (half the tracks are already on here) Remain in Light (their best) and Fear of Music (their darkest) but I did buy 'And She Was' which is my favorite song by them, off of this One of my top 10 bands ever :)

Bwana Greg

This is a crazy group but fun. Much different than Boston or Bad Co. but a little change from rock is good every now and then. Fun music!


This album has all of the Talking Heads hits that I remember from the 80's and I have no regrets about buying it.

TOS Trekie

Once in a lifetime is the intro song to Numb3ers on CBS


Great beat


Obviously, long-time fans of the band aren't going to need this best-of set, but for newbies, this is actually a pretty decent compilation to get them interested. You could, of course, complain about various tracks that "should" be on here, but if you're not familiar with the Talking Heads, this will give you a pretty good crash course in all their various eras. You'll likely want more, so just start grabbing the actual albums as you go along.

La Musiqe

I found The Talking Heads when I was looking at reviews for Punk Goes Classic Rock. That person said that they that wasn't punk, punk was people like The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Suicide Commandos, and this. I was skeptical, because I'd already been disappointed by The Sex Pistols and The Suicide Commandos, but then my dad said that he liked this, so I tried it out, and this is amazing. It's not what I'd call punk, I still like All Time Low and all that stuff, but this is really good.


I forgot how much of a fan I was of Talking Heads until I started listening to the sample tracks in iTunes. I immediatly starting connecting the songs with many aspects of my geeky life and history with pop culture and computers. I immediatly opened a new TextEdit file and started listing as many geeky things about the band as possible (Burning Down The House was the soundtrack when the Alphas actually burned down their house in the movie 'Revenge of the Nerds'; or that the Pixies' song 'Dig for Fire' [another geek favorite] was a tribute to Talking Heads). This band is great for many reasons but I think all of the 'geeks' out there will especially like the edgy synth-pop-punk stylings that made Talking Heads one of the greatest bands of all time.


Talking Heads is one of my favorite bands of all time and its great to have all their greatest songs on one album. Their best songs are Psycho Killer, And she was, Wild Wild life, Once in a lifetime, and Girlfriend is better. I highly reccomend buying this album.


Talking Heads changed my life and totally opened up my mind, with other cool bands from nyc,and reggae/ska/punk world. The songs are as pertinent and deeply thought provoking to me today-why,where,who,and how do we all fit in, or exist on this planet? Who knows but I am downloading this as a car cruiser add-on to accent my full collection on vinyl I have of the band. I am glad I went down a completely different path from listening to excellent music like this..COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL stuff. Recommend buying all the separate albums as well all great!


lol "psycho killer is on rock band 2. yeah its a nice song. you see those things that say what the viewers also bought? yeah vampire weekend and david bowie are good too. click yes because i just changed your life.


Casual fans and those not familiar with this avant-garde group will be engaged with this smattering of songs...enjoy ;) If you like these get some of their other the beatin path stuff..its the best!


With out a doubt, this album by the Talking Heads is fantastic to listen to, and yes, it does sound very new and fresh even for today's standards, but must you put down other genres of music in order to get your points across. Gentlemen, despite your opinions on disco, it was extremely popular and very profitable for many record companies and artists back in the day; and, despite your comment about it being dead or gone, you both would be incorrect on that fact. Disco lives on in what we call today, dance/club music, and people still go to the clubs ("discos") to dance to club music. So, kuddos to the Talking Heads for making great music to listen to and sing along with, and kuddos to dance music!


This CD has a ton of awesome songs, like Psycho Killer and Take Me to the River. The Heads ROCK!!!


Talking Heads are a tough band for a single-disc hits compilation. They made four basically co-equal albums of very even material (w/ barely any real hits) and then fell off precipitously. Remain In Light is probably their best album; get that and/or any of the other three (77, ...Buildings & Food, Fear Of Music) and you will have a lot more than what they are giving you here. Also, it must be said that the cover art is a really weak rip of Some Girls. ATCQ did this with humor and purpose, but here it's just some lazy designer collecting a paycheck... an attitude that perfectly sums up the T-Heads from about 1984 onward.


Talking heads were one of my favorite bands as a kid and have retained their high status in my heart even 10 years later.


when i first bought this i didn't like it much. but the unique stlye of talking heads rubbed off on me, buy this now!

one of the wailers

This album is perfect- Love -> Building On Fire, Memories Can't Wait, Burning Down the House, and more. But there is only one flaw- WHERE ARE THE MUSIC VIDEOS? the vid for Once In a Lifetime is the BEST VIDEO EVER!!!!! i like the album though. Nothing further


BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!! Not that I want to do that one day, but MAN!!! That is one awesome song. I fell in love with this song when it was playing its instrumental interlude. Freaking Awesome!!!!!


great music

Phil Marlowe

While this a decent collection of songs, fans that discovered The Heads thru the excellent Jonathan Demme film "Stop Making Sense" might be disapointed by some of the versions of songs on this album, especially "Heaven" and "This Must be the Place", which are radically different. Actually I think the Itunes ultimate edition of the "Stop Making Sense" soundtrack is a superior "greatest hits" collection of their early work, as well as being five bucks cheaper. However, if you want their later hits, this is a good way to go.

Untitled 93

Is one of the best songs BUY IT Thank You Itunes Long Live Rock


The Talking Heads are really a band that shows what New Wave is all about! This album is truly their essential collection. If you want they're music, buy this album!


The Best of Talking Heads it just that, their best (and most popular/well known) work . A classic for one of the greatest and most unique bands of the time. Love it and have been listening to it non-stop! "....OoooooOOOoohhhh home is where I want to be......"


I'm a big Talking Heads fan. I have the first four albums and would recommend them all. Listen to the songs a couple times for them to sink in.


I'm 21 years old, and I just found Talking Heads a few days ago. These songs might be more aged than myself, but I still love 'em.


Not as captivating as the same band's 'Stop Making Sense' but even better in some ways. Chances are these are the Talking Heads songs you heard on the radio back in '77. This album is aptly named. You can't feel the Talking heads experience until you listen to this one all the way through.


Wow!!! Another great album made by the talking heads. Definitally the best they've ever done. If you are ubsessed with the 80s like me and need some fresh new music to kick your summer off this is an album that you have to buy.

Good Opinion

If you are just getting in to the Talking Heads, or don't like them a lot, but would like to have one of their cd's, I suggest you definitely buy this album. But, if you are a serious fan of the Talking Heads, and like more songs than just Psycho Killer, Once In A Lifetime, Burning Down the House, etc. you will find that this cd is missing many excellent songs that didn't get any publicity at all. I suggest you then get one or more of their other cds. My favorites are Talking Heads 77, More Songs About Buildings and Food, Speaking In Tounges, and Fear of Music. Also, The Name of This Band Is the Talking Heads is good to have; it's got a lot of great live versions of already excellent songs.


Although there are a couple of songs I would have liked to have seen included, this is a great collection for the original fan, or someone wondering what this great band was all about!!!