Luke Bryan - Tailgates & Tanlines

℗ 2011 Capitol Records Nashville

Tailgates & Tanlines Tracklist:

Trust and Us



Country girl

kayla carmen

I love his music and the music sounds great and fantastic and outstanding!!

nathan shuman

If u don’t give this a five star u ain’t know country music!!!

Country Lover2019

It's a very good song

Hunting Girl 123

He’s so amazing!!


When I found like I was his songs r the best I was like omg


Awesome music great voice I appreciate it all thank you very i appreciate it all thank you

4S fan

Man...them some white teeth...


Garbage Garbage Garbage


He is always on his a game and always gives his music what he's got


Just another pop album

Nate gdp

I like most of the songs in this one


Love it so much


My dad is turning in his grave right now. Who in their right mind would ever listen to this poison. Shame on you America! 🇺🇸🇨🇱


Great album


I love this album but i still like albums like crash my party and kill the lights


Luke Bryan is pop and this shouldn't be a country album. Him Aldean and FGL have all changed. Eric Church and Justin Moore are the only real country singers.


Great album! Still my favorite album from LB


Ok so I understand that this is country music but uhhh I listen to Danielle bradbery she is country music,17 or 18 years old and has better nusic than this 💩 🙌🏽👎🏽


Great record to get the party started!!!

Awesome person not😋

I bought this a few days ago thinking I only downloaded 'Country Girl' No regrets, I love this whole album now.


I love Luke. And I love his older albums. They are the best! They are country!


I love this album so much I can't stop playing it.muckalee creek water best song and drunk on you! 😍😍

Elise Hailey

i've honestly always hated country but this album changed that. i've been listening nonstop to this album for months and it never gets old.

Camryn hondru

my dads dad married your aunt.i love you

Anslie Paulk

I love it and the 💵 was worth it


I imagine being forced to listen to this is included on the list of advanced interrogation techniques alongside water boarding...


oh my gosh! i am his #1 fan! the best dang album in the world!!!!

Read below 👇

I love it.


The melodies are strong and easy to listesn to. Although as Tyler commented there is no profanity I would say that this album is not good for children and especially not good for teens and young adults. Look at the newspapers and read about the misogyny and culture of drunk sex if not outright sexual violence occuring on college campuses. This album supports the belief that getting drunk and having sex is all you do as a young adult, that if you aren't doing this you are not having all the fun you should be having. Young adults are impressionable enough without having them hear this in their music all of the time.. Then when they do get drunk, they are not thinking, and their defenses are low they do something they regret the next morning. Thus the problems on college campuses. Luke has the talent to make great music. I wish he would address some of these problems and avoid exacerbating them. There are other country singers out there who have attended to social challenges. I hope that Luke matures in this fashion rather than continuing to promote an unhealthy culture for college students.


This is the best album ever love u Luke u are the best country singer ever

Moey 12

Love Luke Bryan and his music! This album doesn't disappoint and I could listen to it all day long!


Lovin every song


this is my favorite album by Luke & his music changed me


I'm an actual farmer and that song is one of the best songs ever written. It's explains everything that happens on our farm. Two thumbs up and five stars.

Chappell Assembly of God

Best songs ever love you Luke😄😃😀😍😍😍


Luke Bryan is by far my favorite artist and his music is wonderful it's not anything like what we hear today (the rap, screaming, metal) this is pure happiness music written from the heart. ❤️ luke you will always be my favorite


I LOVE about half of these and really I love this album keep it up Luke!


I love country hits shake it for me! I think YOU should listen to it!

Meroo mooo

Just amazing one ever


I just recently went to a Luke Bryan concert and he finished with Country Girl\Talk Dirty. I loved the concert and he played really good songs! Like Drink A Beer:)😍❤️


I love him sooooooo much!!!! He is by far the best country artist out there!!! I haven't seen him in concert yet :/ but I know someday I will and it will amazing!!!!!!! Keep on doing what your doing Luke!


I don't want this night to end is the BEST


I love Luke he is a amazing guy on the inside and out!


Best album ever I love it Again it's better than Taylor swift Blake Shelton Eric church and the song let it go


It is so cool how to doge the undefeated walls get it

A huge homo

My favorite is Drunk On You