Santana - Supernatural (Remastered) [Bonus Track Version]

℗ 1999 RCA/JIVE Label Group, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment

Supernatural (Remastered) [Bonus Track Version] Tracklist:

Trust and Us



One of Santana's best albums ever. Simply Fresh. Sanatan reinventing himself and connecting with current Era.


Great album to end the 1990s. Santana does it again. Combines his unique musical sound with the contemporary artists of the time to create an album that stands against the test of time


After recently seeing Santana again in Nashville, I revisited this "comeback" album which is hard to believe is near 20 years old. But like all his work Mr Santana remains timeless. Supernatural was a breakthrough in its day for its duets with contemporary artists. To no surprise it introduced many of us Baby Boomers to hip hop --what better person than the Ambassador of music. Bottom line, this is one of the all time great albums featuring classic Santana. Whether your new to this giant among giants in music, or been enjoying Carlos since first seeing him in Woodstock like yours truly, Supernatural is a timeless classic even better than when it was first released in 1999! Salude!


Alaround the songs are great but I love smooth

we review

I should've skimmed through them better cuz it's not the classics like I expected, a lot of other musicians that I didn't want


Top album


I hope that whoever purchased this disc also took a trip back and listened to Carlos Santana's timeless classics! A good purchase for the younger set, but go back and listen to his self-titled debut, Abraxas and Santana III.

Best game evaaaaaaa!!!!!

I've been playing guitar my entire life and there is noone at all that comes close to the tone and perfection of Santana's guitar playing I love and own everything he has ever played


I bought the song Maria Maria by the supernatural album but it isn't in my music I don't understand why ?

justa girl named mary

there is no one better than the amazingly gifted carlos santana..this album makes me wanna dance, sing and REJOICE!!! Carlos God Bless you with many are the man!!




This CD is decent. Songs like Tracks 6, 11, 12, and 13 put me to sleep, but altogether...pretty good


sends chills up my !


Honestly, I've been listening to this album since I got it for my 10th birthday a week or two after it was released, and it's still one of the best albums I've ever heard. The iTunes review is waaaay off the mark. (What else is new, though?) It's definitely the most experimental of his albums, but every song sets a tone and a mood that takes you everywhere from feeling like rocking out to feeling like dancing to giving you the deepest chills running down your spine you've ever gotten from an album. This even happens to be one of those rare albums where the singles, while very strong and great for radio, are outdone by the regular album tracks. El Farol, Primavera, Love of My Life, Africa Bamba, and the Calling/Day of Celebration are some of the most beautifully written pieces of this man's career, and all of the others are platinum material if I ever heard it. Buy this album, find some time to yourself, and get lost in it's majesty, I dare you to do it.


I held on to this album for several years and listened to it frequently not ever getting tired of the music. I lost in a move and spent another few years without it, now in 2010 I decided to purchase it again and it was just as great as when I bought it the first time. Great music.


This CD is worth every penny of its value, its a great opportunity to get familiar with the most talented guitar player in HISTORY!!! believe me there are a lot of sensational guitar players but Carlitos Santana is like from another world, plus he's a shaman so, he gets spiritual help when making that guitar cry!!! don't doubt it this CD is a Must!!!! I'm so proud of the Santana's dinasty that I will put my name on this review ..... Daniel Torres B. From Montebello Ca.

Beth Fabiano

Don't get me wrong. The music is amazing. But iTunes insults it by calling this masterpiece pop. Seriously. What is WRONG with you, iTunes?

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