Suicide Silence - Become the Hunter

℗ 2020 Nuclear Blast

Become the Hunter Tracklist:


I agree no one can replace Mitch, but at least this album is a step in the right direction from the last. Sure it’s a little generic but it’s still 10000% better than what they previously released.


band died with mitch


Certified banger


How their last album could be such garbage and this one so good is beyond me. I was slightly worried about this one when I came out but I had absolutely nothing to worry about! Heavy album!!


This is back to the you can’t stop me sound. I’m loving it and did like their last album. But in all honesty are we ever going to get the Mitch album again, NO. Just move on and let these guys do what they love. Is it repetitive no, is it heavy hell yes. Accept them for a band and let’s hope their next release is the same .


I agree with those who say this sounds very generic and all the songs kind of sound the same. It was also disappointing to find out that all the singles released were the best songs on the album which made the other songs on release feel kind of bland in comparison. I never thought I’d say this, but I think You Can’t Stop Me had more personality than this album. Very talented dudes, they just aren’t pushing the envelop like they should be.


🤘🏻 - Enough said!

Toxic Krawlix

Can’t..everything sounds the same


This band needs to either change the name or call it quits because they’re a disgrace to the old material.


This album is no less than amazing. Sure, No one could ever replace Mitch but this album hits so hard. I don’t understand the negative reviews, probably people that just can’t accept that Mitch is gone and other band members have to move on. Eddie really proved how talented he is with this album.


Call it a day fellas, you’ve overstayed your welcome.


Nuff said...


They need a new lead singer. Not a fan of his screaming ability. He struggles to get those lows and his scream isnt in your face power like mitch luckers was. Love the rest of the band though!


I pre-ordered the LP because so far so good. I really like the songs that are out so far. Can’t wait for the entire album to drop.


I've been a big fan of the band sense they came out the first album but sense Mitch passed I can't really listen to them anymore but the new singer is decent


Seems really good. Can’t wait to hear the rest.

Bigred 2

Sounds like Cannibal Corpse 🙄🤦🏼‍♂️




Dude that last album was awful. This definitely made me feel better. Make Mitch proud


Is it better than self titled? All day, every single day of the week. All of these reviews are praising it through the roof, though, and just on basis of comparison to their last album. I’m blasting the latest Shadow of Intent album right now, wondering why people think that this new SS is at the top of the food chain. These two songs are average deathcore to the T.



x 360player x

Much much better, glad to see these dudes returning to good ol’ SS.


Sounds like old Suicide Silence


These two songs are better than the ENTIRE self titled album. For the record, I didn’t think the self titled album was horrible, it was just way too all over the place for me to enjoy. But this is definitely way better. A return to form for sure.

brady r creasy

Can’t wait!!!!! Rip Mitch he would be proud for this album definitely a step up from the last album


Keep it coming my dudes


Sounding fantastic so far, I’m ready!