Stormzy - Heavy Is The Head

℗ 2019 An Atlantic Records UK release. (p) © 2019 Hashtag Merky Music Limited under exclusive licence to Warner Music UK Limited.

Heavy Is The Head Tracklist:


Stormy has gotta be one of the greatest UK rap artists of all time. This is probably some of the best music he’s put out so far.


Every song is amazing this man deserves an award

Getting Rid of Stuff

This album is incredible! It is lyrically fulfilling and sonically pleasing!

conspira C

I’ve been waiting to hear real hip hop for over 10 years. All I had to do was listen to UK hip hop.




This a great album. Stormzy killing the game!


After his last album I expected more. Seriously let down.


This was #2 in the UK charts!!! I think it doesn’t do as well here is due to having a East/West Coast rap sound of our own, different from British sounding rap. I love it!


iTunes, delete all of these biased 1 sentence reviews please. They’ve obviously never listened to Blinded By Your Grace Pt 2. EDIT [12/21/19] I think it’s been a week, so I’ll give an honest review. Well boys, the king of #Merky Nation is back. Stormzy follows up his mixed-bag debut [Gang Signs & Prayer] with a more personal and banging type of album that we know as Heavy is the Head. I originally went into this thing expecting less shallow pop songs that were present on his previous album, as it just felt minimal. [I’m talking about songs like 21 Gun Salute & Blinded By Your Grace PART 1 that was on GS&P.] Luckily on Heavy is the Head, Stormzy provides us with more bangers, while simultaneously making the pop a bit more satisfying. On Heavy is the Head, he tries to make his sound a bit mainstream, but somehow manages to do a good job at it. Stormzy actually had the good idea to have the best instrumentals for himself. The flows are fascinating on some tracks like Wiley Flow, Audacity & Rachael’s Little Brother, but can sometimes be a bit boring on stuff like Big Michael & Bronze. Otherwise, it’s all good. Headie One, H.E.R., YEBBA & Aitch actually surprised me on their features and put a smile as my face, as they surprisingly had good chemistry with Stormzy. (Ed Sheeran’s performance actually wasn’t that bad too.) Stormzy gets more personal on the song Lessons, where he details the breakup of his ex-girlfriend in his best lyrical performance. The only tracks I would consider filler on this album are Rainfall & Bronze, mainly because the former is very repetitive, and the latter feels like uncomfortable déjà vu with its creepy “Return of the Rucksack” type voice and the chorus, as well as it’s lifeless instrumental. Other than that, nothing else is negative. Truth be told that some of the singles had me worried about what I was about to go into, but overall, Heavy is the Head was better than I expected. Now if you excuse me, I’ll wait 6 months for the signed vinyl to drop on his webstore. Thanks Stormzy for blessing us again. BEST TRACKS: Rachael’s Little Brother, Don’t Forget to Breathe [Interlude], One Second, Wiley Flow OTHER HIGHLIGHTS WORTH MENTIONING: Audacity, Crown, Pop Boy, Own It, Lessons, Vossi Bop MEH: Big Michael, Handsome, Do Better, Bronze, Superheroes UHHH: Rainfall WORST TRACKS: N/A

Hip-Hop Is Alive!!!

What is this? This is NOT hip-hop.If this is the best the UK has to offer then I am sorry for ya’ll😂




This album is absolutely amazing bruh


Stormzy is definitely ahead of his time this album is DOPE. I could fast forward any song on this album. THE ENTIRE ALBUM IS DOPE ASF!! ❤️🔥😍🙏🏾

Toronto Raptors Nation

British Rap has been a good genre for me and this is a good album

brady r creasy

I don’t think anyone gets grime music or stormzy they’re is a lot of solid tracks some are just laugh out loud sometimes but I don’t think it’s good as gang signs and prayer which is in fact one of my favorite albums of the decade


The star average on this needs to be higher. I feel like people reviewed this before the album was even released.


So proud of him


What in the fee-yuck? This is bad


我們。 月二 三 了解 奻釟已卍柜淚蠢欲。汄卜


yeH not good


So whack


It surprises me how many people commented that this album is trash WAY before the album even came out. 🤔 Anyways GREAT ALBUM. 🙏🏽 He talks a lot about life and is pretty versatile with this album. All around great project.


Do better is my anthem 🙏🏽👀

I eat books

Illiterate. More couch soft than street hard. Where do they find these guys?


Is this a joke?


What are you saying lol


Not worth reviewing but here goes..rotten!


Grime is just as bad as mumble rap.

Kunye vest

This music, this hype energy, creativity, innovation, new sound styles, the voice n beats, the’s so inspiring! It uplifts the soul, brings listeners to a new space....there isn’t anything like it out there! In a world of mumble rap, this is something new and different! There are so many complex layers of emotions and artistic creative techniques and poetry it takes listeners to new levels! The listeners will have expanded minds, forcing people to think! It is avant-garde art, it is innovation, new creativity, ... the everyday listener will appreciate it, but so will listeners who demand more! Love love love this! Thank you! Get this album now!


Haters Hate ^^^


What a complete joke...


I think that this album is overhyped for what it is, but I'd listen to this all day over a lot of different artests.


Overrated grime rubbish. Lyrics are nonsense and don’t make sense what so ever. Stormzy is so overrated and really don’t know how this person got a record deal. Absolute talentless person with tracks that are simply garbage bottom of the barrel trash trying to be something he’s not.


Incredible singles This album finna be flames

[email protected]

Blah blah


With all respect, will there be a single release of “Own It” only featuring Stormzy with Burna? No disrespect intended. Just feel like the track would have much more edge minus Mr. Sheeran.




Great singles thus far.

Mr. Feenie

Bigly bad



Music Album of Stormzy:

Own It (feat. Burna Boy & Stylo G) [Toddla T Remix] - Single
Own It feat. Burna Boy & Stylo G [Toddla T Remix] - Single (2020)
All Time Low (feat. Stormzy) - Single
All Time Low feat. Stormzy - Single (2016)
Let Me Down (feat. Stormzy) [Shy FX Remix] - Single
Let Me Down feat. Stormzy [Shy FX Remix] - Single (2018)
Let Me Down (feat. Stormzy) - Single
Let Me Down feat. Stormzy - Single (2018)
Power (feat. Stormzy) - Single
Power feat. Stormzy - Single (2017)
Energy (feat. Stormzy & Skepta) [DJ Rlo Remix] - Single
Energy feat. Stormzy & Skepta [DJ Rlo Remix] - Single (2017)
Energy (feat. Stormzy & Skepta) [Sir Spyro Remix] - Single
Energy feat. Stormzy & Skepta [Sir Spyro Remix] - Single (2017)
Energy (feat. Stormzy & Skepta) [Cadenza Remix] - Single
Energy feat. Stormzy & Skepta [Cadenza Remix] - Single (2017)
My Hood (feat. Stormzy) - Single
My Hood feat. Stormzy - Single (2016)
Living Life (feat. Stormzy) - Single
Living Life feat. Stormzy - Single (2016)