Eric Church - Stick That in Your Country Song

An EMI Records Nashville Release; ℗ 2020 BigEC Records LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

Stick That in Your Country Song - Single Tracklist:



Annoyed Person!!!!!!!

Not normally a big fan of country but this is so good and so real ✊🏼 let people stay mad about it


Great song, the ones who give it 1 star are racists.


Keep trying dude. It ain’t working. This is not country.

Edisto Ron

More country musicians need to tell it like Eric just did! These are complicated times and we need to hear in the music we love with some inspiration! Thanks Eric!!


Right on point! Can’t stop playing it!


Eric Church never fails to impress. As always he shows complete dedication and passion to his art. Rock on! 🤙


This is just fire


I am a country music fan. Country or not country is not the deciding factor for me with this song (or any other for that matter). I like music that makes me feel the message. This song gets it done right down to my toes. Agree with the message or don’t...but I bet it makes you feel something.

maskless in fl

After so many great songs this just don’t do it for me.i listen to music to escape the news. No EC for me go back to your roots


Love the message.

May Lilly

Looking to be entertained when listening to music


Stopped listening to this libtard after he went after the 2A


I agree completely with CountryKid10! This song hits the nail on the head! It's a I don't give a f$$$! about pc kind of country song! I'm diggin the direction Eric "the man" Church is going with his music!! Preach it man PREACH IT!


Real country music


Love this new song! Hard driving beat and just the way I like his music. A little country and whole lot of rock.


I love his music and this is definitely setting the vibe and I am ready for any more new music!


What is this political garbage. Looks like most celebrities answer to the MOB. We need to bring this country together not divide it. Trash I will be no longer supporting Church.


Holy Hell. If this is the precursor for what’s on the way.... I’m in!!!!!

The State I'm In

Long time fan of EC. Been to more than 5 of his concerts. Spent several hundred dollars doing so. Hard dose of reality? I can watch the news for free. C’mon EC.... get back to your roots. Please.


Painful to see Country is going woke too...chasing fake narratives about systemic racism....💔


He sounds like he is forcing the song out. Like he is screaming like the protestors. We have enough screaming today, we need to pull together.


These days we are surrounded by hypocrisy. But, we can always count on Eric Church to deliver real life issues in his songs.


Blast NRA and now this. Lol get outta here


Take this one to #1 fellas


Country trash


Why is this music still popular nowadays?

Eclectic Code

The harsh reality for (not all), but many...along with a very catchy rhythm. You can’t fix anything if you refuse to acknowledge it even exists. Just know this: You can certainly raise your fist, shout it out and dance to this one.


This song hits on the importance of what is going on in the world and how country music should be more than pop-Country! Write about stuff the means something and do it well!


I think almost every person can agree that this song IS Eric Church. The passion and fire he has an artist fits this song perfectly. Desperate Man is gone and The Chief is officially back!


not so much...

The batman is best bro

This ain’t it chief


Hats off to the songwriter(s) and great delivery from Church!


No I hate country how do people like country I have no clue.

Mizuno MP64z

If you wanna feel a rush. If you wanna feel alive. Eric Church is your guy. If you prefer songs with substance that will make you think, buy all of Eric’s albums. Authentic, original and passion = EFC. If you don’t like him. You can screw yourself. And den go straight to hell!

JoJo Cupkpckae

cute but like stan kacey musgraves


So sick and tired of the same boring love/break up songs from the male country artists out on radio. Finally someone sings something about life! That is what country music should be about. LIFE!


Why can’t someone just write a great song? I don’t like it.




This is 100% rocking Eric Church. If you have ever been to an EC concert, you will understand. This song unleashes and gives you all the feels of a live EC concert. I LOVE THIS SONG! I can’t wait to see him play it live!! STICK THAT IN YOUR COUNTRY SONG!!! This is one of his best yet. Well done sir, well done!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️it!


This teacher LOVES this song!


Personally, this song is super depressing.....yes there are things wrong in our country but if after listening to this you’d think the country was about to collapse. Don’t waste your money unless you want to be depressed.


Great build + emotionally intense delivery + important message = masterpiece 🔥😎🤘🏻

newuser 33

I like this one a lot. You may not and that’s ok. I think it’s a great song. I’m no musical expert like some of you out there. Try looking at the lyrics and then take a listen or two. I think you might like it. If not then there’s lots of other stuff you can listen to. The words speak to some of us.


This song is amazing!!! Of course they’ll hate!


I blew out my truck speakers listening to this song on repeat.


It don’t mind politically-themed songs. This particular song says very little of actual substance, and the “edgy” issues he raises (like soldiers coming home from war) are all things that are regularly covered in country music. It’s also not particularly inspiring or brave to “sing truth to power” when you only do it when it’s politically expedient.

Alex Scheidt

This is Fantastic


This is awesome. I cannot even explain how much this song is on fire. I would say that I would love to see a collaboration between Church and Stapleton, but I’m not completely sure that we would be able to handle the magnitude of how awesome that would be. The chief never disappoints.