Various Artists - 50 Techno Electro Tunes, Vol. 1

℗ 2008 CAPP Records Inc. / Mental Madness

50 Techno Electro Tunes, Vol. 1 Tracklist:



song guy 666

It is awesome for me as someone who serially loves these kinds of songs also one of the best songs i have ever heard!!!!!


So many recognizable songs mixed and spun out to have a crowd dancing to the 80s-90s music that comes with a thunderous beat, great for the parties with a lot of dance mixes included. The bass is at a point of shaking into your beat.


Great music but while these songs were downloading my sound just completely crashed and wouldn't work until all songs were done downloading


I'm giving this a 5 star review even though I haven't bought this yet. The only reason why I don't have it is because I don't have room on my iPhone 5. But once I get an iPod again soon, I will definitely be adding this in. Can't beat the price with all if these songs....that are good quality dance music! Go ahead skim through you'll find something you will like for sure.

🎵ITunes player🎵



I was looking for more music to add to my half marathon running playlist and this certainly did not do justice....not real techno. Wish I read the reviews first before purchasing.


Great album!!!




I don't care what other ppl say cuz techno is awesome :)


That awkward moment when you're looking for techno and you get a blast of commercial euro dance in your face. THIS my friends, is not techno. Richie Hawtin here I come!


This album is garbage I read the reviews thinking it would be good, the few songs I previewed were Ok. This definitely sounds like it's straight off of a DDR game! w t f? Such a waste!


If you're not that into Techno, then this album is suitable. Otherwise, the vocals are all very similar; female vocals with lots of computer sounds, very little melody, same style beats and lame sounds with little creative elements. Sorry, I hate to trash dance/techno music, but this one is very average.

video game master

Great Music, So many too listen too! And such a great price!! :D


Most of the songs are pretty good and for only 10 bucks might as well by it. It's not real techno though but still pretty good.


This it's a collection of more trance, not so much techno, definately not electric for those of you complaining about that, but currently I don't think many things pop up besides this when you type in "trance" so they put it under techno electric to get more people to buy it. It's a great large selection of music (actualy some really good songs) for only ten bucks but the title does seem misleading to me and obviously when you have 100 songs all of them won't please everybody.


I like it but I mostly wanted to get "Come with me" but it seems that I had to get the whole album. Other than that I really liked the music it is so awesome. But one thing that I noticed was that this album had so many oldies that I love. Peace; 89


If your looking for real techno music this is not it. This is a collection of dance tracks that try to use techno elements which they do poorly. You may like it if your into pop and looking for something new, but they are marketing this as techno music which if you listen to it, it is not. Its love or hate with something like this if you love this then good for you, but THIS IS NOT TECHNO just to make sure you understand. If you think it is you don't know what your talking about so please go away. Please do not call this techno and ruin the genre, this is called club or dance music not techno.


This are the most beSt songs I the how world omg


I think this is by far the best songs I've heard screw you guys if ur talking crap about this lovely music you can SMD


It's a must have if you love Dancing this one is for you also get the vol. 2 awesome as well.

Warren Dennis

Good album. Good selection. Now I just have to wait for DJ Nate to get on here. *waits patiently*


Any idea of when we can expect Vol 3 to hit??


All the songs have literally the same beat. ALL OF THEM. Can I plz get a full refund?

why do u want to know??

ok, so most people are saying "worst music ive ever heard" so on, and so on, the truth is if you dont love techno type of music then you probably wont care for this album. But for those who do love techno type music then this is passable some of the songs are great but overall this is just "ok".


This is titled techno electro hits. Not trance hits. These are more dance. And if you don't like fast electronic music, don't buy electronic music. If you don't like the "high pitched chipmunk voices" then listen to the other songs. Most of them don't sound that way. Listen to it all before rating plox.


100 songs for 9.99 that's about 10 cents a song pretty cheap., good club music


Ok people there is really 50 songs. The first 50 is the short version of the last 50 that seems longer. So iTunes didn't make mistake. Look for the clues before writing anything guys.


musics not bad, i bought a few songs off this album here and there, and the price, for me, lowered to less than for bucks, so why not?


This album is exactly what it should be: a bunch of lame, crappy trance songs for a very small amount of money. Perfect for some random party where people will dance to anything.


I don't know when trance turned into this high speed annoying voice that sounds like a chipmunk but somebody needs to end the madness. Trance was originally supposed to be "trance" not hyper, drugged-out, raving, psycho, insanity.


Worth it. Some songs are outstanding. And the price is so cheap.


Other then that you wont like this.....THIS IS THE WORST MIX I HAVE HEARD IN A LONG TIME!


I really like the music choice on this alblum and it's a great deal as well.


The music is pretty good. For those of you rushing because it's 100 songs though, look carefully. It's just the same 50 songs twice (iTunes pasted twice or something). They start over after the 50th song again. Other than that, pretty good music. #iTunes: Please review this and delete the second set of songs! I try to keep enough duplicates out of my library as it is!

Awsum is me yes I like ducks boy girl

I'm going to be making music like this, and these songs give me ideas. This album is only $9.99 for 100 songs! Awesome!


well this album is one to buy no matter what, sure only half of the songs are good enough to listen to multiple times but its only $9.99 for those 50 you like plus 50 more! if you aren't a money freak and have to listen to every song first then hurry up and buy this already!


each song is doubled up with the club version.


Even though this doesn't have aqua's version of Barbie Girl,this album is really good.I love the remixes.Whoever sang the Barbie Girl Candy Boyz vs. Klubbstylerz Rmx Edit has a really nice voice. ;)


This album is a great deal for everyone who likes dance/trance. the 50 songs club/extended mixs and the radio cuts(that's why it has 100 songs).This album has at least 10 good songs so it's cheaper to buy the album and get some ok songs than try to find song you like from the 30 second clips. This album is a great deal and has good music so I would buy it if your a fan of this music!

a tree named trevor

this is the best albom EVER 100 SONGS FOR 9.99 THATS AN INSAINE DEAL AND WITH AL THE GREAT MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sure, it's cheap, but it's not what I'd call Electro. Oozing Saccharine Fluff seems like a more apt description. Save your $10 and get something worthwhile.


This $10 album for 100 songs is totally worth the money for the techno remix junkie.


If you have experience listening to dance music DO NOT BUY this album. If you are new to the scene then listen in and find out what you like then this album may help you figure out what styles you do or don't like. -That is all

Frisky Policeman

it's 100 songs for 10 bucks. its worth it.


Listen to the clips. Its best to buy just a few you like though


It is True that this album is great, but it does only have 50 songs... There are two copies of each song, the normal version and its extended mix.

Japan Man

Do not buy this, buying this = BIG waste of $_$


all the songs are great except for the ones that didn't DOWNLOAD ya a crap load of songs didn't download at least 30 songs

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