Bethel Music - Starlight (Live)

℗ 2017 Bethel Music

Starlight (Live) Tracklist:


Thank you Bethel ❤️


I rlly love King of My Heart, but tbh all the songs r equally speechless. I wish I could go to one of ur tours 😔


Had this album on repeat for weeks! This is definitely a great soundtrack for devotion and prayer as well as a list of powerful delcarations for the church Highlights: Starlight, King of My Heart, There's No Other Name, Old for New 1. Starlight (Amanda) - 10/10 2. There's No Other Name (Francesca) - 10/10 3. Extravagant (Steffany/Amanda) - 9/10 4. Breathe (Spontaneous) [Amanda] - 3/10 5. Take Courage (Kristene) - 7/10 6. King of My Heart (Steffany/Jeremy) - 9/10 7. God I Look to You (Francesca) - 6/10 8. The War is Over (Kalley) - 6/10 9. I See the Light (Spontaneous) [Kalley] - 4/10 10. Catch the Wind (Melissa) - 7/10 11. Old for New (Hannah) - 10/10 12. For the One (Jenn) - 8/10 13. You Came (Lazarus) - 8/10

cmt ♥️♥️♥️

the other day i thought i'd take a listen to amanda, heard "extravagant" and was overwhelmed by the love of the Savior. i then started listening to all of bethel, and i loved it. my faves on this album gotta be "extravagant", "starlight", "king of my heart", and "there's no other name". bethel's version of "king of my heart" is the best of the best. steffany's vocals are so raw and unique, and it's perfect for that song. add in jeremy riddle to that, and holy wow it's amazing. this album is the best i've heard from them. well done, bethel, well done.


Best thing I’ve ever bought :)


Bethel continues to impress me with each new release. Each album I can put on repeat without question. The Loft Sessions is my favorite if I had to choose one, but nonetheless, this one is a close second.

a Lonely pigeon

These songs are worth every penny. Great for resting in God's presence.


Such a wonderful project. I cannot stop listening to this project. This has me going all the way in.


I've been very careful at listening for christian music that has lyrics that " calls those things that be not as though they were" and that lift people out of muck and more and give form places to stand, so listening I wanted to be sure I heard solid lyrics, so for me to say great job is a big deal, but great job!


Considering the fact that they set the bar SO high with there album "We Will Not Be Shaken", which was 6 stars on a scale of 1-5, this album was...meh. I'm not being a harsh critic. I enjoyed a few songs. Others got really weird. Having said all of that, it was better than 3 stars.


How can one not worship Jesus at these songs? How can one not want to get to know Him more at these sounds? Beckons us to come closer to heaven.


Hey Guys, I have been a supporter of Bethel music for years. I love the work you put out, I tell my friends about it, God has used the lyrics and songs you've produced tremendously in my walk with Him. I think you're amazing. However, because I have all your CD's and because you repeatedly put old songs on the new stuff, I now have so many versions of "God I look to You". Please please please...either make redone songs free or find another solution. I bought starlight and then have a song I end up deleting because I already own it. Also...$13??


Amazing album - worship straight to the heart of God


Saw it live last night at the Virginia Beach tour at Rock Church and fell in love!!! Keep up the good work! Love to feel the presence of God immediately enter as I play the songs!


So good! I'm enjoying this album a lot. Such a great way to start my day. What a treat!


Love every track. If you love their other albums, get it. Don't have their albums, get it!

Jumbob Sherwood

The ladies kill it on this album, but the major key its success are the amazing male vocals that fill out the songs. In particular Paul McClure blows me away with some sweet harmonies.


The same theme over and over again "He has made a way" "We are sons and daughters" He saved us" "He is beautiful" "He Is Good" These seem to be the same words and themes rehashed over and over again across Worship Music. Their is nothing wrong with these themes of course but this seems to be the extent of most Worship Musics vocabulary and theology. The Bible and word of God in general is so FULL of rich truths but so many Worship Artists and Ministries seem to be fine with hanging out at the foot of the Cross rehashing the basics of Christianity over and over again. As a Worship Pastor that values songs that are both full of the Spirit and Theologically rich something needs to change. I'm also concerned that as a result because Worship Music Artists seem to not know what else to sing about that they are now starting to draw from the world for inspiration in their songs both musically, spiritually, and theologically as much of the songs seem driven purely by just emotional feeling with little regard to scripture to bring balance. And I whole heartily believe when we marry the spirit, emotional and biblical aspects of worship into our songs they will result in richer, fuller, and more powerful songs and anthems for the Body of Christ to Worship to. Thats not to say we shouldn't have songs that are more emotional but the issue is when all our songs are like that there lies the problem.So for the rant but this has been on my heart for awhile and I feel like although Bethel's Music is still good I feel like it could be Amazing. Just my 2 cents.


I heard quite a few of these songs in concert! Phenomenal!! This album will pull you directly into the presence of God!!


I totally enjoy your music. To me it brings Gods love to my heart. We are no longer slaves is still my favorite song. Thank you and keep your awesome music coming. You guys are a true blessing.


Love the worship

Kayla Coons

This cd is amazing. the women singing are so anointed and powerful. BUT….with that said..the Back ground vocals are definitely what make this cd great. great job on the BGVs. ;)


I would have given it 5/5 but it's the same songs on this CD I already have and I still have to pay for it. The songs on this album invites the Holy Spirit into your heart. Love these people's love for people interacting with our Papa through their music.

Runner bug

Wow! The male BGVs on this album are incredible!! (You're welcome Paul McClure😝)

Seth The Mac Daddy

Bethel has some of the best relevant worship that I'm able to connect with. They've put lyrics to my souls song.


As you listen to these spirit inspired songs allow them to ignite a passion for His presence. Amazing! The War is Over is my favorite.


Thanks itunes..


The male backing vocals on this album are top notch! Love it! These people truly understand worship to our King and it shows!


The male BGV's on this album are incredible!

Stay Puff

If you haven't listened to the new album by Bethel Music titled Starlight, I highly recommend it. It just amazes me what God is doing through this group. Some truly wonderful worship music is being brought down and I for one am extremely thankful for it. I start most of my days off listening to them and it definitely sets me on the right path.

Gabby M 23

i Love that it;s all women leading worship on this record :D


I have nothing more to say.


I wish the transitions to the next song flowed better.


Bethel is pioneering worship music and this is just another step into a deeper level of worship.


Bethel are an anointed powerhouse, people that sing victory songs; declarations of a good God. Musically so inspiring and creative! The people behind Bethel Music are geniuses and inspiring human beings (musicians/songwriters) living from the presence, putting into the craft of music a piece of heaven.


Do you know where this music comes from????!!!

Sarah Cayman

Thank you ALL for being obedient to the Fathers calling on your lives. As a worship leader myself I am thrilled to use these songs while leading! I also love that the song themes are so well thought out and specific to circumstances in life and to the teachings and truths in the Bible!

Why so late boy

This is how heaven on earth really sounds. Every single track is amazing. The words, and the melodies bring about such a blessing to anyone who is fortunate enough to be listening. Thank you!


Love it!


As always, they have done such an amazing job of creating worship songs that I can truly lose myself in. This kind of worship is powerful and so peaceful ✝️💜


I really tried to like this set. I dunno.....something is missing. It all sounds like every other worship song out there. I thought that it sounded like .......Hillsong......Elevation Worship......etc...etc. Not even the $13 bothered me. It is I was just expecting something truly awesome in the getting overcrowded worship genre.


Just what my heart needed!! Yay God!! Yay Bethel Music!!!!


This is incredible. I've never liked to listen to live music until now. Oh my goodness. God bless this band.


Incredible album musically, lyrically, and atmospherically! So so so powerful and wonderful!


Not quite up to par overall as "We Will Not Be Shaken" but still a solid offering. I found "Starlight" to be a perfect thesis statement for the entire record, and great way to kick things off, albeit a subdued start. Other highlights for me were the lyrics of "Extravagant", the satisfiyingly intense build of the bridge in "There's No Other Name", the tender prayer of "For the One", and the joyous musicianship and lyrics of "You Came (Lazurus)" "Catch the Wind" is probably the most different of the bunch in tone and message, and it stands out as a much needed change up within the tracklist. The album features all the women of Bethel's stable of artists as did "You Make Me Brave" did, and they really shine. The only things keeping it from being higher than a 4 star rating were that the lyrics tended toward clique, with too much repetition, song length began to wear due to there being 14 tracks most over the four minute mark, and the variety of male and femal voices was noticably absent. Overall though, a fine record with much to offer both corporate worship and personal worship experiences.

Filmguy Mike

I have been waiting for Starlight!!! It has been worth the wait!! I can listen and soak in the Lord's presence for hours!!


Amanda Cook - omg amazing! Everyone on this CD is wonderful and what a great experience listening to it. Love it!


Old For New and The War Is Over are definitely the stand outs! Great songs! It says it's live but you can barely hear the the crowds. Could probably take live off and outsid the clapping at the beginning and end of each song, wouldn't even notice. Would love to hear more crowd participation :)


Amazing and beautiful songs! Praise Lorde Jesus 🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥 Congrats Bethel Music 💥💥💥


I only purchased one song out of this whole album. It's a good compilation to play in the background. But nothing resounded with me while playing each song out loud. Of course it's different for everyone so I'm sure many of the songs in here are going to speak to people. I just feel like We Will Not Be Shaken was one of their most epic albums that was seriously breathed out of the Holy Spirit. And so maybe inspiration and hearing from the Lord takes times instead of releasing album after album for pure profits and met deadlines. Nonetheless, Bethel is touching lives and making a worthy impact so in the end that's what truly matters.