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Candidate for the best Ben Folds album


Songs for Silverman is one of my favorite albums. I've been listening to it for almost 10 years- if you love piano- heartfelt lyrics ( Late- an homage to Elliot Smith is incredible). Jesusland- it's great to put on when you're just hanging out... Love it!


Great Album. Love the backup vocals from Weird Al Yankovic on Time. Landed is my favorite.

Kathie Roth Lopez

I'm absolutely in love with Mr. Ben Folds, have been for years. He is such a brilliant artist and deserves so much more recognition than he gets, like crazy amounts of recognition. It's a dream of mine to one day see him live, I would die! I own many of his albums and even watch The Sing Off solely for Ben (and maybe I'm a sucker for acapella as well). Anyway, I bought this album tonight and already I'm in love. I'm mad that I never bought it earlier but at least I can discover new brilliant Ben Fold's songs!

Leslie Badore

Another gem from Ben Folds. Not too much of the wise*** here, but I don't miss it. "Late" is a moving tribute to Elliott Smith that always makes me tear up when I hear it. Gorgeous string arrangements and (as always) eloquent lyrics. Just about perfect.


There is nothing bad you can say about Ben Folds. Everything he's done is truly wonderful. Sure newer albums like Way to Normal are great, but this is by far his best.


This album is a nice follow up to Rockin' the Suburbs. My favorites have to be Landed, Trusted, Time and Sentimental Guy. But what I love even more about this album is that it introduced me to a truly great artist- Elliott Smith, through his tribute song, Late.


Simply the best Ben Folds album! Enough Said!


Every song is perfection. My favorite Ben Fold's album.

R A i Nx

Jesusland amazed me..

b-ro fo sho

This album is incredible. Once you have listened to the whole thing once, listen again, and again, and again. You will never get tired of it. Just plain great. Thank you Ben Folds for providing your gift.


'Nuff said. If you like Ben Folds and haven't heard this album, buy it now.


This is my one cd that I would listen to over and over again. I love all of Ben Folds' music, but this cd is the top.

Toasterman 1234

In my opinion, Ben Folds demonstrates some of the most thoughtful and beautiful music on this album, but nobody pays much attention to it. The songs Gracie, Landed, Time, and Sentimental Guy, in my opinion should all be #1s. I'm pretty new to Ben Fold's, but I can tell by this album that he has amazing talent and I don't know why more people are paying attention to this album.


yeahh, the song gracie is SO good.... know why? cuz MY name is graciee!!


This was the first album of Ben Folds that I listened to. I really liked it and decided to explore his earlier catalogue, realizing that I'd heard "Rockin' the Sububs" before, on the radio or somewhere. I found "Songs for Silverman" to be a much more "chill" sound than his earlier work, especially as Ben Folds Five. It came across to me as a man reflecting on his 20s with the more seasoned, retrospective thoughtfulness of someone "rounding the bend" at 30. I was a little put-off by "Bastard" as the album opener, but it warmed up to me after a second listen. "Landed" is by far the best song on the album. It remains in my top-five favorite songs of all-time. Other stand-out tracks include "Gracie" and "Trusted". The former actually inspired me to name my future daughter Grace, especially so I can sing it to her someday. It's disappointing that iTunes marked the entire album 'Explicit' just because the opener has a few s-words. I'm also unfamiliar with the new version of "Landed" on this particular collection. But the original 2005 release is a four-star piano rock album. Ben Folds now resides in my state (Michigan) which is cool!


Though it started out with "Bastard" , a song I wasn't crazy about, it shot up from there. Landed and Trusted are both brilliant, and a blast to play on Piano, Sentimental Guy truly shows his versatility as an artist, and Time melts your heart. A great 2nd solo album from Ben Folds, one of the most talented modern pianists. I can't wait for his next full album.

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