Katy Perry - Smile

℗ 2020 Capitol Records, LLC

Smile Tracklist:


katy perry continues to make pop classics she has grown a lot personally and artistically this is also her most cohesive album to date she made this album meticulously her vocals and lyricism improved so much as well the very creative production is so great


Definitely some hops on here especially teary eyes and never really over.


Like always katy hasnt disappointed. Smile is album of the year Katy perry is a queen


Queen of pop snapped


Hi Katy parry i love your music 🤗😍😍😍😂😍


Tucked is my favorite


This is probably one of her best work, she gave us bop after bop.

Leslie Grant

Another excellent album by the fabulous Katy Perry who sticks to who she is rather than trying to adjust herself and her music to appeal to masses. Love love love the dedication and work put in as well as themes and overall message of the album that resonates with each song with a different tone. Energy levels remain positive with varying sounds that all ultimately tell the story of being happy and blocking out the hate cause all you need is LOVE. #smile


Amazing work of art, so up beat and happy. It truly puts a smile on your face!


Album of the Year


So strong and so fresh

BeaChyMe ;)

I got a big smile during this quarantine 🙂


I loved Witness, but Smile is Witness 2.0! I love the messages in the album including the inspirational messages. My favorite songs are Cry About it Later, Teary Eyes, and Champagne Problems. Well done Katy! 😊


Please keep making good music!


Gotta 5 star clean version too


Phenomenal vocals and lyrics with an uplifting, fun and dance worthy vibe. Not the End of the World, Dasies, Resilient and Teary Eyes are my favorite songs.

Farzan Momen

Such an amazing album queen of pop

hiiiehbs djdubsb

Not a fan

Moonbird 119

Katy we love you!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


Katy has done it again and come out with another great album. I Love all the songs on this album. 😍👍


Truly her best work of art, way to go Katy!


Honesty always creates right reality. And Katy Perry has re-emerged anew. Her music, her lyrics her image, her uniqueness shines through 100% with joy from her own inner healing journey. I applaud her courage to re-examine herself and share it. This music and her team are back on top! The songs and production are great! Brava!!!!


I love the Production and Songs.


This album is sooooo amazing OMG😭❤️


she’s done it again.

Grammy Academy

Katy Perry is back and better than ever. Music quality wise, this is her best album yet. The lyrics are a force of nature, the rhythms and sounds have a flow like no other which makes this record unstoppable. Tracks like “Smile” and “Never Really Over” and the pop highlights of the album as she is bringing back the pop nostalgia we’ve been missing while “Never Really Over” becomes one of her best reviewed singles and one of the best pop songs from the past year. While some songs like “Resilient” and “Daisies” displays her unique power ballad that she presents at least once or twice on every album. Overall, with this album, Katy Perry is back. She has found a brand new era and is presenting personal songs from her dark journey to find true happiness. Perry is a 13-time Grammy Nominee and not to mention the first and only female to have five #1 Singles on the billboard Hot 100 chart from one album and is the only artist in the US to have three Diamond certified singles. Katy is a force to be reckoned with and proves with “Smile” that she will always remain one of the best original Pop acts of all time.



Ivan Hdz:)

I have been a Katycat for quite a while. I stayed with her on her highest and lowest and I’m extremely happy to see that she sees the world with another perspective. This album yet to come will bring joy and peace to this crazy world. ;)

Blue Copper

Love this song! It speaks of resilience, self-fortitude and acceptance of ourselves and individuality. Some people strive for individuality while others try to change themselves. This song really spoke to me. Thank you Katy.



dreamy the unicorn

Smile dude but rid of ur 🤡 👃🏻


Kids she molested on Epstein’s island????


I love most of Katy Perry music but so far I’m not sure I’m not trying to be a Debbie downer but it’s just not great I like that she put Hurley‘s in Hawaii on the album but smile is not great I love the other song but I don’t like that it’s explicit hopefully the other songs will be good but so far I’m not in love also the album cover it seems like she was trying to be funny but it’s actually not and she’s frowning so why is the album called smile if she’s Frownig in the album cover.

Hershey Kind the fifth

I think that it is better clean


Love it



نيكي ميناج

I just pre-order the album and I know it’s ALBUM OF THE YEAR 🔥🔥🔥



Boy Reloy

Some of her best music!


truly outstanding

Rhys Towne



This album is already gonna be so good, knee stans need to get a life



is boskaa

I am excited




Uplifting with a reminder to persevere— Pop EXCELLENCE


I usually like artists like Lana Del Rey but this is actually quite good


An absolute MASTERPIECE! ❤️


I love Katy and her old songs but after witness and these droplet songs she has released lately....idk I’m not feeling them :/

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