Katy Perry - Smile

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Smile Tracklist:

TC Patterson

katy has constantly been changing throughout the years. and this album here is a beautiful change. she is a mother and a soon to be wife... she has grown beautifully over these last few years and albums. it’s about simply getting back her smile, true love, and what makes her katy perry. i love this album so much. it’s number 2 with teenage dream in number 1! ♥️

Princess Meem 💖👑

It’s better than Witness, and the singles are catchy. Good job Katy. 💕🤡


Not my favorite Katy Perry Albums, but none the less she still delivers! I wish her the best and hope she continues to keep smiling 😁


I hated the majority of her last album, and I was hesitant to purchase this one. I'm glad I went ahead and purchased it. This album is a great addition to her catalog. It feels like a mix of her earlier work. This album is not as good as Prism, but it is definitely a grown up version of Teenage Dream. I wish her other singles released prior to this album were actually on it, but I guess I can live with having them in the same playlist instead.


Katy really needs to try something new because her music has been really repetitive and boring. I like her old music better. There are other pop artist who has been in the music industry as long as katy and they’ve managed to to be more creative and successful because they tried something new. Plus who’s idea is it to have Katy dressed as a clown on her cover? It looks really bad


She hasn’t had an album as great as Teenage Dream. Harleys in Hawaii was the only one I liked.


I’ve been with Katy since 2008, loved all albums but and I think this is her best album!


I wish they will always sell the deluxe version or target version here first day! It’s annoying

Celeste Candice

This is my favorite album ever!!! 🥰❤️I love how there're so many positive messages shown in different ways and in different songs. ✨❤️Katy Perry again gives that love that everyone needs with her music! ❤️✨


I love the song how is your baby doing


I actually really like this album. Cry about it later is probably my favorite song here. This album needs more attention!


Catchy tunes with positive lyrics




Really listen to it ppl


This album sounds very dated and amateur for Katy. Playing it too safe with lyrics and sound. Nothing exciting or new.


12 songs and i like 2 or 3. Even witness was better


This is truly one of the best albums of the year. It really did help me smile everyday. I’m glad she’s dropped this album, I’m sure it will help many people in the world. I don’t expect this album to climb charts, and nor does Katy, but I would love to see it at #1. Thank you Katy for this masterpiece and congrats on your baby, Daisy Dove Bloom. Ilysm! ❤️


I’m not going to lie I was a bit hesitant to listen to this but wow. I’ve realized even when I’m not in the mood for a new Katy album she delivers something I love. Idk if it’s because I’ve listened to her since 2009 as a kid but whenever a new album comes out I end up being sucked in to the world each album provides.

EB 👍😃😀

My favorites: Never Really Over Harleys in Hawaii Smile Not the End of the World Teary Eyes Daises


I’m so thankful, scratch that I’m grateful to be able to listen to this album and love every second of it💗


Need songs like these to take my mind off of current events. Great beats and good workout songs.


Almost every song here is instantly catchy and fun to sing to. I gots it on repeat and lovin' it! She has come so far from the days when I knew her on the Christian music camp circle...keep it up Katy!


I love the fact of her coming from a genuine happy place, she deserves it. This album definitely represents that joy she found back into her life


Expected more from Katy Perry. I don’t know what happened to her, seems like she fell off the deep end. Hasn’t had a decent song or album since 2013.


This whole album just sounds like a target commercial


I really wanted to love this album, but it just doesn’t cut it. The songs all sound similar and predictable. It is overproduced. She has been through a lot, but as an artist, she has peaked and has slid down the other side. Financially, she is set for life. I hope she is doing well and finds joy in motherhood.


What did she do?? She DID THAT!! Legend ms Perry

Hunty Harris

I think this may be Katy’s best album. Every song is well done and there are no skips. I like the flow of the album which takes the listener on a journey. This album is full of all the things that make Katy Perry a great popstar.


الله يعطيكي

bader as hell

album of the year? wbk

Adam Lady Gaga

Flop lol


just overall a beautiful project

Josue Galvez

Mal álbum, nada nuevo , no existe sonidos diferentes, solo recicla sus álbumes viejos


I love Katy’s new work! It’s so fun and easy going, not to mention it’s very catchy! She has had such amazing progression in the music industry! These songs are so well produced! 🎈🎈


the definition of pop perfection! Smile is very good, one of Perry’s best albums


This album is hardly original, and is bad attempt to recreate a “circus like” album like Britney Spears. Smile is the only decent track, and this album will be easily forgotten by time. Her earlier work was good, but since Teenage Dream she has steadily gone down hill. Probably best to retire and focus on her kid, since what is left of her career is dead.

mimic vampier starlight

Beautiful voice to


Best song on the album


“Daisies”, “Smile”, so uplifting and needed. It gives hope and happiness to anyone, but especially resonates with those who understand the freedom of crossing over to the other side after traveling through and out of the debilitating effects of depression. Katy you are one of my favorites. Thank you for your authenticity. ❤️ Five Stars!!!!! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️


Now this is the Katey I love. It sounds like her first two albums. Wonderful!!!

C Frey

I'm smiling cause this album is dead on arrival. She will not be relevant in the next decade mark my words. 2020 is the end for this pop tart. Go get S&M2 instead.

Broyan Luth

Utter garbage


Her best album yet.


This album has brought me so much joy! Such a great reminder to keep spreading joy and fighting through the pain. <3


Este álbum es perfectoooooo

Tyler Diven



I like it. Was singing the songs the next day and wanting to hear it again. Seems like she found her self again.


Every song is the same.A depressed person on tremulous and reverb singing to other angst driven depressed people


She proved herself after witness



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