Eric Church - Sinners Like Me

℗ 2006 Capitol Records Nashville

Sinners Like Me Tracklist:


My favorite album of all time. Has helped shape and define the man I am today.


One of my favorite albums




Solid CD. All the way thru. I love EC but this is by far his best! Five stars indeed,


Awesome music great voice big fan of your music 🎼


This album combines EC's talent as a musician with amazing lyrics. I saw him live this winter and he blew me away, looking forward to more EC


I remember when my dad was part of this album and the "Carolina" album. He plays guitar on these two records. He was one of the many amazing reasons The Eric Church Band came to be. I'm so proud of how this turned out! I remember when I was 2 this album came out. And then when i was five, Carolina cane out. Again- SO PROUD OF THIS ALBUM!


He sounds like he can't decide if he's country or rock. Terrible.


This is probably one of my favorite Eric church albums. I love "Lightning", "Sinners Like Me" and "How Bout' You" the best, even though you can not simply have just one favorite Eric church song. I've listened to this album over and over again, enjoying it every time. Every song is beautifully written. I recommend this album definitely.


Eric church is one of today's best country singers. This album is by far his best to this day, as well as one of my favorite albums ever. Each album is different, but good. But still...this is still his best.

Shark Fanatic

this is one of the best albums of this generation in my opinion. so easy to listen to yet it gives you goosebumps. missing this country

Big Secksy

This album has it all, crank it up, slow it down, take us on a deep ride. I'm pledging allegiance to the Hag; Lightning is deep and resonates with how emotional life can be.


ERIC CHURCH is the most creative, passionate artist in modern country music!


Overall good album. There are still certain songs from it that make me tear up


Church actually sounds country on this cd! He sounds more like a story teller than a guy singing lyrics from a page.


Erich Church and Country at its best

cam hay chris

Every single song on this album is fantastic!!!!


This is with out a doubt, one of my favorite country CDs of all time! I've been rocking it since it released in 2006! I can listen to this album from beginning to end, and not skip a single song!


Beautiful songwriting and very diverse moods created with the music


Maybe not so similar to Hank and Waylon in terms of sound, the simplicity and sincerity of Church's music rivals the best. Tunes like "Before She Does" and "Two Pink Lines" turn on modern country fans, while the ballad-esque "Lightning" and laid-back "Livin' Part of Life" are enough to leave old-school fans asking for another album. A great first album from one of County Music's new master storytellers.

AC/DC 97

Every song on here is incredible! His lyrics are the best lyrics I've heard out of any country star in a long time!

Mrs. Aldean

I feel like you can't, NOT like any one of Eric's songs.


This is one of my favorite albums of all time. "Lightning" makes me cry every time I hear it and I love "Sinners Like Me", but my favorite would have to be "These Boots". Any one of he he's songs are great. I wish you would go back to your old style Eric!