Prince - Sign O' The Times (Super Deluxe)

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Prince is The KING of the GLAM SLAM

the bizznithchel

Don’t forget this Masterpiece, it came with another Masterpiece. The Movie! P was on fire during this time. U 🍒 🌝followed one genius project into another. The 2 disc set may have you careening towards phrases like it’s the best but the truth is this era was the best. I’m so elated to amp this genius on 10 w the Woofers panting air like a dog in heat😀 Prince quote , ask Mavis Staples! Hoping for a Parade version of the same one day! Prince for I-ver💜 ☔️ 💜


Ok so I’m extremely excited for this new album but why no new Queen albums How about you (Apple inc.) add stone cold classics by Queen to itunes so i can buy it and add the 1992 greatest hits album Cmon do u want money or not?


Been listening to Prince since he started out. That voice is undeniable. His musicality impeccable. Yes he's our Mozart. Till this day his voice and music gives me goose bumps. To all Prince fams you guys know where I'm coming from. To those just coming aboard, just close your eyes and listen, lose yourself and appreciate his genius.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


With an artist like Prince nearly everyone can find, at the very least, one song they like by Prince. Even if that song wasn't performed by Prince. He was one of those artist that trancended reality. A gift to humanity. His contribution to the musical landscape wil never be forgotten. We didn't deserve Prince, but we needed Prince. As with other visionaries, he left us too soon, but his work is as important now as ever. Sign O' The Times has to be my favorite album of all time and to discover that there is so much more music to this album that I never knew existed, I am in shock. It didnt take me but a second to add this to my Apple Music library. I suggest you do the same. Thank You Prince, where ever you are.


Sign O' The Times is by far my favorite Prince album so the fact that it is getting the super deluxe remastered treatment is mind-blowing. I've heard many of these songs before (sorry, I'm a fan, I have bootlegs) and have always thought Rebirth Of The Flesh was the best song he hadn't released. Hopefully version 2 of Witness 4 The Prosecution is the harder, rocked out versions sans horns. I cannot wait, and it comes out one day after my birthday, the perfect gift to give myself. Hopefully the nest reissue is Parade, since that is probably his most prolific period!


I ordered all versions of this masterpiece! Can’t wait I just hope the records are peach.


As one of the biggest fans of Prince, I can say that this is one of the greatest albums he's ever done and to get it with so many unreleased songs is mind blowing. I absolutely cannot wait. I'll own this is in several formats.


This is the best album of Prince’s career and the massive amount of unreleased music just makes this a fan’s dream come true. It adds context to one of his most creative periods of his career. Shows you where he was as an artist, where he was as a human being, and how funky he wanted to be. I grew up listening to most of it, so the material is not new, some of it unfinished, and probably would have sounded better if polished and included as part of an album. Yet, there is something interesting in listening to a raw idea he had for a song that is not overly produced. When you listen to all of his unreleased material the intent is not to think he had all this readily material for release. It’s more of, “Hey, look where he started this, it didn’t work or maybe need more work but look, here is this song idea and this is how he started thinking about it”. I respect everyone’s opinion about not buying his unreleased music and whether he wanted this ever released but this happened to any artist, from Beethoven to any genius artist that has ever lived. But, as far as my decision to buy his unreleased music posthumously, it is a personal decision based on my own experience listening to Prince since 1979. I have high school, teen, and young adulthood memories that his music set a soundtrack to, and his unreleased music adds more context to those lived experiences. I do not buy it and expect it to be all “album worthy” although there are certainly hidden gems that should have been part of an album. It really depends on your own personal feelings and experience.




Technically, barring the unreleased concerts (physical editions) and alternate takes, the Prince Super Deluxe Edition’s main target audience only have roughly 7 “unheard” songs amongst this very exciting set, so it can be reviewed based on what we know, and this is definitely the most exciting vault release yet! Many of the outtakes a have been circulated among fans for years and are very fun and interesting looks at the alternate world of Prince. Sign is probably his best album ever and definitely the best of his so-called glory years (the 80’s) so the album alone gets 5 stars. The extra stuff just adds star after star after star.... If only they had the sense to sequence the thing properly as a “album” to listen to! Makes the vinyl versions very unappealing... who wants to hear the same song after the same song... or a single sit followed by and extend followed by a single edit... could’ve at least did all the single edits followed by the b-side edit as one “album” then all the extended versions together and all the unreleased stuff in a way that flows better! Ah well, at least the CD or digital versions can be properly curated at home!!! Seriously, there are tons of cool “unreleased” tracks for the uninitiated!!!!!! And for the rest of us, finally as close to first generation copies as we can get!!!


It's so hard to choose from the many masterpiece albums he's made during the 1980s, but this has to be his very best. Hands down. I haven't heard the rest of the stuff listed for this set but at least get the double album if you've never heard of it.



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This was one of his finest, and all the added tracks and especially the live stuff should make this an epic album.

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