Shinedown - The Sound of Madness (Bonus Track Version)

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The Sound of Madness (Bonus Track Version) Tracklist:

Destroyer 21👾

Shinedown at its best and prime, why did they decide to later go so bad... 😈🤘🏻


I can’t stop listening to these songs


I’ve always loved rock and alternative, but this introduced me into that kind of “roar rock” as I call it, knowing Second Chance from the radio and The Sound Of Madness form my dad, I’ve found my new favorite band. Couldn’t recommend these albums enough!


this is the most perfect album Shinedown will ever make. every song is perfect, there's not a single bad one on here. they'll never make another album as good as this one.


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Still their best album!!!!!!

Bob o



This is an amazing addition to all their great music as it is a killer album and I really like What A Shame and Call Me

puppys are lfe

🤬this is stupid


Second chance is such a good song!!!

Cool dude who loves shinedown

Loved it ! So cool best album ever!


I saw Shinedown last night in concert, and they were awesome!!! This album is awesome, and so is Shinedown!


Shinedown is SO fantastic and I'm sort of sad I found out so late (2008) Thank you, Brent . - 👏🏼! ⭐️__⭐️


I don't claim to be a Shinedown hard core fan. That being said. I was one of those Pop radio drones who ran out and bought "Second Chance" because it was hip and now. Never bothered to listen to any of the other selections. Years later. One of those concert channels on Satellite TV ran a Shinedown concert. I tuned in just in time to hear Lead singer dude rip into the chorus of "The Crow & the Butterfly". I paused the TV pulled up iTunes to listen to the rest of the CD. Purchased "Sound of Madness", "If You Only Knew" and "The Crow & the Butterfly". I just wished I had bought them all at the same time.


I loved Second Chance, then I heard Sound of Madness and I was hooked. Great album.


every single track is awesome

Garf keeper

I really was looking forward to listening to this whole album but "I own you" won't download but it says I purchased the whole album and also that song.......... (Help)

Its okay...

This was the first band i really got into, second chance was the first song that ever stuck, love this album and all the songs in it im listening to this album on repeat, also with diamond eyes in it!(:

Rose and guns

Best if there albums

Cow go mooooo

Really hit it off with this one.




It has one good song, which is the sound of madness. I bought this album because that song was and still is awesome, but the other songs are terrible. Save your money and buy something worth listening to. This really is a terrible album and I'm really not that critical of a person.

Metal head ted

Unbelievably AMAZING album..... Simply the best. Title track is always on repeat...... Wait, the whole album is on repeat. Great job shinedown and thank you.


This band is awesome, seen them at Rockfest 2012. Absolutely love their music


Please Dont make me buy the whole album to get Energy

Landon Hartis

Great band! Well written song. It deserves five stars


This album is great. I listen to it daily. But, am I the only one who thinks Shinedown sounds very simmular to Theory Of A Deadman??


This is one of my favorite albums by any artist. Just pulled it back up and realized how much I love it.


Love this album like fat kid and cake. It's a must buy.


Shinedown is one of my favorite artists an this is defiantly their best album.


Shinedown makes some really awesome songs. This is definitely their best album.


It's one of my favriout songs ever I can relate and it's just great!!!:)

Shadow fawn27

That is my favorite song by Shinedown! Did I mention that my cat's name is Chance? :)


I love shinedown!! There awesome my favorite band


This Album Is The Best Out Of All. I Love Every Song Of His. Whether I Know Every Word Or Not I Love The Beat And The Meaning Of Each Song Of His. Sometimes I Can Even Relate. <3 I Love Shinedown!!!!!! ❤❤❤ -Kidd

Brett VP

That is all

Mateo da beast

This is one of the best bands of all time!!!!

Susan Klecan

Great album but missing is a few songs off the cd deluxe edition

the amazing ME!

Great album, although Son of Sam should be able to be purchased individually.


Although I don't like some of the songs, the popular ones like Second Chance are awesome. This is a can't miss album


These guys are amazing. All of there albums have been absolutely fantastic and Im so happy my cousin brought me to a concert once. Thank you Shinedown for delivering once again.


Nothing special to say here.. actually nothing special here at all. Same old "rock" you here on the radio then it gets too much air time and ruins not just the one song the radio plays but the whole album. Not impressed. but thats just me.


Don't know how I got into this part of ITunes Emo music = not for me

Meme Bird

I am only 13. 13!!!! I love SHINEDOWN and their songs. I even have a drumstick from them. Keep doing what your doing because as always... I love it!!!!!!


This is my favorite album period. Not my favorite Shinedown album. Just my favorite. This made me a Shinedown fan. The only song that I don't totally love is If You Only Knew, and that's from my radio station overplaying it. Great album, buy it all.

Aly Crumpet

Omg this is a pretty good album! I<3 second chance!