Green Day - Shenanigans

℗ 2002 Reprise Records for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the U.S.

Shenanigans Tracklist:


Beautiful and great music and artist.


I have been a fan of green day since I was ten I'm fifteen now and have bought all of their work and this is by far some of there better work.


not many people know of this album but it is a good album. I like the song Ha Ha You're Dead the most. More people should know of this album with other more popular Green Day albums such American Idiot, 21st Century Breakdown. I like all Green Day albums this one is underrated


This is one of my favorite albums of theirs. It's got catchy choruses that'll have you whistling through the day. However, I found that after a while, I was skipping a few songs. It's easily in my top 3 albums.


did not ever know about this album pretty good


GREAT AS ALWAYS!!!!!! LOVE MY GREEN DAH❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I love these songs, but WHERE IS D.U.I.?!?!


Im a diehard Green Day fan. I have and always will b. but Comon what is this. Now sure this album does have some good songs and if u don't think so then ur a hater. But at least half the album just sounds like there makin random noises. Im surprised this album made them tens of thousands of $. 4 me it barley wld have gotten then a turkey sandwhich. Im just glad this is there only bad album, and the rest r good, great, and/ or perfect.

Future Emily Bieber

Man green day has the best b Side album of all time and its great. Buy it now!!!!!!


One of their best albums. It's kind of funny because most of these are outtakes and b-sides; songs that they didn't put on the albums because they thought they weren't good enough. I strongly suggest getting this album.


My favorite lyrics are for espionage !!!!!


This is a really great album in my view! The songs are all really different from each other, but can all somehow coexist together without any problems and still make a really good record. I recommend buying the whole blasted record. Totally. My personal favorite song is "On the Wagon", which was actually supposed to be the last song on Dookie. But it was cut for being too stylistically different... :/ GO BUY THIS RECORD NOW! :D

Ellen Rubin, IBCLC

This isn't just good for a bside it's good for an album. U can kind of see why some songs are bsides though


Though this album does have a few good songs, none of them are songs you'll really listen to for a long time, they aren't really memorable. I would say that this is Green Day's worst album. Any of t heir albums are better then this one. This is their only album I couldn't give 5 stars for two reasons: 1. Not much of a verity of good songs 2. It's very short (14 songs in 34 minutes) It's still good, but it definitely isn't the material Green Day will be remembered for.


5 Stars because this totally deserves it. I love Green Day with all my heart, and am taking the time 3 years after I got this album to review it. Funny, huh? Anyway, I love Desensitized, it's my favourite song off here, and in second is Suffocate.


Green Day is my favorite band, and I've heard just about every song. I don't think this album in itself was supposed to be a huge hit, I think they were experimenting with what they had. Green Day's new trilogy is actually quite good in my opinion, and I hope they'll always keep up their good work.

The man 98

Title says it all... This is the real green day. Not 21st century breakdown or ¡UNO!.... I want the old green day back 😢


They're good song but freaking boring. There's a reason they were b-sides, bonus tracks or never released.


This is the only Green Day album that has just a few songs on it that I like.


Not even on my favorite list this album is not great at all the ONLY song I like on this record is " Ha Ha Your Dead" but yeah nothin much else sorry Green Day I still love ya.

Monster bulldog

I love green day but not a fan of the album but it is still pretty good.


Green Day is my favorite band, end of story. This is actually my favorite album! It's fantastic, so many of the lyrics are relatable. I love every song, but my favorite is Tired of Waiting For You! Their just the best.


great album i love it


I love Green Day. They have songs that go from punk to rock. They always have a great rhythm for each song. Ha Ha I'm dead, because I'm in Heaven!


Desensitized, Sick of me,and S*****g!! S*****g is pretty awesom though(-:

Jesus Freak 1217

I luv this album. It used 2 be my dads until he let me have it last year( I have it on cd). Its the only green day album I have, but it's awesome.

g the lemon

luv this album b-sides are always fun and interesting but since this is itines yall should release the japan relase that has dui on it since obviously us here in the USA arent cool enough to have it included on our shenanigans release

i luv moozic



best band ever


this is really a great album. it goes back to green day's punk roots that we haven't seen since dookie and kerplunk. this is what green day should be doing more of. all this pop rock has to stop. american idiot was pretty good, but 21st century breakdown just wasn't their best. but i'm really looking forward to awesome as **** because it's not just thier hits like bullet in a bible was. it's all the good stuff like letterbomb and all the other songs that everyone has forgotten about. but in my opinion, this was green day's last really great album.

Penguin Fire

For anyone crabbing about DUI

Connor Orourke

haha ur dead haha ur dead haha ur dead bes albulm ever


You Lied is the best song on here, along with Dont Wanna Fall In Love


Would give it 5, but I believe that DUI should be on this album. Am I the only one who realized that it isn't there?


i think this is a realy great album.they say its b-sides but its great!!i love i wanna be on tv.realy great speedy punk other fav. is you lied.

Krash Kola Jinxx

i love ha ha your dead. i think it would be hilarious to play it at someone's funeral. just kidding just kidding. :P not an old green day fan but some of the songs on here are kool


Good songs but what the he'll were they thinking after dookie a step down from that but then American idiot is so much more smooth all in all this sounds like it shoulda been written before dookie


I'm so glad Green Day put their b-sides on an album, because none of their fans would've been able to hear funny, fast pieces of music, such as Suffocate, Ha Ha You're Dead, Desensitized, I Want To Be On TV and others. Best to buy: Rotting, Suffocate, I Want To Be On TV, Desensitized and Ha Ha You're Dead. But the others are good too. Oh, just buy whatever songs appeal to you.



Jfoss kiddies

My favorite song on this album is suffocate.. But basically everything on this album is fascinating! All the covers including tired of waiting for you and outsider... The whole album is priceless.. You have to admit everything green day is amazing


This is an amazing album and is totally worth buying. Ha Ha you're dead is the best song on the album hands down. You gotta give Mike Dirnt props for writing such a great song.

Floyd the Stenographer

The existance of the Shenanigans compliation is fortunate, because it allows us to hear the songs that didn't appear on any of their other albums, and I would definitly recomend buying it. Though I don't feel that some of the songs reflect Green Day's best work, many of the songs are great and it would have been a shame if they hadn't ever been released. Outsider is a great cover, and Desensitized, Espionage, I Want to be on TV, Do Da Da, and Ha Ha You're Dead are all examples of lost gems that have been "rescued" because of the Shenanigans compliation.


I imagine this being a day in the mind of Tre Cool. Yes, nothing fits together... Yes, it's scattered and random... But yes, I love it. All of these songs were outcasts from other albums. Think of it as a group of misfits, that together make one great album. The only down side is if you actually go to a store and buy it, you will find that there isn't a lyric booklet. Where the lyrics should be, there are pictures. But nevermind that! If you buy all of Green Day's other albums and get a feel for how Billie sings, you should be able to come up with most of the lyrics. :)


This album needs to be recognized more!! they have so much awesome songs on it! I love it.


i personally enjoy this album a lot, and i think that Suffocate and You Lied and some others are just as good as Ha Ha You're Dead, which seems to be the most popular song on the album on iTunes you also have to remember that Green Day was also working as The Network and writing songs that really were bad; i think that making the b-side to a greatest hits album the album displays several different rock feels, all of which Green Day had already been familiar with overall: a great album worthy of adding to your Green Day collection

Sir laffsalot

The good songs on here are You lied Don't wanna fall in love I want to b on tv Ha ha ur dead Ha ha ur dead is pretty awsum tho

horta protection society

some think its not an official album because of the songs being a compilation of b-sides and all that...well crap. its a bunch of songs on a compact disc. and there are more than 8 tracks on it. in my view, its a perfectly legitimate album. and a very good one at that.


i cannot believe i overlooked this album! i am a HUGE green day fan and the only song i knew about from shenanigans was ha ha your dead[which is an epic song]!!! my friend just gave this album to me to complete my collection of green day albums and every song on here is amazing!!!!!

hi my name is @#&%$(

Aside from that fact, lets get to the review. Ha Ha You're Dead is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Unfoutuatly that is one of the only good tracks. The other good tracks are Suffocate, and I Wanna Be On TV. Tired Of Waiting For You is just CRAP!!!! Oh yeah, this albums REAL rating is 2 1/2 stars but since itunes doesn't allow halves...


If you just plain hate green day, then stop wasting your time looking at this album and writing stupid and pointless one star reviews. I'm sick of people who do that. Get a life. If you like green day but not this album that's one thing but you are ridiculous. Yes, people like bands. I'm sure other people hate your favorite band too. How would you feel about that? Now for my review-this album is really good. It kind of goes back to their early 90's songs. Green Day totally rocks. I'm sorry if the first part of my review is offensive-just think about what your doing for next time. Simple-if you hate a band, then don't waste time reviewing them. There's no reason for that at all. Keep it up, Green Day!