Selena Gomez - Rare

℗ 2020 Interscope Records

Rare Tracklist:



Music and lyrics are fine, singing is autotuned....wished someone with talent sang them instead.


Album full of recycled songs from other artists very lazy album




Love this cd


Just... not that good. It’s boring.... sorry girl🤷🏻‍♀️


great song... love it sm 10/10 recommend




It’s amazing.


This album is AMAZING!


Just boring.


This album is incredible! Selena is so honest with her music. Her vocals have definitely improved! So proud of her! 💕

Doing Geometry

Aside from the music, lyrical content is beautiful! I love the transition between songs as each one feels like it’s own kind/style. Encore! Deluxe! Refill! Tysm for this; looking forward to whatever’s next in store!


Seriously a boopp


it’s so GOOD AND RAREEEE!!!😆😆


Selena Gomez should be so proud of herself; I know I am!! This album has a rare good feeling vibe to it. Every single song has its own unique message!!! Every song is a whole bopppp this album needs more love!!!!❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥she’s a star


Strange tones and beats. Very unrelated to the next. I guess that’s what makes it rare, but wasn’t impressed. Very synthesized voice and lots of voice overs. But that’s because she’s not that great of a singer. So yeah just not a fan, there’s so many better singers out there. She’s a great person but just not made to be a singer .


I honestly think that her music career isn’t even good. Her voice is not even unique and there isn’t anything nice about her singing. I rather her focus on her acting career - shes better at that than singing.


Selena is so rare


this album really flopped. just like the rest of her albums. :/


This is a comeback album??? nah y’all can keep it


Selena Gomez was scared her career would end after this album, well now I see why. Flop of the decade and a new one just started


Nothing original about this album... Isn’t it supposed to be something “RARE”. Tbh nothing about this is rare or even something to come back and listen to. #sorrynotsorry 👎🏼


Lyrically immature, vocally weak, repetitive, and overall boring. We wouldn’t waited another four years for something better. Not worth a repeat


stream tell me you love me an album made by a VOCALIST

Yahnii lis

who is this? TRASHHHH


This is the worst album I have ever read. When is she ever going to let Justin go


She really needs Justin back in her life to become relevant again.. this album just ain’t it sis


I don’t like it


I love selena but I was expecting more from her. This album just wasn’t it for me.


I can relate with the emotional lyrics in her songs. I’ve listened to lose you to love me, too many times to count.


Gomez fans what happened? I thought rArE belonged to January and y’all let her flop what an embarrassment 😭😂


her album came out after 4/5 years and it’s already #69 on the US charts with no singles in the charts like the soundtrack of guardians of the galaxy vol. 2, a movie from 2017, is higher than this album. plus all of you taylor and selena fans are just bullies, you have been putting “reviews” under ‘Changes’ saying it’s trash, and it’s not even out yet, you’re just mad cus selena can’t sing and gets *no* (literally only 20.4K units sold rn) sales because she continues to play a “victim”, if you look under Rare or Lover you don’t see any Justin fans attacking their albums or them, until me, we don’t do this stuff to you so why do you think it’s ok to do it to us and to Justin. WE ARE ALL JUST HUMAN BEINGS


Love this entire album 💜


This album speaks to my heart and I am so proud of Selena for how far she's come in her own personal journey and with her music. It really shows in this album. I honestly love all these songs. They are upbeat but chill and fresh. The lyrics of each of these songs are so well chosen it's crazy. This is just what I needed rn. My favourite album of this year, I'm calling it already.


I can personally connect with almost every song on this album; and the ones that I can’t connect with, the beat hooks me! Beautiful work, as usual! Keep doing amazing things, Selena!


This album is unique and inspiring with amazing new beats!




She can’t sing , it’s all autotune and too edited, not a fan of her , nor listen to her music.


Selena is Not A good artist. Don’t like her music. A lot of the artists music is Not Good. Selena is NOT Good


I love this album. I always skip songs in every album i ever listen to but this just hits the spot every time. Some songs are better than others but overall this is her second best album(after Revival periodT) I missed her❤️


I love it so much. My heart and my soul are so happy with this album. Couldn’t complain a bit!


Barely listened too Selena music, but I decided to try this out, and i love it.


Love the lyrics, authenticity and beautiful music. The artistic growth is inspiring. Class act.


Surprising album♥️♥️♥️




Selena is continuing to grow and experience different aspects of this life. And she’s doing better. And I love how she puts her life stories into lyrics for the world to hear. I think this album, though it has its ups and downs, is overall enjoyable and has some good messages to it. I personally think People You Know and Vulnerable both have a chance of getting big. There are some songs I don’t care for bc they sound like things we’ve already heard before just written differently. But I like the majority of the album and think Selena did well with this.


Crazy how her voice singing live sounds nothing like the tracks 😪 She’s average, I can find someone at the gas station with the same.


Amazingly beautiful and Rare like her

Crybaby Del Rey

Rare is such an excellent body of work and selena’s “sweetener” era. So glad she released this.

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