Selena Gomez - Rare

℗ 2020 Interscope Records

Rare Tracklist:



Selena constantly is raising the bar for the other girlies. All these negative reviews are from haters who don’t have a life


The best album I’ve ever heard Thank you Selena ❤️❤️

The App Shark

I love Selena so much and my favorite song is rare. She is so talented and these songs say what’s on Selena’s mind and that’s SO SO amazing she is a very talented singer I love every single one of her songs. She is SO BEAUTIFUL inside and out. ❤️❤️❤️


You have an amazing voice! I’ve been a fan of your songs the past 5 years, you have grown to be an inspiration for people around the world, so please do not acknowledge the hate that people give you, please make more songs!!! #wowlookathernow


My favorite song is rare she has the right pitch to every song she makes


She is RARE! Very hard to find, extremely, I never want to listen to any other song either than Selena Gomez's, she is AMAZING!!!!!!! I love her


I love this so much! I can’t stop listening to it! I can’t say I’m disappointed and actually thrilled


each song tells a story and you can tell she’s been through so much. She never disappoints!!!! STREAM IT


I love it and listen to it 24/7

Strong Eco Warrior Wombyn

Overall Selena is a kind hearted soul and so much more...she is someone whom I will support through thick and thin.


Go listen to Five Finger Death Punch new album F8

Swift ❤️❤️

She has a Beautiful voice and she has great lyrical talent like her BFF Taylor! She is also so pretty inside and out everybody this is someone who has talent and gets recognized! It is to rare that this happens! She is also a great role model for kids


Selena releases an album after five years, and THIS is what she comes out with? I love her, but this is such a let down. The beats are generic and stale, like 2014 edm/techno pop. It has no wow factor or innovative sound. She has a nice voice, but she needs to use her lack of strong vocals to her advantage and get creative. This album is forgettable and disappointing. It’s a shame, I was rooting for her.


Actually is the best album of selena gomez cause it’s so emotional and makes you believe yourself special when you’re broken inside 💚❇️


Your voice is incredible and uniquely powerful, I’m in love with your songs🤭🥰👍🏽😘my advice...go behind a piano at a live performance and do your magic and shame those who claim you can’t go live


Can’t sing. Don’t know why she still makes music 🤡💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩


I’ve never liked Selena. But ILYLALS is the only song I liked by her. Unfortunately she is not a good singer. She can act. I have never seen her act but most of this album SUUUUCKS. Taylor Swift could do better!!!!!!


i understand that there is better artists out there, so if u don’t like this album( which is pretty amazing) go listen to them! And don’t hate on Selena because she had a shot at becoming a singer. GO SELENA!!🤩🤩🤩


Girl should just stick to acting.

Jay J2912

This sound she found is PERFECT for her voice. Amazing album


So much heart into this album Selena didn’t disappoint.. bravo 👏🏽


I love Selena and her voice😩☺️. Keep streaming Rare.


Amazing albummmmmmm Selena muahhhhhhhh


I have related to every single lyric thus far. It’s truly her best pop album she has produced. Thanks for sharing your heart, Selena. 🤍🖤


I have a feeling some of the low ratings come from people who 1, did not listen to it and are giving we her a low review just to give a low review, and 2 you genuinely weren’t a fan of this record. I’ll be the first to admit this won’t be for everyone, but that’s not really the point of the album. I don’t think it’s meant to fit everyone’s taste, or expectations of pop music. I will say it is most definitely for me, because I enjoy this album back to front, and the message it has to say as a whole piece of work.


She has so much talent but hides it behind the auto tune. I used to like her older music.


I love this album!!


The overall sound of this album is so cool! I can’t stop listening to it!


I believe that we all expected this album to have a few more iconic tracks/hits than it does. I also believe that the choice to release "Rare" as a single is a very poor choice; it carries a great message but it's not single worthy, it’s too melancholy and has a forgettable hook and chorus. While it’s not my personal favorite track, “Ring” has that uniqueness that could potentially make it catchy hit. “Vulnerable” would make a great follow-up single.

Enrique Ricky Martinez

I love her soothing voice no one can sing like her it’s so good!!! Love her


She sounds so good and her song have diversity and all sound so fresh love it


She’s back✨💕

Andry Salinas❤️❤️😋

The lyrics and production is so flawless and Selena’s VIOCE is so soothing her VIOCE is one of a kind ❤️❤️❤️

Airianna Orta

This is such a well produced album. The lyricism, the soft and emotional vocals- everything about this album is far from disappointing. Every song is worth being replayed.


She’s Done it again! Back and better than ever

Jus jus <3

i’m in love with each and every song. i love the story she tells. so empowering! 🖤


seems to be an insanely underrated album of hers. u can tell how much effort she put into this and how much the songs rlly mean to her and i love to see her writing and singing stuff that makes her proud. love this album so much!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love all Selena SONGS! Big fan of hers!


I adore her so much. LYTLM is such an amazing song. This album is so sweet and a fresh new start for her. ❤️


Stream Rare


Absolutely loved it.


Awful actually not surprising but...🥱😏


In love with this album. Honestly the best pop album I’ve heard in a long time!

Love one direction biggest fan

I changed my mind at first when I listen to the album I didn’t like it at all! But omg I’m sooo wrong after listening to it more I love it really good!! 💕


Selena’s songs have amazing lyrics and her voice is so pretty!


It’s just terrible.


New fresh sound


Great album


Music and lyrics are fine, singing is autotuned....wished someone with talent sang them instead.

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