Secondhand Serenade - A Twist In My Story (Bonus Track Version)

℗ 2008 Glassnote Entertainment

A Twist In My Story (Bonus Track Version) Tracklist:



Incredible album


just gonna say... i'm gonna cry now

The fire werewolf

This song is my life and I loved it more when I lost my mother and I play it over and over again until I cry


Favorite album. Me and my girl love these guys.

George my nickle

Awesome..remind me of my wife

Luna Love88

You won't regret getting this, you can listen to all these songs non stop. It's great, some are close to the same but this music is fabulous, so good that's all you might do in your life, listen to this music. My favorite song of it, it's fall for you

Sam the Man 2



love ❤️❤️


In my opinion, this is the best album anyone has ever released ! “Like a knife” is one of my favorites. It just talks about how people who are suicidal like how they're depressed, “A twist in my story” can relate to me ALOT and “Fall for you” is FANTASTIC ! 5 stars!❤️


Wow amazing


This WHOLE album its the best music I have ever listened to. To me its the type of music that makes you think about alot of stuff in your life. Its just perfect, you nailed it:)


The songs were just amazing. I could tell he has his full heart in it. I can't stop listening to this

Giselle S.

After attending his concert recently I just had to buy the album! The lyrics...just wow! Amazing music.

Asian Sensei

Probably one of my favorite albums! Great acoustics, vocals, and most important, meaningful lyrics.

Beauty girl22

I love this song so much my new face song. I listen to it every night now it's so adorable and sweet


I love this album! His voice is so different & the album was released on my birthday ! 2/19


I heard Fall For You on Pandora and I absolutely loved it. I searched up all the other songs and oh my gosh. I'm starting to love them. Love. Love. Love.


the sound of this album wwas vvery swweet, and vvery sad at the same time, but secondhand serenade made it sound incredibly beautiful and more meaningful than anyone else could havve. :33


I LOVE seondhand serenade and I wish they would tour in Texas. I love Fall for you it's like my favorite song, better than Maroon 5 and everything :) Secondhand is AWESOME!!!!


The first time I heard Fall For You, I thought Dashboards was on the radio(how'd that happen?). Then I realized it was this new band, so I gave them a shot. After listening to the whole album, I decided that this band either coincidentally or tries to sound a little too much like Dashboard Confessionals , but just doesn't pull it off as well. However, they're not bad. If you like Secondhand Serenade, you will love Dashboard Confessional.


Truelly perfect ! <3


This album got me hooked on to the band<3




This whole album is full of raw emotion! I love it! The song "Fall for you" is my favorite and it's also the song that got me hooked on this band!


This album is amazing. It Every song i listen to reminds me of somone i love but i know they will never love me back<|3


each lyric cuts into the soul like butter

Tim mcraw, our song, and marys song

I absolutely love the is song! I can totally relate to it.

Gray-C Tila Scene

This whole album relates to all of the relationships ive had, including my current one.... So i must say that i love this album and they have done a great job with everything.... Keep up the good work.

3ed album

Seriously, I love this album. The album "awake" is still my favorite, and I love the acoustic music, it is amazing. I am IN LOVE with John Veseley. Awake is my favorite song from that album, and "why" and "fall for you" are my favorite from this album. Fall for you was the first song I heard and I fell in love with this band. AMAZING.


Awesome it creates such strong feelings. This is what music should be like.


I kind of like his music. I <3 acoustic rock, and I would by his songs covered by another artist, because covers don't have to be original, and it doesn't matter if the original artist is good. I wouldn't buy this though. For that I give this album 3 stars. Wouldn't buy it, but would buy a cover.


John vesely is awesome and this is a great album!!! Tested and true is a great bonus song... One of my favs!!!!


Something about his voice... It's so fragile to me. So human... So soft. I love it. Almost every song on this album makes me think of someone I love. But I am not mentioning any names.


John Veseley absolutely knows how to write music! These songs are so well written and you can tell that he works hard on his songs. This is a masterpiece! My favorite song on this album is definitely "A Twist in My Story". I hope to hear much much more form Secondhand Serenade!

Secondhand Serenade Fan

Love SS so freaking much!!!


this is not the complete CD; it's missing at least 2 songs: 'Last Time' and 'Fix You' put these on iTunes and this album will get 5 stars from me. otherwise it's a great buy


I love a lot of his songs!! By the way for anyone who doesnt no, this is only one person. Just like owl city and five for fighting.


The whole album is an emotional roller coaster, but the melodies and lyrics are so well done. Been a big fan since John Vesely started the band not to mention he sounds phenomenal in concert! 'Like a Knife' has to be my favorite. Oh and 'Maybe'!

Marla Arreza

I love Secondhand Serenadee so much! Their songs are AMAZING! :)


The album is amazing, and super emotional, if I listen to it at the wrong time il cry, bravo


I love fall for u sooooo frickkennn much!


i only hv fall for you from secondhand serenade.. its a rly sweet and sad song i think it shouldve been on the twilight soundtrack im not a twilight fanatic and ik tht the twilight has been out for just about forevr but stil.. it shouldve been on there


I only like "Fall For You".


I only bought the song fall for you, but i listened to the rest. The songs have true heart and unimaginable emotion that's true and to the point. It's inspiring and a little heart-breaking. It has enogh variety to match almost everyone's love story. You need to get this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3


i love this band they r really very good, meaning their not just the same ol' same ol' their new and 'hip' just cool n very talinted :)

Lions Collision

I love this album it's more of a medium paste album


Man, I love all his songs! Stranger and Fall for you are definitly the most memorable, but the entire album is a work of art. Although, as much as I love them, a lot of the lyrics focus on love and relationships, so if you're a guy who isn't for that, I'd wait until the next album to try him out. All the songs I'd rate fives for, and I don't regret the money at all. The video is also awesome, although, it's not a music video. It's still worth checking out though, don't get me wrong. Enjoy!


I absolutely love this band. im not even into this type of music but I have to say this is easily my fav album.


I for one think a twist in my story is a very lyrically advanced album, and this album is most likely not a rip off because this album was written when his wife divorced him explaining the melancholy mood given as apposed to the happier sounds of Awake. Each and every song in this album has great lyrical value and finds place in mostly everyones lives in almost any occasion given.