Sara Bareilles - Little Voice

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Little Voice Tracklist:


This album is like the kindest version of my soul climbed out of my body and tenderly invited me back in for tea, and led me to courage. Gosh, Sara, thank you. For being an artist. For being true. For inviting us and enlightening us to a long, loving look at the real. It pops, it flows, it sways, it pushes, it envelops. This is a timeless compilation of music that will companion me for a long time to come.

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All of her songs show she has a true passion and she is and amazing singer songwriter

So much truth, voice and power. I love the album.

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I absolutely loved this song. If you are like me, I recommend the song Scars to your beautiful, by Alessia Cara. Head underwater, and you tell me, to breath easy for a while, But breathing gets harder, even I know that...


Talent ❤️

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so beautifully written lyrics


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I have loved her sense for ever. Love the album so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Buy it!!!!!!!💜💜💜💜

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Just heard Love Song...thank you Sara Bareilles. As we're headed into 2016, being late discovering new tunes is nothing new for me. This is now one of many song's I'm listening to as I experience the effects of what first felt like a full on infactuation then realized it was (some sort of very nice ) love when my only request would be sensible shoes ! While she trends to sneakers and boots, and looks great in those spike heels, it scares the beejesus out of me to see her wear 'em. Sensible shoes, all ladies, please - many of us guys have long realized height has nothing to do with stature. Who knew sensible shoes, would be synonymous with love ?

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I like the songs from Sara because they aren't those types of mainstream pop people play now. Most of the songs from the album are easy to listen, and catchy. I really liked Gravity, not Love Song though.


I love the songs in this album. Most of Sara's songs are similar with a jazzy feel, with just a touch of attitude. She is definitely an inspiration, with her outgoing music and strong vocals!!


It is good!


I have one word to describe this album: BEST ALBUM EVER! Oh wait that is 3 oops!


This album is worth full price and for $6, it's a steal. Her emotional ballad Gravity is in a league of its own and songs like City, Love Song and Many The Miles make this album a classic. If you like the style, don't hesitate, just buy it.


Sarah Bareilles' music is 'treasure'; an untainted reference for pure, undiluted musical artistry. I found the treasure 3 years ago and I'm still spell bound.


This was the first album I listened to of Sara's. I loved (and still love) all of her songs on Little Voice. The songs are great, with melancholy tracks such as "City" and "Between The Lines", and especially "Gravity". But Sara also has upbeat, almost sassy tracks, such as "Bottle It Up", "Morning Side", and "Love On The Rocks". This album can be listened to again and again without the tracks becoming tired or boring. Way to go Sara!!


This song brings tears to my eyes. It is so profound and beautifully rendered. I love the soft and gentle breeze I feel when I am listening. It inspired me to write poetry. Thank you, you have a special sound and I love it.


Its still a great song 7 years later wonderful listening to songs like this


You know how many other artists sound like Sara? Zero.


This is one of those amazing songs on my phone that I listen to all the way through. I only have Love Song, but ever since, it's been my absolute favorite song. Go Sara!!!!


OMG! I'm listening to this on iTunes Radio right now and let me just say... Sara is freakin talented and her voice is amazing and this song gravity is PERFECTION!!! I could listen to it everyday!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😉😍😍

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This is the best song I've heard since,well, forever. Sarah is my kind of icon when it comes to singing love songs, like this one. I have never felt so comfortable listening to this.


I just love to the song LISTEN TO IT !!!! 👌👌😍👏👏


I purchased Fairytale & Love Song back in 2007 but I am just listening to the previews again and I love It! this is a classic album! must buy!


Her voice is just amazing. That's all.


I love you


Sara is so pretty and talented. Her voice is amazing and her piano playing gives me chills. She is one of my favorite artists and one of the best.❤️


the awkward moment when the cover is more popular than the original


In KG love song was my favorite song today it's still ONE of my favorites it's very touching to me and it's beyond beautiful always loved the video 2 god bless Love Song


Love this song so soulful!

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I love her so much! My fave songs are Fairytale, Love Song and King of Anything. Her songs help cheer me up and inspire the book I'm writing.


Beautiful voice, amazing talent! So glad I downloaded her album!!


There is certainly nothing little about Sara's voice. Her melody and tone are angelic yet powerful. She's the type of artist that you can hear over and over, and yet find yourself wanting to hear more and more!

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i love it!!


One of the most beautiful, heart-felt, and well arranged albums I've ever listened to. This album helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life and is still a favorite years later.


With that being said, I truthfully don't think she will ever, EVER be able to top this album. Her newer tracks are phenomenal because this girl cannot miss with her voice or her talent, but I don't think she will ever come out with another CD like this one where every single song could serve as a single. This is her best work by far...and that's saying something coming from a die-hard fan.


I don't like her other album, Kaleidoscope Heart at all, but I'm glad this one is here while I wait for The Blessed Unrest (which will be out in a few days. I hope its good). I love 80% of the songs on here. The other songs are good but they are kind of slow and I don't care for that. Sara Barellies has such a beautiful voice, she really should be known more. My favorite songs on this album are: -Love Song -Morningside -Many The Miles -Bottle It Up -City This album is for sure worth downloading.


I love her songs and I bought the first one then I decided why not look at her album? Then I ended up buying the whole album which I have never done b4

Hey. It's me.

Two words. Worth it.😊


I think that Sara is so amazing. Great voice, great musician, great writing. I used to only listen to really really well known artists but then I heard one note of one of her songs and I has hooked on her. I have noticed that the not as well known artists put more effort and quality in one lyric than the well knowns do in there whole song. GO SARA!!!!!!!!!! :)


Omg!!! My friends all listen to hip-hop music and I used do too! Now I realize what I've been missing! Thx Sara, you've influenced everything I listen to now!!!😍

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I believe your the best musician/songwriter I've ever heard.

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I (obviously) am a HUGE fan of Sara Bareilles and I totally feel for her heart breaks! She is a great inspiration to my vocal life and this album is my favorite! I love 'Gravity' and 'Many The Miles'!


I have so many favorite songs of hers. Sososososo good! :)


Awesome vocals... One of my favs


Love song is my favorite

Th3 8oss

I honestly really dig her work, I really don't like music like this, I like death metal. But thats not gonna stop me from listening from her!


Saw her live before she got signed and I have been a fan since she sang her first note! Gorgeous voice and wonderful lyrics.

Music Album of Sara Bareilles:

Smile (feat. Sara Bareilles) - Single
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