Sanford & Townsend - Smoke from a Distant Fire

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Smoke from a Distant Fire Tracklist:


The Friendly Ranger

Wow, the professional review of this album is a little harsh! I admit that it's not a very cohesive album in terms of song flow and lyrical content but it's not a concept album after all. It's the result of a bunch of really talented musicians who wrote and recorded some songs and put them out for people to hopefully enjoy. The musicianship is top notch as are the vocals and production. I would pay to hear John Townsend sing the phone book. The guy is just that good. After a while, I stop caring about whether the lyrics are clever or thought-provoking. I just want to hear these guys lay it down. It turns out that they couldn't make it stick as a group but at least they had the gumption to go for it. I understand what people are saying about the "slick LA" production but to me the LA sounds a little more like New Orleans, LA. If I didn't know these guys were from Bama I'd think they were from NOLA. Every time I hear SFADF on the radio I think of New Orleans because to me it has that sound. Let the good times roll!


My favorite. I have enjoyed for 30 plus years. Happy to find it here.


Didn't hear the album, just this tune. Great song from the time when musicians really performed their craft. Excellent composition, harmonies, horns, 'hook', lyrics. Wish there was more of this kind of prodiuction.

Lutz EMac

I have been looking for a digital version of this album forever, so glad my kids gave me an iPod for my birthday! Not only did I purchase this album under it's release as only "The Sanford/Townsend Band", but I had the pleasure to see what was probably thier only tour all the way over the other end of the country in Tampa Florida! Lots of great ear worms and as the other reviewer noted, you will have Rainbows Colored in Blue in your head for a long time! Shake it to the right and Does it have to be you are great R & B tracks that will have you tapping your feet no matter what chair your sitting in!


The album review does not do this album justice. Smoke from a Distant Fire alone makes it a good album.

fatty mccaddy

This is one of the greatest songs ever written. Sanford and Townsend is a talented group.


Wow! Like another reviewer said I'm so glad to see these Sanford Townsend albums out here. These musicians are as good as it got in the 1970s. This is one of my all time favorite albums. This is one talented group of musicians. These guy never got the recognition they deserved. I would recommend this album to anyone who likes rock with a soulful jazzy sound!


As great as rock song as ever has been, up there with "Do You Wanna Dance" by Bobby Freeman," or "Do You Beleive in Magic" by the Spoonful. This song easily equals any individual song by any artist. Over and over again it just great.

dent johnson

This is quality from top to bottom, great musicians, incredible singer, award winning songs, great classic production. I'm not sure who or what wrote the tacky blurb but they don't seem to appreciate the best there is. Maybe the style went over it's head.


Definitely in the top ten of rock songs of the of those crescendo tunes that defines a generation...if one can find meaning in a song, it's the triumphant heart break of a lover gone bad....I'm already at 75 plays on my itunes and unaccountable more played on my road warrior driving music...Thanks, Sanford & Townsend, for the bringing this song to life


The title track is the best, of course. If you like that, you should find plenty more to like here as well. But there's a couple tracks that sound a bit on the 70's wah-wah hokey side. Still, it's all quite worth owning. You'll be singing "Rainbows Colored in Blue" long after you hear it. There's a third LP, "Nail Me to the Wall" that's not available yet. Also quite good.

white rat

This one's not as bad as the All Music Guide review would have it; the album has been awaited on CD by many who like late-70s California studio fare, even to the point of searching eBay for import pressings. "Oriental Gate" has the distinction of being one of the first honorees of the short-lived American Song Festival (and that sure sounds like Kenny Loggins making a guest appearance). Listening again, it's a puzzle that all that Toto stuff stayed in print while this disappeared without a trace.

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