Sam Smith - To Die For

A Capitol Records UK Release; ℗ 2020 Universal Music Operations Limited

To Die For Tracklist:

C_h_r_i_s_t_i_n_a 🎵

I love Sam so much, they’re so talented and such an amazing person 💕


I love it************


I feel love ... last two gay singers for me was jimmy Somerville and Marc Almond... this is terrific


It’s been almost three years since Sam released new music. When they released “Dancing with A Stranger” last year, I knew a new album was on the way. I kept waiting and then “How Do you Sleep” came out. I was like ok, an album is definitely coming! Still anxiously waiting and they released another single, “I Feel Love”. And now, FINALLY, Sam announced their new album with another single “To Die For”. This song is probably the most emotional. As they now identify as Non-Binary, this shows their true self. I am so proud of them. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I feel them and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. It will sure be the hit of the summer!


A voice from heaven 🦋🦋 love you Sam💚 and thank you for being in my life 🙏🙏


Just listen to this song. Listen to it while you are laying bed, can’t fall asleep, with your eyes closed. Beautifully written. Great sound. You’ll love it. You won’t regret it. I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG!




Sam Smith never disappoints. Beautiful vocals as always.

B Jennings

At least Smith used cover art for this album that expresses how ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS he is. Ridiculous and even more DELUSIONAL and SELF ABSORBED. The last nail in the coffin is his lack of talent.


Looking forward to the rest and a full Spring of Sam!


Another awesome album

Box Car Al

These songs give me the chills, Sam has shown such an incredible amount of growth... both lyrically and vocally. I’m so very excited to hear the rest. ❤️

Straightouttaof South Central

Him being too gay is getting in the way of the music stick to dressing up


Love it

Film Fan Man

Music is awesome. Every song makes me want to grab my partner! Your homage to Ms. Summer is fire on fire. You made that song sound new and fresh. This is one of the best albums I have heard in a long, long time. Standing O and a big thank you to everyone involved. Looking forward to the rest of the album.

Reggie da Ruffian

This album is gonna be hot and it’s gonna be classic!


the people giving negative reviews are mostly bigots. Just because Sam is gay and non binary doesn’t mean that you get to discredit THEIR work by saying fake things like they’re talentless and that they have a terrible voice, because it is NOT the truth. You are just offended and attacked that they are not trying to fit the heteronormative mold like most of your straight artists that are afraid to come out. I love you Sam, and keep doing you!


I don't wanna be alone tonight It's pretty clear that I'm not over you I'm still thinking 'bout the things you do I need somebody who can take control I know exactly what I need to do “PURE GENIUS “ 👌


so excited for sam’s new album. ❣️ ps y’all gotta stop the misgendeing, it’s not cute


Great talent, industry destroyed

Ben Kenon

No need for a spare. Especially one that barks like a seal.


Ow I think that I found myself a cheer leader she is always right there when I need her


I love his voice really helps relax


That’s a man Maury



Heeee's baaaacccckkk!

No one cares about him anymore


Love him but why is the industry ruining his beautiful voice with this stuff no offense to him


First 2 r ok but the other 2 ew

tell a review baby

i really like the song “i feel love”



Frogger loves u

I am a huge Sam fan. I have loved their music for years. This album is going to be amazing! I don't understand why people say that all of Sam's music sounds the same because if you listen to it there is so much variety. I will forever be a fan of theirs.


He always sounds like he is crying and pooping at the same time when he is singing


I have been waiting for a new album and this does not seem to disappoint. Looking forward the the release date.


LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Sam Smith and very album. Album is bomb

ptx love

stream this for clear skin 🤩


This is something needed in music. Thanks for introducing cultural humility into the music.


You lost us a long time ago.

Alan F.

Honestly, I do t understand the hype about this person. Their voice is horrible and all the songs are the same.

Megan 0571

when will auto tune and stiff beats ever end in this generation?


and it’s almost here!!! the songs on this record were already bangers, and the latest releases are just as good. can’t wait to hear the rest of their work!!!

Sandlin J

Is to die for!!


I’m so excited for the album and i’m so happy of the new style 💙💜💙💜💙💜


Can’t wait for the Demi collab ❤️


love the singles so far ready for this album!!!


This is gonna be a great album!


I’m sorry, but at some point you have to put out work of substance. Work that shows your growth as an artist. Your work is flat and stale. Continuing to express the same thing, heartbreak, and continuing to think that by expressing it in your horrible toned voice that you will still take credit as an artist. I’m afraid not. I love all genres and so many great artists that are changing music and challenging standards and you are not one of them, nor have you ever been.

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