Santana - Saideira (feat. Samuel Rosa)

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Saideira (feat. Samuel Rosa) - Single Tracklist:


santa and Samuel rosa beautiful

Michael Ricardo

Santana is starting to become "ordinary". His most recent releases recorded with other artists all sounds pretty much the same: jazzy-Latin/pop rhythms featuring a Pop artist as vocals and Santana just intermittently playing notes with perhaps a few measures highlighting his guitar sound in the song and no vocals. Sounds like commercialized-type music lacking personal or emotional connection to the song. Nothing unique or creative. Quite frankly, it's boring. What ever happened to the "Samba Pa Ti" days where vocals weren't needed because he would make his guitar do the singing? That was talent. His most recent music is the vocalist telling him "hey man, thanks for coming out and joining us today. Glad to have you play along with the music".


Santana always got swag

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