Sage the Gemini - Morse Code

℗ 2017 Global Gemini/Atlantic Recording Corporation

Morse Code Tracklist:


Wack asf




I've been waiting awhile for some new Sage, he's in my top 5 rappers even tho he doesn't release much. This album is pretty good so far ⚡️⚡️

Big Dawg Dre

This has a lot of Party/ club Bangers on it. Has P-LO on here representing HBK


Great new album from sage the Gemini. The is his best album since the gas pedal ep. This album should get a lot of radio play and should sell pretty well. All in all a great new album with some good features. 5 stars




I hope these songs don't get old too quickly. I played "College Drop" and "Now and Later" to death and they still sound good every now and again, so hopefully such is the case with this mixtape. Also, thinking out loud here, is Kent Jones the designated disco-hook guy? He took earth wind and fire's "September" and flipped it for his single "Alright". Now on "Grip" he takes the Dazz Band's "Let it Whip" and adds his own lyrics. I mean, hey I'm here for it, but it's just amusing that this is where hip-hop is turning to for beats. That and random old-oldies for samples such as the infamous "uh-huh, honey" in that Kanye song.


Amazing project. Can't wait for his next masterpiece.


Salute to Sage and everything he does!!


Finally, us fans have been waiting for awhile for an album to come out. His next album was originally supposed to be called "Bachelor Party", but MORSE CODE is perfectly fine. I AM SO EXCITED.


I can tell he's trying to get radio hits but there are still SOME good tracks on this album

Swisha D

Looking forward to cranking this in the Lexo with them Fosgates!

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