Mac Miller - S.D.S.

℗ 2013 Rostrum Records

S.D.S. - Single Tracklist:


It's a wonderful song but if you do not enjoy flying lotus this is not for you .

Old Mac miller fan

This song is one of the best crime the new Mac miller great intro


Mac's voice sounds different, drugs messed with his mind to much. He's a drug addict now and a alcoholic. Nough Said........

Do a tre flip!

All of these people saying "where's the old Mac?" to be honest, the old Mac wasn't half as lyrical or good as SDS. Also, part of being an artist is trying new things and trying to get better and progress and I think he nailed it. I hated Mac Miller until I heard this. If you were a fan of his you would give his new stuff a shot and look at lyrical and production value and not just the sonic and melodic aspects.


Major improvement, Flying Lotus is a genius and produces an excellent beat and then Mac provides a chill rap with lyrics that don't make a healthy minded person want to vomit.


Listen to SDS 5 times and then decide if u like it. I didn't like it a first but then I is now this new album is gonna me MOST dooe


I love goosebumpz and watching movies, but this? This is awful. Sorry Mac. Hoping the album is more like your other two singles!


New different flying lotas never fails


I like macs music but this isn't that great

Ashton Holland

This is kinda weak IMO it sounds kinda messy and all over the place.


i really liked the song nice job mac


I guess this is alright, but what hapened to the Mac I used to love? KIDS, Best Day Ever, most of Blue Slide Park, and I even grew to love Macadelic. This is just so different, almost OF like, I'm not sure what the new album is going to be like.


This is gonna be the best of the best ! Can't wait!!!


I think this song is so dope & I can not wait for more stuff like this! love it!


i love mac. But it sounds like a heavy earl sweatshirt influence, but earl can do it better :/


Every song Mac has his lyrics are basic and hold no value...



Where's hiphop

U guys gotta remember this kid aint even 20 yet and he busting crazy flows with out experencing life yet. I like this kid and cant wait for them future verses. He only gonna get better


this is what happens to alot of people in rap they get money and they want more and they don't stay loyal to the fans and then start having different styles


Love this. Feeling K.I.D.S. in this, as well as growing Mac. I think i'll like this new album more than BSP. #macadelicsucked


this is actually one the best songs mac has released in years…. idk why all the hate


Ever since K.I.D.S it's been a long road downhill for Mac. Get back to simple and easy to listen to backbeats dude. It's not like your lyrical content is worth anything.


The beat is like mad villain!!! Nice keep making beats like this


The lyrics are good. The beat is just trippy and messed up


everything about this song is dope. mac has developed so much as a rapper and you can clearly tell by this song. so psyched for the rest of his album!


This first off is one of the craziest beats I've ever herd mixed Macs crazy bars makes this a great song and shows how much Mac has progressed as an artist and should only be praised




Lyrics are good, beat is garbage though.




I don't even mess with Mac, but this is dope!!!! I wish he would do more stuff like this.


How do people expect him to go back to his old stuff? He's matured mac miller isn't the same kid when KIDS came out or even best day ever, macadelic was probably his best mixtape MOST DOPE!


This beat is terrible. You aren't part of Odd Future, Mac, get it together!


Mac killed it! Flying lotus on the beat too ill!!

nathalie recinos

its a really good song its totally worth buying, yeah its different from his old stuff, but who doesn't like change? i like how he mixed it up. the lyrics are cool other than one line that annoys me. its a sick song i love it


Were is my biy Mac Miller. This is not the mixtape mac


Everybody who are fans of Mac Miller hatin' on this amazing song. I never been a huge fan of Mac Miller fan but this song has really got me in to him. I did not like alot of songs on Blue Side Park there too many that were too happy and poppy. This song sounds more like Real Hip Hop, and it sounds like Mac Miller is trying to be more than a weed and party rapper and make some dope artistic Hip Hop. Ya'll need to open your eyes see that this is what good Hip Hop sounds like.

Og Trap God

I was over that Mac Miller, party rap phase a couple years ago but when Macadellic came out, it brought me right back into Mac. He's not a great rapper but his sound is almost original and in this day i age nothing is original.

Holly dead2877

Quit hating on Mac he is the best not the next eminem he is the one and only mac miller. Every verse he drops is diamonds and gold

Rock 'n' Roll Saved My Soul

You need to listen to it a couple times to get past the initial shock. It's a good song with good lyrics and it's just a single. You can't judge an album by a fun song. Mac's just changing and trying something new.


I've always liked Mac Miller. I will admit he has changed, but he's still dope as hell!! This song is freaking incredible and if you actually listen to the lyrics, they're very clever!! If you don't like this, you're either stupid, have no taste in music, or just hating on the new Mac


wheres the old mac bruh and when u gonna release pink slime or a newer album


To me, Mac kinda fell off after kids but this right here is amazing. The flylo beat is too ill. Big ups. Looking forward to the album


This beat is brutal. He doesn't have his usual energy. This is a single?? What happened to Mac Miller?

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It's different but good (:

ahhh ✔

Nice Song


I kind of likee it hah


I really used to like Mac but seriously.. Base your new stuff off of your old beats that were good!


Dude...... Retire

Nickname girl 101

Nice single


This sound like to much of odd future

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