Rilo Kiley - Under the Blacklight

℗ 2007 Warner Records Inc.

Under the Blacklight Tracklist:



Easily one of the best hidden gems in the last 20 years


Silver Lining is forever be my depression song. And I love it for that the concept / lyrics were hit so perfect. I fell for this song. Silver Lining | Breakin' Up | Dreamworld


So unique.


I love this album more than the rest. Key tracks : Dreamworld, Moneymaker, Breakin Up, silver lining

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I love everything about this album and its my favorite Rilo Kiley album! Its great for road trips and is just fun.

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Rilo Kiley tries out different sounds in this album while staying true to the music we know and love them for. I think they did a fantastic job on this album! As usual, the songs are all amazing with great sounds and well-written lyrics.


so this is my FAVORITE album of theirs.


Just discovered this band so glad I did


I downloaded this album a year or so ago & I play it WAY more than anything else! Bits my absolute favorite!


i put this on repeat and play poker for five hours....


I've been getting into Rilo Kiley lately after seeing them on a taped version of Later with Jools.....Jenny Lewis' voice and songwriting is excellent and she is backed by a VERY talented group of musicians. Highlights are Close Call, The Angels Hung Around, Silver Lining and Moneymaker. There isn't one bad song on this album, it is solid from start to finish, something not very common these days. I really liked the guitar work on Smoke Detector, it was a good throwback 60's type rhythm and of course, who doesn't love the sound of a Rickenbacker thrown in the mix? This is definitely one of the best sounding albums I've purchased in a while. I'm looking forward to hearing Rilo's older stuff!


This album is Rilo Kiley's best to date. There is not a bad song on it. "Dreamworld" and "Silver Lining" are the biggest hits, and deservedly so. However, every song on the album will have you singing along after just a few listens.


I really really like this album... it's different for Rilo Kiley, but grabs you immediately and keeps you for the ride ("Silver Lining" is a great opener by the way). I think "Close Call" is my favorite, with Jenny Lewis' vocals stealing the show. Solid, good songs - and they're awesome live as well!

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I resisted this band, thinking it was going to be really over-produced and bad, but WOW I am happy to be wrong. I love it! Every song. Reminds me of Jenny Owens Young and Alyse Black. Nice!


I saw Rilo Kiley last year and came back to get this record and I love it. It's fantastic on its own terms, and a band this good shouldn't be judged for taking a new direction if it works (which this most definitely does). Jenny Lewis' voice is amazing, and the songs are fantastic, with Close Call being my personal favorite. Highly recommended!!


7 songs you can't get enough of, four songs you can consistently skip. an incredible CD none-the-less. Smoke Detector stands out as one of the most annoying, uninspired messes easily distinguished from the others.


I can honestly say, I've never been as disappointed in a new album as I was by this one. Not that it's the worst thing I've ever listened to, but with a bar set high by their pre-existing oeuvre, one can hardly call Black Light a (picture of) success for the RK kids. Thank god Jenny is still cutting good solo records...

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Rilo Kiley is mediocre whether they have 'sold out' or not. To hear Jenny Lewis sing with Postal Service is such a pleasure, it is tragic she saddles herself with this band of hacks.




Usually I don't listen to Alternative with a female lead singer because the songs aren't as good (Paramore being an acception)... but this is pretty darn good. Props.


I think my title sums it up nicely, but I suppose I should elaborate. As a fan of both Jenny's solo work and her band's earlier tunes, I thought Blacklight was not only a step forward for them as a group, but the warning siren for all other modern bands to either innovate or get left behind. I simply cannot skip a tune when listening to Blacklight, it truly is that solid of an album. It's so soothing and puts me in such a great mood that during my last dentist visit, I brought it along with me and had it playing as they worked on me. I had a good time too. No pain, only joy!


This is the WORST album Rilo Kiley has put out. it sounds like they sold out. There is no deep meaning like the other albums they have. I REALLY REALLY hope they have a come back.


I don't understand why this album has such a low rating. Someone complained that it was soulless and I think that is absolutely not true. Silver Lining, Close Call, Breakin' Up, these are all amazing songs, plus we know that Jenny Lewis is not losing any soul or creativity now that Acid Tongue has come out. I think that Under the Blacklight takes the band in a new direction, maybe a with a little more funk or dance, but change isn't always bad. The songs don't sound like Portions for Foxes but that doesn't make them bad, they're great songs by themselves. I think we need to stop trying to force artists to stick to one style or no band will ever get the chance to evolve.


A an album of Rilo Kiley that I like! Great band but I wasn't a fan of what they were doing before. This album is awesome from start to finish. Hopefully the albums to come follow in the path of Under the Blacklight.


i have always loved rilo kiley, but i heard they had writers write their material for this album. and this is definitely my least favorite album. the lyrics dont have the same emotion and passion behind them. this album sounds super commercialized and trendy. not the same rilo kiley i'm used too. 2 stars.


also check out Eddie Skuller's version of Not Dark Yet....


this album is a step away from originality no matter how you spin it. the greatest thing about this band was the fact that your heart would get taken without the fancy dance beats. look, they took something special and made it soo accesible that the actual writing in the songs became transparent. respect for jenny lewis and her amazing portfolio of work she has collected over the years, but this cd just seems like there was a lot of giving in on this one. one of my favorite bands, they are special, but this cd is easily over looked by myself and a few friends of mine. i will say this, even their new songs are enjoyable live, with an exception perhaps for moneymaker which broke my heart when i first saw the music video. if they wanted to be put in movie i think thats fine, i just didn't think it would be movies like step it up, ha. i didnt think at this point in lewis' career she would be interested in appealing to the kidies that chill at the nearby sonic.


prior to purchasing this album, i had a few doubts about how good it was actually going to be. i knew what the first single sounded like and it wasn't the rilo kiley that we all knew and loved. in the end, and after picking up the cd and setting it back on the shelf a few times, i ended up buying it. when i played it for the first time, i was pleasantly surprised to say the least. this wasn't the old rilo kiley, with jenny wailing at the mic, but a more subtle, refined band. there are a few songs that i kind of skimmed through, but most of the songs on this album give a refreshing new look to the band. they tried something new and i think that it worked. if you listen closely, you can still find the rilo kiley roots that were there on "more adventurous" or "the execution of all things", only with this disc, they have ventured into a slightly different direction. while this album may not sit well with the die-hard indie/folk fans, rilo kiley hasn't sold out. they've updated their sound while staying loyal to their fans. a definite buy.


This album may be different to RK's previous offerings, but this in no way marks it as a failure. In fact, RK seems to have grown into their sound and stepped out of their comfort zone with great success. I suggest purchasing the whole album, but if you want a taste of what it has to offer, definitely check out Silver Lining and Breakin' Up. As for those who claim that RK and/or Jenny Lewis are "selling out," there's nothing like this album on the pop radio channels. The songs are inventive and most certainly not shallow. Perhaps if aforementioned critics actually listened to the lyrics, they would realize that brevity does not always mean lack of purpose! This is most certainly a crowning achievement for RK! Kudos!


An eclectic and well crafted album showcasing Jenny Lewis and her talent to spare. Highlights are the perfect Close Call, as well as Breakin' Up and 15.


So pretty much every song in this album is exactly the same? I love Jennys voice, but hearing her singing the same line over and over as the chorus is just BORING. And thats what its like in EVERY song. Such a shame. Hopefully the next album will be interesting.


There's something about this disc that's even better. Jenny's vocals are amazing, and the band sounds great, even when they're not stripped down. Sure, it's different. Sure, it was a risky move. But bands grow and change like anyone, and they have a right to change their style if they want to. This is a solid record, and I've listened to it on repeat more times than I can count. It's fun, amazing, and different. I commend Rilo Kiley for doing what it wanted to instead of doing what people expect and want.

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While this albums a significant change from their older stuff I think it fits them well and is a great and diverse c.d. Its popy but done the right way. It kind of remineds me of what brighteyes dose, which is aim for something different once in awhile. The current direction they are going in they could be the new, if not better fleetwood mac.


I don't have but a couple of albums, but this is my fave so far. It's just a really fun album, something to groove to. Perfect for Summer listening!


Two things.. I need this on vinyl and Jenny is hot.


i listen to rilo kiley more than any other band. and although i don't believe this is their best album (but it's close), this album has the most powerful singing vocals, and jenny and blake both have amazing voices. i definitely recommend this album for everybody. it's amazing!


I was one of the biggest Rilo Kiley fans you have ever met... up until this album came out. In the past, their songs & melodies were so unique & so memorable; their lyrics were so intelligent & thought-provoking. True geniuses, right? That's exactly what I thought... until I bought this album. Now if you're like me, you're probably TEMPTED to buy this album. It can't be THAT BAD, can it? It can't POSSIBLY be as BAD as the 30-second iTunes previews make it out to be, can it? Well, let me PLEASE try to save you $9.99 by telling you that YOU CAN SAFELY AVOID THIS ALBUM. Keep on walking... there is nothing to see here. I've given it an entire month, and still these songs have NOT grown on me in the slightest. I wish I could get my $9.99 back. Every song on this album is a bunch of overproduced pop fluff that not only doesn't have any catchy melodies, but also has no meaningful lyrics either. This album certainly couldn't have been written by any of the band members of Rilo Kiley, but rather some horrible producing staff that forced them to put this album together. It screams the words: SELL OUT. I seriously wonder how much money Rilo Kiley must have been given to compromise on their former musical genius to make this album. These songs are not worthy of being released to the public. At least a public that knows any better. The only thing that we Rilo Kiley fans can do at this point is PRAY to somebody that Rilo Kiley gets their head back together and returns to creating some truly wonderful songs again with their next album. In the meantime, skip this album.


love love love this album! i had been contemplating buying under the blacklight for quite some time... i finally decided to do it and, boy, am i glad i did. you can sing along to every track - perfect for driving. jenny lewis's voice is spicy and sweet, smooth as silk. sometimes i think i actually crave her sound. plus, i just can't get enough of silver lining... the song is currently my ringtone : ]


If you like their first couple of albums, which I do, DON"T BUY THIS ONE. I have all of their discs, also Rabbit Fur Coat, and both of the Elected's discs, and this is by far the worst of the whole bunch. It's just brutally bad.


Although this album is very different from the ones that went before, I find that it is in every way as good. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. The band is great and Jenny is an indie goddess. When I saw them in concert recently they were able to put over all of their material -- from oldest to newest -- in an absolutely brilliant and convincing manner. Nothing has been lost here!

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I got this CD for christmas, and since then I haven't stopped listening to Rilo Kiley. I wrote a review a while back in which I bashed it for being nothing like "The Moneymaker." I said I didn't like the other stuff, but on a second listen I started to get sucked in. After finally hearing the full thing through, I was in awe. This was by far the greatest CD I'd ever heard that featured only one artist. I love Rilo Kiley, the way they take risks and do something different on every song. It just amazes me how it all works.Every song is wonderfully different from the other and amazing in their own right. This CD got me interested in their other stuff, and somehow, even though I've never enjoyed country music, I fell in love with each CD, even the twang-ier "Execution of All Things" and "Take-offs and Landings." But I still feel that this one is their best yet, showing their full range and potential. PERFECTION!!! Download These if you want to give them a try: The Moneymaker Breakin' Up Silver Lining Smoke Detector 15 Portions for Foxes Does He Love You? Always Spectacular Views With Arms Outstretched Jenny's Cover of "Handle With Care" on her solo album.


even though it's totally different than the other rilo albums, "under the blacklight" is still really awesome. it has a lot more 80s/hip hopish undertones than the other stuff, and if you have heard anything else by them, you probably wouldn't realize it was rilo kiley at first. i think the best tracks are "silver lining," "close call," "breakin' up," "dreamworld," and "the angels hung around" but they are all pretty much winners in my book. buy this if you are a rilo fan for something new, buy it if you aren't because it's good music.


okay this album is really different from their older stuff, but if you listen to it, you'll really like it! The best songs, i think on here are : Close Call, Dreamworld, and 15. I love how their trying different things out like the hip-hop sound of Give a Little Love, and the retro sound of Smoke Detector. Also the dance vibe that Breakin' Up has is really awesome. And of course, Jenny Lewis is awesome on the vocals as always.


I like this a lot! It is a good song for any mood, any age, and any country! Love, love, love! Boredx10 is so not bored! You Know You Agree


this was really disappointing. i hope that this was intentionally a satire or something, which is how i've chosen to take it because then it makes me laugh. it's really quite soulless.


Sometimes change is good but seriously, Jenny Lewis just pulled a Gwen Stefani. It's great that she's trying other stuff, but it's just not working for me. It's become a completely different genre of music; if you're into Rilo Kiley, this might not be your cup of tea. "Silver Lining", "Under the Blacklight" and "Breakin' Up'" are pretty good but I'm still trying to get used to the rest of the CD.


breakin p is the best:)


In an interview, Jenny Lewis had expressed that the least amount of heart was put into the construction of Under the Blacklight. It has been a steep decline for Rilo Kiley after signing onto Warner Brothers Records and after the making of More Adventurous. Under the Blacklight is definitely their weakest album.


you'll listen to this CD over and over again! and it will never get old! "Silver Lining" & " Give a Little Love" are really amazing songs! i can't wait to see Rilo KIley in concert!

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I've loved all of Rilo Kiley's albums, and this is no exception. But does anyone else think that the track "moneymaker" sounds like "paralyzer" from Finger Eleven?