Green Day - Revolution Radio

℗ 2016 Reprise Records

Revolution Radio Tracklist:


Same same


Definitely their best album since 21st century breakdown and debatably American idiot. Every song has its own personality and energy. From beginning to end this album is amazing, totally worth buying!


Awesome album. So much better then there upcoming album.

The Yeeting Cow


Cool Brad

This album is awesome! Great to see that they still got it!

American Genius

Check out “Outlaws”, “Still Breathing”, and “Bouncing Off the Wall.” They are incredible especially “Outlaws.” I found myself listening to those songs the most when working out.


Best of the Best


Not too shabby Green Day not too shabby👌👌


All songs are excellent standouts include “Still Breathing” “Bang Bang” and “Forever Now” saw them play all of these live and it was even better. This is a must own for any Green Day fan.


This is a great album! I’m a casual fan of Green Day. I listen to them every now and then, and I stick to the songs I really like. Those songs are just a few from each album. But this entire album is full of songs that I adore! All of the songs are great and I just love this album! 10/10


I love this album. A little late for a review but idc. I love Green Day. I love they’re old and new stuff. Just amazing!


LOVE THIS ALBUM! I saw them live in Chicago and it was completely sold out ;) long live Green Day!


GREEN DAY IS THE BEST IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. This albums goes down in history. Hands down the top album of the last 5 years.


American Idiot 2

Jaded Mom

Total awesomeness!!! Still Breathing & Youngblood are my favorites!!💚💚💚💚


Lol this came out on my birthday


Awesome album!! Seems like American idiot and 21st century put together it's an awesome mix great job Green Day love it always my number 1 music and band to go to

Abbey McGraw

The entire album is really amazing


I was very skeptical after the train wreck that was UNO, DOS, TRES. Bought the album to give it a try. Put on my headphones to mow the lawn and turned it up. I loved it!! I was rocking to every track. I play guitar and couldn't wait to get my guitar and learn the whole album. "Bouncing off the walls", "still breathing", "Youngbloods". Played them all the way through. Such awesome and well thought out chord progressions!! Also,The way all the tracks tie together and how "Forever Now" brings it back around to "somewhere now" just like "American Eulogy" brought back "21st Century Breakdown" You will not regret this album. Play it through twice all the way through and you will be hooked!!


I enjoyed the trilogy, but I felt the two albums after ¡Uno! were pointless. Revolution Radio is the band's best work since 21st Century Breakdown, no doubt about it. Each song goes together and there's actually a direction here.



Zack Anding

Green is back and this new album rocks!!!


This is really a new fresh and awesome album. I've listened to Green Day since I was 4 and I never got tired of them. His album totally took a cool direction!

Pompero Firpo

Green Day has found a formula that works for them. I was hoping for Punk but got Pop. Maybe they just grew up and forgot where they came from or maybe they're just happy, rich guys who can phone it in now. I'm not mad, just disappointed.


Green Day is back & rocking harder than ever!

Blue geek

I LOVE THIS! I read some of the reviews,but i dont understand what is so "disappointing" about it. :( Its a great album! I love all their songs and albums from Dookie to 21st Century Breakdown, or Nice guys finish last, to Lazy Bones and I ESPECIALLY LOVE THIS! I read that Green Day broke up. I ws scared and sad,but then i saw THIS. I WAS SO HAPPY! I Love this new album. And im DEFINITELY ready for the next one.


Love this




Love it!!


A new twist to greenday, combining the classic with new thrills. Awsome


Outlaws and Ordinary World are the best songs on the album.

App Dude 2016

Lively songs with important messages and mature lyrics, Love the album!


Very very very Beatle-esque album. I love it

OC Wolf

The band from the Bay have come raging back with a powerful brash bang-bang of an album that resounds different emotions, messages and tones with each listen. If you can, see the live concert and go in was incredible!!


I mean...I've been a loyal Green Day fan since I was 10 and I'll buy every album they come out with just to support them and what they've meant to me, but this one.....Jesus....was tough to click "buy." Took me a minute. Had to take a shot of whiskey first.


Green Day are lousy. They have run out of ideas on song writing. It's all about current events and politics. Blah blah blah same old liberal agenda we've heard for three albums. It's getting old now. I mean how many times are you going to recreate Jesus of suburbia, come on. They left politics out of uno dos tre and they all stunk. They have nothing left and they think if they sing about stuff that happening now it will make them relevant. I'm afraid not


Green Day is my favorite band and this album reinforced that 1000 times!! All the songs are great and sent a wave of older Green Day nostalgia over me. We need more music like this this day and age!


Most every album they've put out has been amazing. Truly legendary band and album.


And this one doesn't disappoint.


This is a GREAT album!!!! I love Green Day so so so much, and this just reminds me why!! And, hearing Billie Joe's voice in songs like Ordinary World reminds me why I love the guy so much 💖


This in my opinion isn't their best album but it definitely is a solid album. My favorite songs from it have got to be Bang Bang, Still Breathing, Revolution Radio, and Ordinary World. First time I heard Bang Bang I couldn't get it out of my head, and I've been listening to it constantly since. There are people complaining that they've either changed too much or stayed too much the same. I think it is just the right mix. I saw them in concert just last week and there was a nice mix of songs from a lot of their albums including this one and the songs from this album fit perfectly with the others while still retaining their own sound. That can be really hard for bands because if they change or stay the same they get bashed either way, so they did a good job not doing too much of either (if that makes any sense) Overall I like it a lot. Go Green Day!


So grateful that the band is back and with songs like Bang Bang and Revolution Radio they show they are still in touch with the power to drive us all. Great stuff.....


5 months later and I still think this album is great. The sound is really smooth but gritty enough to resemble their 90's charm. This entire album is worth the purchase just for "Forever Now". That song just blows me away still. A giant leap in the right direction for the band.


I've never been a huge Green Day fan... until this album and the concert!! It's rare to find so many awesome songs on a single album so so worth the cash. Still breathing one of my hooked on songs right now.

Probably Best Album Yet!!!

Could be a greatest hits album.Not one dud. I can tell they finally boiled down their writing,production + performance to make their best album yet!!


Everyone seems to really like "Bang Bang". I think it's okay, but I really preferred "Somewhere Now", "Revolution Radio", "Outlaws", the really awesome "Still Breathing" and "Ordinary World". Great album. The more Green Day I listen to, the more I love their music. Recommended.


Could never get tired of Green Day-- this album proves that they're around to stay and I am in love with it


This album sounds like the Green Day of the 90's. Amazing album - every song is great. 'Still Breathing' is probably my favorite but there are several others that up there with it. Troubled Times starts off with "What good is love and peace on earth when it's exclusive?" So true. We really do live in troubled times but albums like this help to keep me sane. Masterpiece. Ordinary World is the perfect outro. Go ahead and buy it if you're a fan of Green Day and Alt Rock. Love it!


Great songs mostly in the style of the trilogy but it has all the good parts of the trilogy.