Eminem - Revival

An Aftermath/Shady/Interscope Records Release; ℗ 2017 Aftermath Records

Revival Tracklist:

beautiful trees

He is one of my favorite singers He is really good My favorite song is Not Afaid

" الحلوووووو "

Could we go through with your family house phone phone number to go

Trust and Us



I dislike this album


This album is so underrated but the songs are amazing

Joey Mclune

Dang Em. I see you! Nice album my man. I think you have done better but definitely one of your best. Definitely underrated but not in my car! ;)

Squak Squak

“Offended” is super hecking great! Why is it so underrated!?!?!?

Yo Monzturr

Johann Hulstrom or “The Monzturr” went thru the whole album took two days in a row actually 3 or 4 doing Vocals this is why only one song was coming out at a time but if you listen he raps thru the whole album in the background and does a phenomenal job when it’s time his role in the album will shine thru and come to the surface showing that he is the real slim shady untouchable is just one of the songs where his voice comes out a little more in the background. Oh and Brian Beavers is how I came up with Marshall Bennett Mathers and of course Jerry Mathers as The Beav

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