Eminem - Revival

An Aftermath/Shady/Interscope Records Release; ℗ 2017 Aftermath Records

Revival Tracklist:

Mohammed Allulu


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Everyone has an opinion but their opinion is wrong about this album


Not his best work, has some good tracks! But definitely not great




People hate walk on water but don’t realize Eminem was explaining how they expect so much from him and how he can only do so much this album will eventually be appreciated once he retires. Or he passes away.


Let’s be honest, this album is not great. At all. But it isn’t terrible, imo. If you want to listen to terrible then listen to Lil Wayne’s Rebirth, that’s terrible. But this album has a few masterpieces on it, which is why it isn’t terrible. If he had better production on here than this would honestly be an amazing album

Jayy vines

It’s A Classic In My Eyes....

Trust and Us



Eminem is nothing short of a pure genius with his approach to the society with his music. I was hooked from the moment I first was introduced to him while working at TransWorld Entertainment as the rap, R&B, Christian and Blues music planner and associate buyer for this music. I even had the opportunity to see him live in Jones Beach on Long Island NY while working there for his album The Eminem Show. He is a truly talented artist from start to finish. Bravo on continuing your legacy for the music industry. He is the Elvis is Rap!

L0rd Slad3

We still believe in you em! keep on rapping hard🔥🔥🔥


Kindve a gray area for em


People use to say that Encore was Eminems worst album, not anymore. This is by far his worst album. Production: Sounds like a youtube rapper produced this. Lyrics: I’ve heard 16 year old rappers spit betters bars. “The pressure increases like khakis.” I can imagine all the Kyles punching holes in drywall after hearing that. Features: All pop singers. Oh wait there was one rapper, and he did a hook. Em cut the 2 Chains verse because at the time 2 Chains out rapped Em. Ed sheeran? Really Em. Choruses: The chorus on bad husband is the worst chorus I have ever heard on an Em song. And that’s saying something because Eminem is not good when it comes to creating a hook, examples: Step dad, Remind Me, Cinderella Man. The only reason this albums reviews are not mostly one stars on here is because Eminems stans will defend him no matter what. And when you like it just because you like the artist that gives them an excuse to put out garbage products.


One of my favorite albums, castle and arose really get me.


There’s a reason why people call him the greatest of all time.

Alizayah Joe

Love this like a lot


Eminem you could have done better

People like Grapes

Walk on Water, Believe, River, Castle, and Arose are nothing short of great. Much of the album is weighed down by questionable production (Remind Me) and hit-or-miss pop features (Like Home, Nowhere Fast), but Eminem’s technical ability is still strong (Offended). Revival’s biggest offense is its own lack of identity. It’s not sure if it wants to make a political statement (Untouchable, Like Home), express self-doubt (Walk on Water, Believe), or just have fun (Framed, Heat). Unfortunately, it stumbles over its own indecisiveness, mustering out a only handful of strong tracks.


This was far from his worst, but i can say this album has something that most albums dont, and thats originality, alot of the album is songs that if you really understand it, it gets so deep, my favorite is tragic endings, and these songs have great stories tied to them, really take time to appreciate what eminem had to deliver here, it wasnt slim shady, it was marshall mathers, and marshall did great


Revival is a great album that should get more respect.


Great album.


Sure it ain’t his best but cmon ITS EMINEM. everything’s worth checking out💜🖤💙




A GREAT album


You have to actually listen to the lyrics. Probably one of his most vulnerable albums. Not every song is going to be a “bop”. Love this album, such a shame no one gave him a chance. People change, music evolves.


Doesn’t sound like his other albums, and that’s good!

mr spd



Eminem’s songs with Rick Rubin are so awesome!


Underrated Album

Mr.Fruity pebbles

This album is such a disappointing album there is only one actually good song on here called arose besides that don’t waste your time on this album like I did.


No one gave this album a chance. It is new Em and it works. This goes in depth about himself which a lot of fans will appreciate, where others may not.


This album was a massive disappointment, from the production to the mixing to the absolute cringefest, this album isn’t anything special really, I personally enjoy the album, in fact I love it but it just isn’t good objectively, there are a few hidden gems but only a handful, don’t waste your money on the whole album, unless you’re an hardcore Eminem fan I guess


This was the last album me and my brother listened to before he died. This album hits me deep each time I push play especially track 13


I gave it 2 stars because some tracks are just trash. Please don't spend your money on the whole album!


When I first listened to this album like many I didn’t like it. But I just went back and listened to it and with a different mind state. This album is actually really good and everyone should give it a second chance.

Lil weezyy

Listen to the lyrics. Ever song has it’s own message that’s powerful in its own way. Listen to every word.

viva ka

Revivel did go viral

Captain go go

It seems like the world was expecting Slim Shady and were dissatisfied that Marshal Mathers showed up instead. He had the opportunity to work with very talented artists outside the realm of hip hop, which was amazing! Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, I mean come on who would have thought it ? He reached way out of the box with this one and put himself out there and the result is Masterpiece. Hip hop fans let alone Eminem fans were not prepared for this. This album is for mature minded individuals who can accept an artist willing to try something different. He'll probably never attempt something like this again thanks to all of the immature hypnotized fans of mumble -pop clogging up the radio stations today. But that's ok, Kamikaze showed that nobody and i mean nobody wants to beef with Em.

Acceptable name

I loved Mosh, and I’m enormously pleased with him having more political verses.


This is an album you must hear from start to finish. Don't just listen to whatever the stupid industry throws on the radio and take it as bad. Samples and singles wouldn't do this one justice. Often times we talk about wanting to see artists at their most vulnerable. This album gives us that and more. It's not exactly what I'd call a fun album, but it is a good one. Keep 'em coming Em. .


This one hits you right in the feels 😩 It’s deep but still has that classic Eminem style. He’s an amazing lyricist and this album takes you on quite the journey. Bravo Mr. Mathers.. Bravo 👏🏻👏🏻


On Eminem standards, not his best. But I still consider this one of the deepest, emotional albums ever. If you hate this album, you just don’t get what he’s talking about or you’re butt hurt he’s speaking fax about the U.S. and it’s government🤡🤡🤡


You were my favorite rapper of all time. I was looking forward to your album. This… is a huge disappointment. I am genuinely sad that this album was bad. It really was.


great album

Doodie & The Brofish

Em has grown up. Insane rhyme schemes, humor, flow, and beats are all there. But between the political points and the new youth obsession with mumble rap, Em looks like a pop star. Don’t get it twisted though, this is still hip-hop, and still amazing. Kids just need to learn more about what it actually takes to create an album as self-aware and colorful as this one.

Nicky rules

This album has such deep meaning and hits hard in the realities of life. I especially love River with Ed Sheeran. Eminem is the true rapper. He’s amazing at what he can do and all his songs have a deep meaningful reason behind it. If you hate any of his songs there’s something that you just aren’t getting or you’re just so focused on finding the negatives with his songs that you aren’t getting the true meanings.


Eminem’s worst album

It won't let me use nickname

It's a really solid, well thought out project with real artistic effort put in, I'm a fan of it


but I think Revival was Em’s best album. It had many tracks with amazing verses and great beats, especially from Rick Ruben. The features, although they mostly cover the choruses were amazing, especially Beyoncé. It may take some listens but overall. This is a perfect album in my opinion.


I’m a huge Eminem fan and at first I wasn’t really feeling this album. I despised its beat selection most. Then as I listened to Revival over and over, it began to grow on me. Eminem is saying a LOT on this album. For anyone that says Eminem hasn’t had any content in his songs in his recent albums, this one is filled to the brim with content. You just have to listen to the album multiple times and steadily decipher his calculus level bars. That said, the only songs I think should not have been on the album are Need Me (Ft. P!nk), Offended, Framed and Bad Husband (Ft. X Ambassadors). With Bad Husband being the absolute worst song on this album; great concept and lyrics, but horrendous production and mixing, this song should have gone back to the drawing board. These four songs should have instead been part of a deluxe edition. Castle and Arose are two of, if not the best, story telling songs Eminem has ever written. Right up there with Stan. Castle and Arose are the best songs on Revival hands down. I know this review is kind of all over the place, but it’s like 4AM at the time of writing this out. I hope this review changes your mind about Revival or at least convinces you to give it a chance.


There’s a lot here, not just in terms of music across the 19 tracks but also there’s a lot from Marshal Mathers here from all angles. A lot of people weren’t feeling this album, I’m guessing for the numerous pop features and political divisiveness rounding this project, but honestly I think in terms of depth and technical ability this is one of the best Eminem albums he’s ever put out. In terms of his post-sobriety career I’d rank this album only after MMLP2. Wish I could give this album a 4.5 rating.

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