Journey - Revelation

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Revelation Tracklist:


Yes I go all the way back to jamming with Journey in my mid-Teens in the late 70’s! I saw what I knew to be “my Journey” (Perry, Schon, Cain, Valory, Smith) on 3 tours in the 80’s. Escape, Frontiers, and Raised on Radio. Well, not the last one. Randy Jackson (American Idol was on Bass & don’t remember the drummer). I can go to my grave a happy camper because I witnessed the true perfection of this band. Now. When this current band writes music that’s not meant to be or sound like a mimic of the legendary Voice, they do good. There are 2 tracks (Track 1 and Track 6) on this album that I actually enjoy. I enjoy because it’s Arnel singing and he’s not trying to sound like The Voice, he sounds like Arnel and that’s great! Truly, love those two tracks. But when you remake legendary Journey music that was perfection, why you’re just taking a Monet and spraying graffiti on it. You don’t do that - it’s wrong. It only shows that you have truly become a cover band. Please don’t poo poo on your Monet’s anymore.


The dude has pipes to me most of these songs sound like karaoke style how he sings them! they should have never re recodred these songs!


I love the new recordings of their most iconic songs with their new vocalist. Great story by the way. Just adds relevance to the band today, expands their follower base and just takes them into a new category that matches the vibes of the 21st century. I was in my teens when their music was at the top with Steve Perry - wonderful voice, so I was intrigued by their come back. The new singer, the story behind him is just appealing to the millenials an gen Y. Steve will never be forgotten. But AP is just as awesome!


I can appreciate that Journey moved on after Perry's departure, but finding a sound-alike vocalist to replace Perry is proof that even the band knows they were better with Perry. Re-recording tracks originally sung by Perry is just rubbing Perry's face in it. If the band wanted to move forward without Perry, they should've moved forward with a new sound and left their back catalog alone. The re-recorded versions of hit tracks are just knockoffs of the original classics. Neil Schon is still an amazing guitarist, and I believe Journey could've started a new Journey chapter with a vocalist with a voice of his own instead of trying to reinvent Perry. Sadly, they're still living in the past.


Not my cup of tea.




Great album but you guys need to add Let It Take You Back from the International Edition.