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This song sounds like its 4 years old or something. I'm pretty sure Weezer has sold out. I know because a bunch of the other reviews say so. I'd also like to add that reviewers are pretty much selling out when they say that bands have sold out. Reviewers really should come up with original comments rather than selling out. Plus most of these reviews are autotuned. Lame-o's. Oh, and, yeah...apparently I love this selling out crap because this songs rocks. Even after 4 years.

greek king

Finally, a song about the American soccer team! As a huge USA fan, I am happy. However, this is a great song too!


I wouldnt say so much as WEEZER sold out but rivers definitely did sold out.

Razia... huh?

I have been a weezer fan since i was born and i love their old sound. People keep bombing on weezer for selling out and being "poppy", but bands are allowed to grow and change. They are weezer, but they are not required to be stuck in one genre and style for the rest of their career. This song is still a good song (it's not like the blue album or pinkerton or maladroit) but it's still good. I say keep at it! Great song.

Captain Banzai

First, I know now that Weezer has found a new label signed with Epitaph that they recorded a new version of this more in line with their new employers, Bad Religion (specifically Mr. Brett, the label owner) so this last bit of pop finishes off the Geffen era. It is too much in line with the whole Lady Gaga direction the band took on Raditude. While I admit I like Raditude, I'd rather see them go back to a more punk sound. Now that they are off a pop label and on a punk label, we may be more likely to get what we wish for. Good move on their part to sign with Epitaph.


I love Weezer. Every song on the album titled Weezer, Pork and Beans, Beverly Hills, but this is SOOOO NOT WEEZER. When I saw this, I was hoping for something like Undone, Pork and Beans, or other Punkish Grungish Rock stuff, but he went pop on all his fans. Be who you really are weezer.


Nice song, it is very different from most of their work, but I like it. It shows you how talented the band is if they can change their music with the times. Great job Weezer, keep it coming!!


This song is totally different than their previous music, but I like it! It's more upbeat and the whole soccer and team USA theme of it is really great! It's probably not their best song, but it's still pretty amazing!


Weezer has Not Sold Out, bands/Artists have to keep their music changing because all good artist deal with sound they have never delt with therefore making them better artists, and giving them a name in history.




Like many of these reviews, I have to agree that the Weezer that once spoke to me, such as Pinkerton, Maladroit, Songs from the Black Hole, is dead. This along with Raditude disgusts me.


Pump this up! I am a huuuuge weezer fan, but i have to admit the last 2 albums have disappointed greatly, with the exception of a song or 2. We need more good high energy, bouncy songs like this!!!


Need to post the video I saw on U-tube on iTunes - It's FANtastic !!!


Awesome song, period.

Badkins Brew

This may not be your typical weezer song. But I have to admit it awakens ancient feelings.Makes me wanna jump through the ceiling! or run up and down a football field in South Africa. GO USA GO USA!!!!!!!! BRING THE CUP HOME!!!!! AND WEEZER ROCK ON!!!!!!


Come on people ... this is not meant to be a serious Weezer song ... it's meant to be a fun song celebrating and supporting the US Soccer team. Rivers is a real soccer fan who has supported the US for a long time. I randomly met him in Paris during the World Cup in 1998 at the Hard Rock Cafe and walked around Paris all day with him, watching soccer games at bars and on the big screens around the city. Never knew who he was until the end of the night. Cool guy who is passionate about USA Soccer. Thanks for the song Rivers and for being true to US Soccer. I cant believe we won! What a game!


Amazing song!!!! Its great to see the support for USA soccer boys who keep beating the odds, especially when it is obvious that they are not wanted there...LETS GO USA!!!!!!!!!! <3 And of course, Weezer always has amazing pop/rock songs!!!!


Say it ain't so!


Yes, a bit of a sellout. Weezer was better when they weren't trying to sound pop-ish. But still, USA advanced to the round of 16 so its all good.

Cryptic Priest

They weren't! Weezer sold out to the masses instead of remaining how they were back in the time of Blue and Pinkerton.


I bought this song ad I love it. It's catchy and fun. It's not usual Weezer, but they just wanted to experiment. I would too, if i had been playing similar music for 16 years. I wish Rivers hadn't auto-somethinged his voice though. I still love Weezer, though.


It's official. Weezer has hammered in the final nail of their coffin. They have sold out on us real weezer fans. To be honest, I think that Weezer's peak was at their first two albums- since then, they've conformed to the media and pop culture. Their first album was possibly one of the best all time debut's ever. Pinkerton became legendary after awhile. Then there was the green album which was okay, then maladroit and make believe which were also a bit sub par, and then Red album which got old quickly. Weezer lost me and many other fans when they released Raditude, and to make things worse, their new single... let's face it: the old Weezer we loved is gone, and it's not planning on coming back...


Is it very Weezer? Well, no and yes. Rivers is obviously having fun with this. He loves football. Soccer, whatever. I wouldn't call this one of their best songs, but if Rivers is having fun making songs, then I'll have fun listening to them. It's a great song to listen to - it really revs me up for the USA games. So is it Weezer? Yes, I think it is. It's Rivers, so it's Weezer. And it's fun. Go USA.

fellow musician3000

notice how everybody loves it except the last guy? he must be a frustrated musician who wishes any would would want to buy his music so he could sell out. he obviously bitter about his own life so he must put down weezer on itunes review board. very sad. song rocks


Weezer used to be the best. Now they are sell outs. Next they are prolly gonna be doing duets with Miley Cirus and Selena Gomez! You used to be in it for the music Weezer.


weezer rulez-!


It is a hard thing, watching somthing you loved so much waste away. It is the greatest fear of today's youth, that their favorite thing will somehow become less special. Unfortunatly, it is a recurring pattern, that as shows and bands get more and more successful, they get progressively worse. Scrubs, Family Guy, Green Day, The Simpsons, Rodrigo Y Gabriella, even South Park, I have watched all these go downhill, clinging to the few good jokes and guitar riffs. This has made reading the negative reviews, and in fact listining to Weezer's new albums, a heart wrenching experience. As most know, Weezer was a cool, semi-grunge rock band that was famous for innovative lyrics and enjoyable music that put a smile on your face. I'm sure all true fans can remember cracking up the first time they heard the chorus of Pink Triangle. I often praised them to my friends, that I could stick in any CD, have my stereo on Shuffle, and still always listen to an enjoyable song. But now, as we all know, they produce albums with very clean sounds, weird lyrics, and heavy synth. What the hell happened? Despite the let-down I feel after buying their two latest albums, this is not another angry review. New albums follow a pattern: A few good songs in the beginning, and a bunch of sad, mopey, terrible songs filling the other 7/8ths of the album. This one eighth, these little pieces of goodness, remind us of the old days when we actually enjoyed Weezer. This one eighth gives me hope. If you're wondering if I want you to was not written in some intellectual lyric brainstorm. Pork and Beans is not about some sordid love that never happened to any of the members. If Weezer stops playing what they think we like, and starts writing about their own lives, before they were superstars, like before, I think we can look forward to the return of the kings of rock. Obviously a new album is coming out. Fingers Crossed.


A little piece of me died inside after hearing Rivers' voice autotuned. :(


I can really use this track to pump up before a game or match Love Weezer Recommending this as the song we come out to the field with next season!


I hear something new by weezer came out. People hate on it. White people especially.. Yet the masses buy it up and the critics rave. So just stop. It's still the same Weezer..


If I could give this a 3 1/2, I would. I do like the song. Do I think it's really Weezer? No, but I can forgive them for that; it's called experimenting. A worthy experiment, I think. I enjoyed the sound a lot. A lot a lot. The lyrics, however, are more than a little iffy. It's the simplistic kind of thing that I'm used to from Weezer, but what worked for them in the red album didn't really translate here. More than a few times, I was left raising my eyebrow and saying, "'Scuse me?" Yeah, it's about Team USA. And boy, do I looove my Team USA. And I love that Weezer's showing their support. But when I have to rely on that fact to make myself buy it, it's time to reevaluate, don't you think?


Just goes to show you Weezer can take the sound everyone else uses and make it sound good. Get your panies out of a bunch. Pop it 1 star just b/c some of you know how "music is suppose to be" and what "weezer's sound is suppose to be like". Nicely done! Take the crap of the noramal radio waves and show them what they could have done with it! Love it! Represent! (oh and love Dempsey on the cover)


What happened to the old Weezer, the good Weezer? Bring back a Pinkerton/Blue Album-esque record!


oh why is Weezer so awful now a days?!? I miss their old stuff! it sounds like they are trying to fit in with rappers and popstars and it is NOT working


This is a great song! I don't see why you are comparing it to the old stuff. Sure it was good, but Weezer is good all the time. This is a good song and I say buy it. This song isn't just a flippin great song it is also a song that left me so pumped up I had a hard time sleeping that night, and I loved it. This is a song I recomend to all of those fun loving people out there that love having a good time. And you don't have to like soccer to like this song. I don't like soccer, do I love this song? YES!!! BUY IT AND YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY! GO WEEZER!!!!!!! and PS don't listen to those negitive poeple out there. They don't know what they are talking about.


Classic weezer, sweetness

soad 2010

everything has gone downhill from the red album. such a shame


But I think it's great. It's not the ussual weezer song that takes 10 times to listen to to love; it's and instant love/hate song. Honestly, I love it.


it just doesn't sound like weezer but it does sound like a song they would play right before the World Cup

The Rob 425

Weezer's sound has evolved over the years. However, this is a little over the top. It could easily be an awesome weezer song if a few changes were made. The keyboards are good and all but the whole pop beat going throughout the song makes it sound like the little kid Disney pop songs that my little sister listens to. The whole Team USA thing is pretty cool though I'm all for it, but this song needed to be recorded about 2 or 3 years ago and it would be a legit fun weezer song. What happened to the "rock"?????? Weezer needs to forget this poppy dance stuff and get back to core weezer!!!! We need some crunch!!

he is soo cool09

I love this song. It pumps you up and is addictive. USA! USA! USA!


This is a rreally good song


I would like to preface this by saying that I LOVED WEEZER...but I can't take this garbage they keep putting out anymore. This song is catchy but it isn't worth the Weezer name....a lot like most of the other stuff they are putting out these days.....Well...I've always got Blue, Pinkerton, Green and Maladroit to remind me of what we once had together.....


when i got this a few days ago it was free. now its .99c itunes is cheap anyway, good song by weezer GO USA!!!


Come on Weezer, listen to your fans from the begininning - write stuff that means something and doesn't sound like pop garbage.


To Mr. "Weezer has sold out" guy, I didn't hear any autotune in the song, it is a little poppy but it's not autotuned.

Andie! (:

I just downloaded it because it was free, but it is actually a pretty good song! I am pleasantly surprised! great pump up song.

Subzero Ray

Could have been better, but it wasn't. Oh well, at least it had a good World Cup theme to it. (and it was free...)


Weezer has been terrible now for 2 albums in a row and they are totally in a downward spiral. Bummer.

Karl Taylor

i'm surprised by the sheer volume of weezer "fans" who forgot that they were always a poppy band.

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